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Professional Caravan Driver

ILLPeonUILLPeonU Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
Would the community be opposed to their being a skill line to give specific buffs to someone who ONLY wanted to be a Caravan driver for himself and for hire.

Repairs costing less as he has acquired mechanic skills

Skills that could possibly make him move faster on roads due to his vast experience and handling all form of weather.

Harder to kill and battle-hardened form all the raids his has been in.

This kind of position could be interesting line as far as the economy, social aspect they're looking for. Another option for merchants to consider when putting together a caravan and team to run it.

This is something down the road (pun intended) not something to take away from their current development.
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  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited February 7
    I am all for it. I advocated for it a couple of years ago:

    We are getting something to the extent you want already in the Highwayman system.
  • I like this a lot
    The profession line could have the aspects of a caravaneer (defender) and also of highwayman (attacker)?
    Could he also be able to deal more damage against caravans maybe, be able to track down other caravans?

    Maybe this profession could have two branches, one having the aspects of a caravan driver and the other as a highwayman who could work as guard or bandit?
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
  • Well, I will miss a lot the caravans system being a real logistic system, which is pretty simple: pick package at point A and deliver at point B, just like in EVE.

    But it doesn't seem that in AoC we will be able having public hauling contracts and have specialized hauling guilds :(
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
  • Maybe this professional caravaneer could speed up the raft build/unbuild?
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
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