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Wild Speculation: Gatherer Pvp



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    Percimes wrote: »
    Unless the system makes it impossible to interact with a resource point, how do you enforce the restrictions?

    Leave that in the hands of players? Make them watch over the area and solve the issues through PvP? If that sound good to you, what % of your play time are you ready to spend patrolling the land to prevent other to pick the forbidden fruits or the wrong flowers? Will you volunteer to do so when the rest of your guild/friends are out to raid a dungeon? How is the area watched over 24/7? What do you do when the offenders are citizens of the node? Who can, or has priority to, gather at the "allowed" rate? Who commands enough authority to make that decision and it being followed?

    It's not only a question of being cynical, it's just that it's an administration nightmare for a large group of random players, which is what a node will be.

    With proper node governance, player-driven consequences could probably be used to police the over-harvesting of resources.

    The Node Policy system could probably provide some options, possibly special tax rates on items harvested in the node, NPC patrols, reduced corruption... idk

    If over harvesting degrades the land, I would be super surprised to not see at least one, maybe multiple, node policies that are designed to give node citizens the ability to discourage gathering.
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    SengardenSengarden Member
    edited October 2022
    I think another factor in how this all plays out will be server population. If you have some servers running at half-capacity on average, you’ll likely never see the land getting over-harvested because there’s so much room, and there also likely won’t be enough pop density to justify having gatherers and resident guilds form protective borders around most territories.

    Would give players an actual reason to consider a lower pop server rather than a game like WoW where the only downside to joining a large server is the potential for a login queue.

    Of course, we’ll also have to see just how crowded a full 10,000 player server actually feels. We have no real idea as of yet, especially not now with the newly increased map size. We may not even know for sure until beta 1 or 2. It could turn out that a full server doesn’t even feel that over populated everywhere because the map is so large.
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    If a server is half populated, might become more peaceful. Resource scarcity drives toward war.
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