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Testing Participation

I am a freelance game tester for major companies like Ubisoft, Epic Games, Hi-Rez Games, etc. I saw this game and became very interested and would love to take part in helping the devs with finding bugs and reporting problems. Will there be testing phases available to others like myself?


  • 1. You can get Alpha or Beta keys for free every week if you're active on the forums and/or discord you have a chance to be selected in the weekly key giveaways.
    2. There will be Kickstarter Packs in the future aswell.

    As far as we know the first alpha test will take place in Q4 2017.
  • Awesome. Thank you for the feedback I'll try to stay as active as my schedule allows!
  • As Shunex outlined in another post simply being reigsterd to the website gives you a chance of being selected in a weekly draw for alpha/beta keys and remaning active and helpful on the forums / discord gives you another chance of being selected for a key - as explained <a href="">here</a>
  • this game looks amazing! This is the 1st team ive actually seen actively working towards a great design. very tired of all these companies making promises then turning around and nothing comes true. so far this team has made a grand total of 0 promises and has shown what they have to offer, they are not out to hype it up either. stay true Intrepid, lovin the style! keep up the good work!

    i would be happy to help make this game great and keep it on the track its headed towards! Heres to a better world!
  • I agree, the game looks great, I would also like to take part in testing
    I wish you luck in developing this MMORPG
  • :) yes the game is still under development but still there are a lot of things that interest me so far in this game, looking forward to playing it.
  • i am a frenche player so i don't really know how to speak english but this game is a very good suprise for me ,the game looks great
    and if i can testing this game for talk to my friends and maybe play together after the developement.
  • Hey Kirilier,

    If you want to know how you can play the game asap and help testing it, I'll leave you a link that tells you how you can win a Alpha key.
    Here's the link: [url=]Forum link[/url].
  • thanks brolorz for your helping
  • No worries mate,
    Enjoy your stay! If you have more questions, you can ask me or ask anyone on the discord!
    Here's the link: [url=] Discord link[/url]. My name on Discord is: Brolorz#7486 . Make sure to drop me a message if you have any other questions.
  • It's a interesting concept. No classes allow to craft a play style you want. We see how it goes, I am hoping to test this game as i have been drawn to MMO's since Ultima Online chaos vs order fun. :P
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  • Hello I am French and very interested in your games and I would like to have access to alpha and beta. So far, I think this game is wonderful.
    I am a great player of mmorpg for long time: wow. Aion. Terra. ArcheAge. Black desert online.
    I like very much the concept of your games but I'm also happy to finaly find a game that stop to do all class the same. I mean a game where the Heal remains Heal; the mage, mage (dps); the tank and the tank. And not a tank Heal, and a mage tank and the Heal that are useless. Each his job. The evolution of the cards, seasons,house, I really want to be part of the pioneers of this game and help its development.
    Ps: Will you devellope it in french.

    Bonjour, je suis français et très intéressé par vos jeux et j'aimerais avoir accès à l'alpha et à la beta. Jusqu'à présent, je pense que ce jeu est merveilleux.
    Je suis un grand joueur de mmorpg depuis longtemps: wow. Aion. Terra. ArcheAge. Désert noir en ligne.
    J'aime beaucoup le concept de vos jeux, mais je suis également heureux de trouver un jeu qui arrête de faire toutes les classes de la même manière. Je veux dire un jeu où Heal reste Heal; Le mage, le mage (dps); Le réservoir et le réservoir. Et pas un tank Heal, et un tank mage et le Heal qui sont inutiles. Chacun de son travail. L'évolution des cartes, des saisons, de la maison, je veux vraiment faire partie des pionniers de ce jeu et aider à son développement.
    Ps: Est-ce que vous le développerez en français?
  • I am looking forward to this game where it appears crafting will play a truly integral role. Cannot wait for the testing phase!
  • I'm glad this thread is getting so much attention and everyone is helping each other out! Great job everyone and best of luck in getting a random key to test the game!
  • Well i am hop this game come out quickly as wow is really get top a point that i am tired of as it so repetitive
  • Hello from Denmark.
    The kickstarter should start in 6 days or so.

    I guess there is many gamers who would like to be part of the kickstarter.
    The way the devs choose is for active gamers on the forums and also randomly.

    It is a good way of get many people who actually are looking for the small stuff (bugs etc..) and not just playing the game.
    The feedback to devs is very important - so the game wont get released with tons of hiding bugs - as many mmo's have done and then got ruined.

    But helping people on the forum, twitch, facebook is a first good step for showing your dedication.

    I guess we are all hyped. ;)
  • I'm very much interested in seeing how this game comes along. It has the feel of things that I found exciting when the early stages of Everquest: Next were coming together. I like the idea of worlds changing around you based upon what the community does. I'm not quite interested in the PVP aspect, but if it is thoughtful and creative I can dig it.
  • [quote quote=14324]I’m very much interested in seeing how this game comes along. It has the feel of things that I found exciting when the early stages of Everquest: Next were coming together. I like the idea of worlds changing around you based upon what the community does. I’m not quite interested in the PVP aspect, but if it is thoughtful and creative I can dig it.


