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A dedicated RP-PvP server possible? (like in WoW Classic)

I used to play on Zandalar Tribe RP-PvP server in WoW classic and it was a blast. It had generally loose restrictions on RP (basically you cannot have names like xxxmumbojumbo999xyz, and you cannot spam "dude, get a life" on a player who are in-character, but thats about it).

Such few, but still restrictions, and the server being PvP, has created one of the best communities in WoW Classic.

-All tryhards & metaboys went to normal PvP servers with their trashtalk & drama
-More "stereotypical" RPers - like those types who don;t even play the game but just hang in taverns using game as a kind of VRchat alternative, went to RP-PvE servers with their cheap theatrics

So, most people on Zandalar Tribe (ZT), were actually super interesting to play with. People just casually RPed....and even those who did not, eventually started to enjoy it. Like, orcs being orcs, undead being undead, humans being humans. Not only in orchestrated pre-organized "RPevents" (which were almost none), but just in regular gameplay.

Like, great example: I was banned on ZT once for "griefing" (was repeatedly killing the dude who wanted to farm same spot as me, like 10+ times in a row & he reported me), but unbanned the next day after I appealed that " I RP as undead, and I hate humans and kill them on sight". And when to much surprise of this guy I again killed him on same spot the next day, I literally told him that AN UNKNOWN GOD (blizz support person) told me that "I am allowed to kill you as much as I want, because human lives doesn't matter". I have never ever seen him since, but yeah, he is alive,and living creatures are stupid anyways so was not even sad to see him gone ))

Can we maybe have such a server on AoC release?


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    MrBigwaterMrBigwater Member
    edited April 14
    To answer your question, all servers will be PVX. There will be no PVP or PVE only server's in ashes. However the RP community is deciding to all join the same server on launch. If you are interested in joining the AOC RP community I can link you to the discord to both the RP discord and my own guild's discord just in case you are looking for one. If you have any questions about ashes especially on the RP side of things there are a lot of good people on either server to ask. Good luck on your adventures friend.

    AOC RP Discord link:

    Grey Sentinels link:
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    Jam21Jam21 Member
    MrBigwater wrote: »
    However the RP community is deciding to all join the same server on launch.

    Hope it will happen. Usually the RP clans/communities are hard to come together, dunno why that is.

    ZT & similar PVPRP servers in WoW were a rare exceptions.

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