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  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    itwashear wrote: »
    itwashear wrote: »
    As someone who had 15 accounts and half a housing zone in archeage what's stopping me from opening a bunch of accounts and making a freehold mini city next to a popular spot like outside a dungeon to gain an advantage? IMO normal P2W killed archeage and multiaccount P2W killed unchained.

    Why should they stop people from buying accounts?
    Are you proposing that only one account should be allowed per household?
    What about families that want to play together.

    Such an exaggerated and unrealistic problem shouldnt create unnecessary prohibitions.

    The problem is not that people cant make more accounts or have some restrictive ip block the problem is when there are artificial limits on your account that are easily bypassed by just spending more money if you can only have (random number) 3 buildings on your freehold and only 1 freehold per account the answer isn't to specialize its to buy more accounts. to counter this they just need to make the benefit from more accounts less then spending more hours on your main.

    It's no artificial limitation, nor it's a trick to get people to spend money, nor will they allow everybody to produce everything with one character.

    You have an agenta.
    A loaded, exaggerated question on a non issue.
    "To counter this they just need to make the benefit from more accounts (what "more" accounts? How do you prove and punish a collection of accounts as beeing owned by 1 person...?) less than spending hours on your main."

    You want more from one account.
  • Have you taken design inspiration from game systems done well in non-mmo games, of which could be enhanced when introduced into the mmo environment?
  • JamieKaosJamieKaos Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Steven, would you consider changing some class names or are they carved in stone?
  • What exactly will be in A2, and will the areas around certain world bosses be PvP zones like the open water?
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  • Do freeholds need to be near a body of water to hold stock or breed water animal husbandry?
  • Have you managed to do everything you planned for 2022 in terms of development progress?
  • Lithion wrote: »
    Will we be able to apply a cloth light armor looking costume over heavy plate armor?

    Wondering the same.

    I'm hoping to have the possibility to wear something light and floaty (and perhaps even more exposing than the current equipment costumes AoC has designed), and still be able to have "high protection" even if it is by wearing it as a skin over other armor or by the idea that it is perhaps some kind of enchanted piece of clothing giving protection.
  • If all members of a 50 member guild are in a fight, what would be the average amount of players from a 300 member guild they could fight and still be on somewhat equal footing?
  • JazeriousJazerious Member, Warrior of Old, Kickstarter
    A stream or so ago, you mentioned you will be doing new interviews with content creators. Are you still planning on doing them soon or have you pushed them back?
  • Will the Ashes of Creation dev team utilize AI image generation such as Midjourney for design ideas such as mobs, armor, and buildings?
  • SeloSelo Member
    edited January 22
    How will you combat datamining and all content beeing maximized before its even released?
    In other mmorpgs people play the crap out of beta and test servers and make strategy guides before its even out to the masses which ruins the experiance.
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  • Will freehold houses be able to have windows that we can see outside in real time?
  • There are currently 18 weapon "types" listed on the Ashes of Creation Wiki. Axes, Maces and Swords have one-handed and two-handed options. (Potion launchers are a potential)

    Is there a definitive list of weapon types?
    How many different versions of each type (bow for example) are planned to be in the game?

    Steven has mentioned in the past that each weapon type will have its own bespoke skill tree.

    Will One Handed and Two Handed weapon types have different skill trees?
    How many Proc / Passive abilities do these skill trees have?

    We saw the Empyrean style represented in the Short/Long bow presentation
    Will all the different racial aesthetics be represented in weapon design?
  • Chris2810Chris2810 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How much damage can a cleric and tank do if they go full dps compared to a dps archetype?
  • CastaiCastai Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    With the open seas anticipated to have a good amount of content and many players expected to live on or near them, will naval PvP award PvP progression? And if so, will that progression be specific (i.e.: pirate or privateer progressions)?
  • DizzDizz Member
    Is there any chance to allow players able to translate more contents in game than just UI in future?
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  • HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    Will Ashes of Creation have astronomical events, like meteor showers, Bloodmoon, eclipse etc. and will they have an effect on gameplay?
  • StalwartStalwart Member
    edited January 22
    If you choose tank as your secondary archetype will you still have a taunt and be able to fulfill the tank role?
  • OceanosOceanos Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    With the advancements we have in AI and natural langage processing, do you plan to integrate their use in dialogues with NPCs? Or allow for on-the-fly translations between players?
  • MinusMinus Member
    edited January 22
    to force people who don't speak English to use only this language is to isolate them, you are here to play but can't communicate with anyone!, can you please consider servers by language ?
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  • Combat mechanics and the ability to resurrect felled players: Will players be able to perform this action while in combat, and if so, what restrictions would entail?
  • Will there be clipping through enemy players or will tanks be able to tactically position themselves to body block enemies? Also, will tanks have a guard ability that can be placed on an ally to help mitigate incoming damage?

    Thanks! Super excited to play Alpha 2!
  • Excluding balancing and group synergy - from the archetypes we have seen so far, to what degree would you say they are done?
  • SherkusSherkus Member, Alpha One
    I think it is important that before the launch we have not seen all the content, not even during the alpha 2, beta 1 and beta 2, because the desire to discover the game and above all and very important, the goal of the game must be discovered so that the longevity of the game is long-lasting and not everyone is equipped quickly and thus can make the high-end content easily and thus also bored even try-hard communities.

    Obviously it's a hard thing to avoid, since content creators will be making meta content on Twitch and Youtube, as well as websites, and everyone wants to be up to date, but have you thought of a way to lessen that impact?
  • What steps are being taken or considered to make the tank archetype viable in PVP engagements?

    Example: percentage based mitigation auras given to allies in X amount of meters, could they do their own damage/kill in pvp especially when combined with secondary archetypes like the fighter
  • CadacCadac Member
    Are the mechanics of the corruption system complete, or is there more to be revealed?
  • nameAnameA Member
    Since this is the Tank Showcase, has the decision about Active Blocking been made - what resource will you use when active blocking?
  • ultraredultrared Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can we brand animals that we breed? Sort've like a maker's mark for weapons, but for animals.
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  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Minus wrote: »
    to force people who don't speak English to use only this language is to isolate them, you are here to play but can't communicate with anyone!, can you please consider servers by language ?

    Are you awere of how many languages exist in the world? Should there be a server for each language?

    "Forced". Stop it with your entitlement. Nobody owes you anything.
  • How will off-tanks remain useful in raids / dungeons when they don't need to tank for a specific fight?
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