    Couldn't have said it better. As an SWG fan, I have been craving that open world concept, with a strong player driven economy. I hope this game delivers.
  • Friend of mine showed me this and it looks great, quite possible might be the best MMORPG . Is there any other way to sign up for the BETA ? other than being active on forums and the kick starter ?
  • Hi I've seen a lot a different games and MMORPG's, and I've always felt like all of the games lacked substance.

    You usually start playing and have a great time at first because even if some tasks are repetitive and everything is pretty much the same players usually don't mind, but after a few weeks if that much all games usually gets to the point where you start feeling like everything is the same and you just get annoyed with the game.

    That however is just the game play, many MMORPG's as do many gamers know are either pay to win, or if you want to enjoy the game really you have to spend money on premiums, or costumes and all kinds of stuff, which just ruins the fun of a game.

    That's because when you play a game, your looking for something exciting, something that gives you the thrill of a challenge, yet the moment you see people running around with gear, costumes or items that they simply bought from cash shops, and which can usually only be acquired through cash shops, and which is usually the best in the game, you just lose any thrill that a game may present.

    I haven't played Ashes of Creation yet, but based on what I've seen the gameplay seems pretty decent, and the graphics looks really good, but what really intrigues me about the game, is Node concept.

    Every game if played and seen up until now you basically just do the same thing over and over, yet the Nodes concept in Ashes of Creation is something I think is extremely unique. The idea to play a game where the neither the quests or the world and land of the game is fixed is thrilling to think about.

    I personally think that the if Ashes of Creation can get this Node system to work it could be a major success, and not just as a game that has many players, but as one of the first games, if not the first that actually gives players an actual MMORPG.

    An RPG is a game where your actions usually effect on the world in the game, well at least when you play an offline RPG that's what happens, yet in offline RPG's once you finish the campaign the game usually ends. All of the MMORPG's out there basically just have a small campaign to introduce players to the game, which is more like a tutorial than anything else. After that games usually just end up turning to endless repetitive grinding of the same quests or dungeons over and over, with no real benefit.

    And that's what makes the Nodes system interesting to me as it promises the possibility, of a constantly changing and evolving world as well as a game.

    I would definitly like to participate in this game as I think it could be something amazing.

    I seriously hope you guys at Intrepid Studios pull it of in making the best game yet.

  • Hi,

    I came across Ashes of Creation while I was trying to see what new MMORPG's there will be coming out soon.

    I honestly thinking that the Nodes concept of your game is unique.

    When I watched the trailer of you guys at Intrepid Studios the describing, the very first thing that caught my attention was the idea of a ever changing word, but changes not just based on what content the game designers want to give us, but on how the player in the world of the game approach the game.

    And this is something in all games that I have felt is missing, the most fun and thrilling part of any game is when you discover something new or when your up against a challenge, or something where you need to actually think and use your mind.

    Up until now, most game, no all games, gave players only a small portion of that, pretty much always at the start of the game when you're still learning the game mechanics and game lore, and how things work, after that everything just becomes repetitive and the same.

    Thats why with your Node system I think that you may actually have a chance to create the in my opinion the very first real MMORPG, and not just a part time one like all other games.

    Kind regards

  • I am very interested about Ashes of Creation and this is very rare thing when so many other mmo have been very disappointing despite all the promises but i have a great feeling that this won't be one of them.

    So i am going to be active on the forums and hope to get key for the game ^^ I can't wait for the full release of the game
  • Cant wait for the game to enter Alpha im good at finding bugs/ breaking stuff :3, Keep up the good work guys! :D
    Make Ashes of Creation the best that it can be and dont loose the games Soul:)
  • Finally I have an mmropg that has something unique , I cant wait to be a bandit :D I have been reading and keeping up to date, Can I be invited to the beta please I would love to try it out .
  • Just throw some money at the kickstarter some of the packs they have, have beta keys in them and alpha ones!
  • This looks like it will be amazing to play, fingers cross that i get a alpha key dont know how long i can wait to play
  • the should be out next year or this year depending on how fast they work it really depends on the devs efficiency but paws crossed cant wait and yes ive left a few comments i just think that ashes wont disappoint
  • nice
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    Jayeder said:
    Cant wait for the game to enter Alpha im good at finding bugs/ breaking stuff :3, Keep up the good work guys! :D
    Make Ashes of Creation the best that it can be and dont loose the games Soul:)
    When I beta test a game or an application all I try to do is attempt to break it. This tells me how robust the system is and how is easy it was to be exploited. I then send a bug report to the devs explaining what I found and how it can be exploited and leave it up to them to fix up the code. If everyone who plays the Alphas and Betas do the same we will get one great robust game. 
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