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Summoner (Necromancer specifically) class discussion.



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    AszkalonAszkalon Member
    edited February 26
    Pedwin wrote: »
    It absolutely has been done well in the past to your point, and it's just a shame so many modern games fall flat when trying to recreate that essence of the class.

    It's a Willingness-Problem in general, though.

    It's not limited to Fantasy-Universe Video Games at all. You can see so many Companies fail time and time again to deliver good Games which are actually Fun and which Players really enjoy to play,

    because many of them became Micro-transaction and Shop-Article addicted and the " Game " is only second in Priority to them.

    One Exception above all other Games than can be seen as Exceptions against this disgusting Greed,

    is Baldurs Gate Three.
    The best DnD Game since forever, for every Lover of turn-based Fantasy Games. While in that Game, Necromancy is not so much in the Focus,

    it broke Limits and became a Blockbuster. The first Priority was Love and the Desire to make the Game as beautiful and perfect as possible in their limited Area's in which the Storyline plays out.
    ( Part One, Two - and Three )

    This is " NOT " hard.

    Not when People know what they are doing and "love" what they are doing and want to see it succeed.

    It didn't became harder from 2015 to make good Video Games.
    It is just that so many People, Companies and Developers, become so dispassionate, lazy and greedy, that it took a SERIOUS blow to their Competence.

    And it makes Sense - does it not ?
    How can someone expect Competence from Someone who became a crooked Mix between lazy Bungler and fullblown Crook ?

    The Gollum-Game from 2023 -> is an absolute Scam and Insolence.

    The "Starfield"-Game from Bethesda, is such hot-smoking Garbage of Woke'ness that many Players can only endure it with Modifications that take things like "Pronouns" and other Crap away.

    " Aliens Colonial " Marines was the cheekiest, most brazen and most insolent Scam in the whole Video Game History of Xenomorph-Aliens versus Marines from the Alien Universe.

    But more so than Incompetence -> i see an outright REFUSAL of Companies and their Developers, to make a good Game.

    When Developers start to "talk Trash and Smack" about their Customers. About their Playerbase. About their "Fan's" of the Fantasy-Universes their Games play in,

    or even the same but about "MOVIES" like Lord of the Rings and other Franchises,

    then i don't see just Incompetence. I see an obstinate, recalcitrant Intractability to " ACTUALLY " do a good Job at what they are doing.

    And such People don't deserve Money. They deserve going broke and being bought up by other Companies and Publishers.

    Sadly to many Video Gamers have the Willpower of a Drug-Addict in Withdrawl. They get baited with another, cheap Promise and Shot of Dopamine from a VideoGame - which then turns out to be the next Disappointment, after Disappointment, after Disappointment, after Disappointment ... ... 😅 . 😅 . 😅

    I saw a few People complain about the Fact, that Sir Steven Sharif seems to be kinda a Perfectionist.

    They nagged and whined about the Fact, that Ashes of Creation takes so long, to come out.
    Said Stuff like it takes to 2030 or 2035 and how they can't wait to see their Grandchildren play it - and so on.

    Thanks the GODS and the Others for Sir Steven being such a Perfectionist.

    He and his mighty Crew are not designing a single Player.
    Not just a simply Multiplayer Game either.

    They design an "MMORPG". A Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.

    If you design such a thing -> and do "NOT" aim to make it as good as possible -> You might as well right away throw all the Money you needed "AND" your Lifetime you needed to develop the Game, right into the Trashcan.

    And from what i observed, Sir Steven and his fellow Developers are not planning on doing that. ;)
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