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UEVR, the Unreal Engine mod that allow many UE 4&5 games in VR

I'd like to branch off from this topic "I just wanna travel around Verra".
When UEVR got its beta release the January the 1st, I wanted to make this topic.

If I want AoC to be VR compatible, it is mostly so I can roam and explore its world in the most immersive way we currently have.

So I know most of you don't really care about VR and would rather not see such niche feature take ressources away from the main goal. That's why UEVR is so important by tremendously easing the process. To name the biggest hype released in January, Palworld could be played in VR right away with UEVR in literally 3 clicks

Now the main concern is it's some sort of a... hack? A no-go for an online game. It would require the AoC team to sanction it.


  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    It looks cool! If it ends up working really well with Ashes I might even consider getting a VR headset.
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