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  • JustVineJustVine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    "What happens when a summoner is asleep but their summon is not in terms of the summons ability to act and actions?"
    With the temperament of an umbrella cosmetic that would make even a Kasa-obake blush.
  • SengardenSengarden Member
    Will bards be able to choose which instrument(s) they use, that each come with their own sound FX?
  • HoU_jinosHoU_jinos Member
    This might not be released to the stream but I want to ask nonetheless
    In an AMA afew month back Steven mentioned all the existing artisan skills my Q is since ship building wasn't mentioned
    is ship building still a stand alone artisan skill or it till be integrated in another artisan skill like carpentry
  • KesthelyKesthely Member
    In future class and archtype showcases can you include pvp fights so we can also see the class / archtype potential in pvp?
  • MMOAddictMMOAddict Member
    how far along are the summoner and bard classes?
    can you can you give us some teasers about them? (progress so far/timetabel/plans for them)
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  • Since the game will be focused much around the many guilds that will populate a server is there any information you could give us on how Guildhalls are going to work? Is it just a spawn point and guild vault or will there be more gameplay aspects, such as its own zoi to a degree?
  • RazThemunRazThemun Member
    Will all 8 primary Archetypes be available during launch of Alpha 2 testing?
  • ArgantisArgantis Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    edited May 21
    Apologies if this has already been asked, I am sure the wonderful community members of Ashes will let me know if that is the case.

    I would like to know if the gear in Ashes is going to be static or varied? I do not want to invest time on the same gear over and over again only to hope and pray to the RNG gods for luck the next time around.

    TLDR: IMHO Complexity and depth is good, RNG is bad.

    I understand that there should be different levels of crafting, and I feel that could easily be achieved by a proc to determine that you have crafted a "masterwork" version of the item. This version would have a baseline increase in stats across the board.

    It just makes sense to me that every short sword in the game is the same base item, with the same damage range and item properties. And when you get into masterworks or magic gear that is where you may get some variance in the type of crafting or magic. For instance, perhaps there is a short sword of haste that has a much faster attach speed, and perhaps when you craft your gear you can attempt to mimic those properties too. The mats could require a harder and lighter metal, so it weighs less and you can craft a short sword of swiftness that also has a faster attach speed, and perhaps because of the different type of metal has a lower durability, because it is more brittle, but also takes less wear over time since it is more resilient to impact damage dulling the blade.
  • BrattakBrattak Member
    Do you thing to create a card game in future in game ?

  • raeyikraeyik Member
    edited May 22
    I understand the importance of getting each class to have compelling gameplay loops; however, with few exceptions, the class previews have focused primarily on individual class rotations/combos.

    1.) How much weight are you intending to place on dynamic, compelling party combos and interaction over of the individual's rotations in party play.

    2.) Is the intent to make class gameplay focused on rotations vs. toolkit combo decision-making? How do you intend to keep things from becoming mindless meta rotations?
  • 13Jekyll13Jekyll Member
    Will freehold owners be able to set a tax upon players that want to use their processing/crafting stations? If yes, can the owners rent it for a certain amount of time? Or something else like taking a fee based of how much the client produces? I feel the second option will work only when the owner is offline. Will the proprietor be able to choose between those?
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  • FantmxFantmx Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    How close are we to seeing a showcase on crafting?
  • RocizRociz Member
    Question about caravans:

    Is there anything to stop a player controlled caravan from moving off the road? Just thinking of a scenario where there have been reports of a corrupted player between nodes, and you want to avoid an ambush.

  • Schwann36Schwann36 Member
    Once secondary archetypes are unlocked, will selecting the same as your base class modify abilities, or will abilities of a Primary Fighter with no secondary be the same as a Weaponmaster.
  • DerizedDerized Member
    A few questions, what will max level be? What is the gameplay loop after you hit max level aside from just enjoying the different game-modes? Will there be a way to continue leveling that no longer provides a power increase and instead gives item/gold rewards?

