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  • what is planned or being done to keep communication between community managers and the rest of the team at intrepid post release. to help keep the team in touch with the community long term?
  • What professions create materials that the scribing profession uses? Is it herbalism and farming?
  • The bard and summoner classes are said to be jack of all trades support type classes. How will these two classes work to augment other classes as a secondary class? What kind of affects will their augments have?
  • Glorious Steven & Margaret, will artisanship include pigments for changing colors of wearable and/or placeable items?
  • Has Intrepid studios given any thought to increasing the gateway size from 4 to 8 in order to allow the player base to spread out over Verra more easily?
  • DepravedDepraved Member
    edited January 20
    how necessary will buffs be to progress?
  • Augment stream when?
  • Will it be possible to temporarily block of roads, f.e. with cut down trees or empty caravans to prepare ambushes or setup large scale blockades which could cut off cities from trade routes? If so, how are you going to prevent it being abused to grieve other players and especially streamers?
  • TrUSivrajTrUSivraj Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Does Ashes have plans to implement an interactive screenshot mode, in which we'll be able to utilize in-game character/pet poses and combat animations on command to capture shots that may be more difficult or impossible to make under normal game settings?
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  • RavudhaRavudha Member
    edited January 20
    If you can master artisan professions in different trees, will people who take Herbalism+Alchemy or Hunting+Animal Husbandry be largely self-sufficient, or will they still need to depend on other artisans as much as players who take other profession combinations?
  • ScreamheartScreamheart Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited January 20
    Could the PvP system function like this mockup I made to prevent awkward PvP hangups like waiting for "combatant" and to make the system more fun and less confusing?

    I would probably also include an option to allow for flagging to allow for fighting without bounties accruing between people that care to do so. That means everyone can still PvP anyone, but consequences only come if the player didn't flag. Like killing a cavilian in a war.
  • Undead CanuckUndead Canuck Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    When will we see more of the Kickstarter and Summer backer rewards (like the wand of many things!!)?
  • If it turns out that caravan PvP is very uncommon, would y'all try to incentivize it more, or would y'all just leave caravans as a vehicle for commerce and focus development efforts on other kinds of PvP?
  • Not combat related but I wanted to know if you could tell us a bit of the races lore. Like which races hate the other or who is the most prominent figure in every race.

    Anything about them really. I really love what you have done with them until now.
  • HinotoriHinotori Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    On release how involved can we expect the community team and GMs to be in various worldwide server communities? Can we expect to see them wandering around ingame daily, or will it be more of a scheduled events only type deal?
  • HeryglennHeryglenn Member
    edited January 20
    Will there be long-term group buffs and if only one archetype/class could activate them?
    Like for example the paladin's blessing in World of Warcraft.

    PS: Sorry, my English is very bad.
  • I would like to ask about control customization. More precisely about toggles.
    for example some games have a toggle for sprint (you either have to keep it pushed to sprint or you just push it once to change between sprint and walk).
    My question is something similar but for life skills. Will we have the option to have the button be toggle-able that we use for idk cutting trees or mining?

    So a setting that lets the player decide whether they want toi keep the button pressed to cut the tree or just press it one time
  • You said that you dont want the cleric/tank and other support characters to be helpless alone. What are your design ideas to not make them overpowered in group play? Asking this because if a cleric can heal, and he can clear some content solo (maybe solo dungeons if theres such thing), then the cleric will be able to heal and deal a pretty significant amount of damage in groups, right?

    So what are your plans for make the cleric and other supports viable without making them OP? Or how do you try to give them solo strength without making them OP
  • Lore in many games seems to be very static and doesn't impact much how the player plays the game. So my Question is will Lore have any meaningful impact or will it be more interactive in the game?
    As an example if someone knows a forgotten language will they be able to say/write a phrase to find bonus rewards at the end of an dungeon/raid/cave?
  • You mentioned how you want to have an "endgame" for the lifeskills (such as crafting, animal husbandry etc). This means, if i understand correctly, that a player can decide that they wanna make a living in the game from crafting gear, then they can just focus on that without maybe even doing raids or other usual endgame contents?
    a lot of games make it so that you get the crafting materials from raids, which sucks if you have no interest in raiding, but wanna be a master crafter. hope this wont be the case for this game <3
  • CadacCadac Member
    Can a Node policy affect the Flagging System within the Nodes zone of influence?
  • SorcresSorcres Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Do you have in plan to create also specific quest line for every Races?

    Something what for example only Orc can do but others Races have their own quest lines what they can do.
  • How many different types of elemental damage should we prepare for per dungeon?
  • JamieKaosJamieKaos Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Corruption Questions: With the proposed corruption system, will there be things in place to prevent guild members from killing you to cleanse the corruption? Or does PVP outside of the bounty hunting not remove it?
  • SnowElfSnowElf Member
    edited January 20
    Will Intrepid studios openly provide APIs for the community at some point? If so, what could we expect? I'm eager to develop node-progression tracking across a world map.
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  • Would their be any plans to introduce other weapons in the future such as scythes and gauntlets or would you instead be expanding on the already existing ones?
  • Are there going to be recruitable NPC guards for the caravans?
    Something that can help protect you against roaming NPC monsters and solo players.
    So that a solo player caravan won't just be a free loot box on wheels for literally every other player.
  • Regarding the Tank archetype in PvP scenarios, how will taunt skills be utilized against enemies? Will it take the form of a “weaken” or damage debuff or will we perhaps be relying on the general menace of the archetype making us more of a “can’t ignore them” target.
  • How will we be able to tell the difference between friendly and enemy AoE spells? For example, blizzard and Divine Flare.

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  • AdAstra224AdAstra224 Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hello Intrepid team! My question is about the enemy's "field of vision" in the open world. How far away from hostile targets will be before they act aggressively towards us? More specifically, will creatures watch us murder their friends in the open world with no reaction, will they try to kill us in retaliation, or will they run away in sheer terror?
    Thank you!
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