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Tell me what your main goal is going to be in-game



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    To be at the top of my area and crew and most importantly have fun exploring the changing world.
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    From this end, the goals would vary depending on the day logged in and the amount of time available.

    Short log in
    • Be it for a quick check on markets
    • To a minor XP grind.

    Medium log in
    • finding a little pvp action
    • prepping for a major pvp event / gearing up .
    • exploring
    • crafting
    • arena play
    Long log in
    • PvE grind
    • Seeking a long haul group dungeon and/or boss challenge
    • Participating in a caravan escort / take down
    • Finding meaningful pvp ie clan fights

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    Main goal for Ashes of Creation... Mmhm, I cannot fully say! I am conflicted with -how- to be immersed in this game; should I get heavy into one single field (Which then I need to ask if I will have the support to actually produce stellar results through this), should I find and support a heavy RP server (Which will be the hardest to do I think, rallying the troops for this will only be the -third- biggest factor in maintaining an ideology to be made in how to play Ashes), or do I branch out into everything possible? Go balls to the wall! I just don't know till the call for action presents itself, the opportunity that looks too promising to pass up...

    ...All I know is that I am in it to win it and see as much content as possible which means some conflict down the line ;) and I'm In it to win it bby. 
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    Find a wife to bear my children. 
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    Elder said:
    Find a wife to bear my children. 
    I'll do anything for the right amount of coin or square footage.  

    If our pre-arranged marriage doesn't work, I want to be a guild's mage and item enchanter. I am not a fighter. I am a lover! 

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    To contribute through a  guild started from a few growing to a large number, gaining server recognition and  being  popular for our kind nature (all while growing in numbers from streaming on twitch, right?) :D
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    I want to help level up a city as well as my own character. Leveling up in general is what I love. I am less interested in pvp so I would not jump in to that to quick.
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