    When it comes to pvp specifically, will there be any mmr/ranked systems that reset seasonally with instanced based pvp (Arenas, battlegrounds etc) alongside the open risk/reward pvp in the openworld? What kind of risks are you taking in the open world? Will we lose everything we've collected when we die or will there be a way to save a small amount of what's collected in dangerous areas?
  • HeljyHeljy Member
    Hi ! Will the music focus on immersion (music and instruments related to the culture of the region like WoW) or on general coherence (Oblivion type which has the same instruments regardless of the area / situation)?
  • HoU_jinos wrote: »
    This might not be released to the stream but I want to ask nonetheless
    In an AMA afew month back Steven mentioned all the existing artisan skills my Q is since ship building wasn't mentioned
    is ship building still a stand alone artisan skill or it till be integrated in another artisan skill like carpentry

    "Ship building can be carried out by any player in possession of the right components, recipes, and an advanced enough node with a harbor.[3][4]

    Various professions can craft ship components.[3] These components can be sold to other players.[5]
    Previously it was stated that players utilize the ship components that are crafted by ship builders.[5][6][7][8]
    Ships are built in adherence to a recipe. That recipe requires components. Those components adhere to different crafting professions that require a player to intersect and/or craft or purchase those components from the different professions and then once they have those accumulated they can do the construction process through the recipe system at a harbor.[3]
    Ships may only be crafted or upgraded in harbor crafting stations that are unlocked by the advancement of coastal nodes.[5][7][9]
    Players can choose which "joints" get populated with either offensive weaponry, defensive, or utility attachments they want on their ship prior to construction completion.[2][10][11] The types of attachments that are available are dictated by the ship's class.[2]
    Movement, Durability, Speed, Turn rate, Hit points, Defensive and Damage abilities.[12][5][6][8]
    Weapon slots.[12]
    Aesthetic customization.[13][8]
    This link may help you:
  • Schwann36 wrote: »
    Once secondary archetypes are unlocked, will selecting the same as your base class modify abilities, or will abilities of a Primary Fighter with no secondary be the same as a Weaponmaster.

    "Choosing the same primary and secondary archetype increases focus on that archetype.[33]"

    Just to clarify, Secondary Archetypes do not add additional skills/abilities, they just modify the existing ones.
    So, a Fighter taking Mage will have the same base skills as a Fighter taking Tank, or as a Fighter taking Fighter. It's simply the augments/modifications that will be different.
    This link may help you:
  • 13Jekyll13Jekyll Member
    edited May 22
    Will the summoner be able to summon only mobs? For example, will a spellmancer (primary summoner and secondary mage) be able to spawn a pole of ice that will impale the opponent?
    Will a conjurer (primary and secondary summoner archetype) be able to spec into a pure role (dps, tank, support)?
    The question is how the secondary summoner archetype will modify the primary summoner archetype, will this be the way into being a full on defined/pure role? (I personally hope yes)
    I feel the the community will love speccing into a pure role using the summoner archetype (as main) (of course at the expense of other stats/abilities).
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  • How close are we to seeing a showcase on ships/sailing?
  • LithionLithion Member
    Will every building on a freehold be able to have a skin applied to it at the same time?
  • Is there any way to tell which of the mount skins can go on a mule?
  • Frost01Frost01 Member
    edited May 22
    School of Magic Question:
    Will any class be able to utilize the transformation branch?
  • VentharienVentharien Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 25
    At this point of development, what's your intention for class changes; will we be often switching as we do any number of types of content, or will it be a rarer occasion, maybe when a playstyle isn't what we where looking for as players?
  • Will seasons or day/night influence world bosses stats / look / behaviour?
  • VoeltzVoeltz Member
    Will there be quests that put players against each other/encourage pvp? For example, an organization's quest for the traders guild contradicted by a thieves guild quest.
  • In 2023 8 games have released that use more than 8gb of vram, Considering Ashes is still a good while off yet are you going to stick with being able to run on a 1060, Or will it slip to something like a 4060 16gb that will be just one generation old in 2025?
  • Can there be leaderboards or a way to track miscellaneous player stats such as dungeons completed, pvp kills, caravans raided, trees chopped etc. and would this be visible by other players?
  • BaSkA_9x2BaSkA_9x2 Member
    Don't you think most of the recent changes will push away casual players and carebears from playing Ashes? Don't you think Ashes needs these players to succeed?

    🎶Galo é Galo o resto é bosta🎶
  • WembleyWembley Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited May 23
    Is it possible to use combat skills such as the Ranger's Airstrike to traverse gaps in terrain when out of combat (for example to jump across a chasm)?
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