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[Dissolved] The Federation of Tradesmen

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This guild has been dissolved. Members are encurged to join another active guild such as



  • I'm interested in joining. I've got a lot of previous experience in MMORPG Guild Management, As well as i can do nice looking/but basic Site design.
  • [quote quote=9627]I’m interested in joining. I’ve got a lot of previous experience in MMORPG Guild Management, As well as i can do nice looking/but basic Site design.


    We would be happy to have you. While my administrative and tech skills are good, my art and design skills are not. Any thoughts on what aspects of the game you would want to do? I know we don't have much info yet.
  • [quote quote=9629]<blockquote>
    <div class="d4p-bbt-quote-title"><a href="" rel="nofollow">User wrote:</a></div>
    I’m interested in joining. I’ve got a lot of previous experience in MMORPG Guild Management, As well as i can do nice looking/but basic Site design.

    We would be happy to have you. While my administrative and tech skills are good, my art and design skills are not. Any thoughts on what aspects of the game you would want to do? I know we don’t have much info yet.


    I'd be happy to do anything, Whether it be from War Strategy to basic Inventory management within the guild (assuming there will be a guild bank of sorts.) I can honestly be anything you would most likely need me for, Also. Can you add me on discord?

    Discord Tag:
  • I have updated the OP with updated job postings, and links.
  • As noted by Lady Svetlana, I am the Seneschal, the leader of the Industria Branch of The Federation of Tradesmen and we strive to provide only the very best goods and services to our customers and clients. If you are looking for a safe and fair group dedicated to bring you to the best of your abilities look no further.

    Remember, There is always more money to be made.

    Samiel Lancaster
    Seneschal of
    The Federation of Tradesmen
  • New update to include branches and departments information. As as all ways things are subject to change as the game develops.

    What are the different branches and departments?


    The Administratum is the administrative branch of the FT. They act as the FTs de facto government and paper pushers; as well as diplomats. They are the unseen force the helps to make sure everyone else is able to carry out their tasks with as little trouble as possible.

    Departments include but are not limited to; Diplomatic corps, Public relations, town management, government services, and out of game management.

    The diplomatic corps is made up of the people charged with making contact, and maintaining relations with other people, guilds, and cities. They are also responsible for brokering treaties and ending wars. They also house public relations; whose goal is to run outreach programs and do recruitment.

    The government side is responsible for handing the day to day operations of the TF many assets. They also act as government officials for managing towns, buildings, and resources. They are also charged with keeping the TFs out of game resources running.


    The Militaris is the armed forces of the TF, and is made up of two main groups. The first are the guardsmen and knights who defend the holdings of the TF. This group focuses on PVE and helps keep the area around TF holdings safe for everyone. The next group is the soldiers and champions of the TF; they focus on different PVP aspects. They are responsible from attacking enemy armies, to assassinations and bounty hunting.

    Anyone who wants to fight in some form or another should check with their local recruitment officer. The Federations military is one of the best equipped and supplied forces! With most of its gear coming from its native craftsmen and artisans.


    The Industria is the heart and soul of the Federation; it is from here it derives its wealth and power. Well known for its skilled artisans, and respected merchants. Anyone can find something for themselves at a Federation market, and if they can’t it can be made. There are two man departments, the first are the craftsmen. This group is the skilled workers that can turn crude supplies and resources in to works of art both beautiful and deadly.

    The other group is the merchants, who range from the street peddler all the way up to the merchant lords. Tasked with not only buying and selling for profit, this department is responsible for ensuring Federations wares find a market in all corners of the world.
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  • Just as a heads up this is a reposting for the same guild, after the old thread ran in to some technical difficulties.
  • I will be introducing you to the current senior leadership; and giving you a brief back ground on each. Do not forget to check for<a href="" target="_blank"> job openings!</a> You never know when you could be the next major leader. Each leader will be introducing themselves; all comments and opinions are their own.

    First up is the FoTs very own Seneschal!

    I am Samiel Lancaster, and I am the leader of the Industria Branch here in The Federation of Tradesmen. I have experience in multiple MMOs including nearly four years in EVE Online as an industrialist. I have also been in World of Warcraft since nearly the start. I enjoy running raids as much as turning a large profit, so why not do both? I look forward to helping establish far reaching and lucrative trade routes though out this new world.

    - The wheels of trade never stop.

    Next the Lord Commander will introduce himself.

    Hail and well met! I greet you as Lord Commander Olaf Stirling, head of the military arm of The Federation of Tradesmen. Wherever there is wealth, there are those who desire to take it. It is my job to make sure that all that wealth reaches its intended and rightful destination. Caravan escorts are a part of what we do, but only a part. Recon, punitive actions, pre-emtive strikes, all are tools in our arsenal. And its not just organized attacks, if you enjoy putting the pointy end of metal in something, I want you. We are kept safe with the arms and armor provided by the other branches so that we can keep them safe.

    - Victory and Honor!

    Last but not least I shall introduce myself.

    On the forum I go by TCromwell, a name with a long RP history. I will mostly use my planed character for things though, so on that note I will also be going by Sveltana Galdana; more on that some other time. I will be serving the ToF as the Chief Administrator, as there are few with the mental fortitude or zeal for paper pushing and planning as me.

    There is of course more to me than willingness; I have a long resume to go with that passion. I have over 5 years of EVE online, as the owner and operater of a corp under my belt. I have also spent more hours in WoW than I care to remember dating back to the original game in 2003. I have also spent years playing hyper detailed and realistic RP based games like Star Wars combine; that use realistic economy and production systems. I also like to ramble as you can see, so I will sign off here.

    - All for the greater good.

    Last I want to remind everyone to come over and hang out on our official discord. I also urge you to join the official Ashes of Creation discord as well. Please feel free to reach out to any of the leadership with questions or concerns.

    Guild Discord:

    AoC Discord:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Guild Website</a>
  • Greetings ToF Citizens, I am Samiel Lancaster; Senechal of The Federation of Tradesmen. As Senechal I oversee the Industria branch, ensuring smooth operations. My goal is to ensure our crafters remain well supplied, and that our traders have top quality items and wares to sell to all corners of the civilized world. It is therefor my aim to make the craftsmen of the Federation the most well-known and respected names in the world. I will see to it all of our traders and caravans are always full of exquisite merchandise. By this act all of our men & women will become legends in their own right. May the wheels of trade never slow and the guild's coffers never lack for coin!

    -Samiel Lancaster.
  • We are getting close to end of the week so i thought i would post a small news update. In the next 48 hours i will be adding more information; this will include how the guild will be governed, how ranks will work, and the guilds long term plans. So look forward to that coming up soon.

    I would also like to welcome our newest set of members to the guild!

    Ginkgo Hyckory
    Handlare Thurgadin

    Our ranks keep growing every day! Should you want to join our ranks just head over to the guild site and sign up. If you have any questions you can post here or catch us on discord. All relvent links are in the OP.
  • As promised here is a detailing of the basic fuctions of the council and ranks. Also included is the first look at long term plans for the FoT.


    The Council will be made up of nine total members; three from each branch. The members will be made up of the branch head and the two department heads. The council will only vote on matters that affect the whole of the federation. All other matters will be left to the branch command to handle. Should the branch command be unable or unwilling to handle a situation they can submit it to the whole council.

    All issues submitted before the council will be toughly discussed and investigated. Every member has the right to having their input heard and considered before a vote is called for. When voting a seven to two majority must be reached. In this way we hope to prevent any two branches from steam rolling the third.

    Exceptions to this system will be during war time; during which time the other two branches will defer to the military until such time as the war has ended.

    The federation will be based on a central HQ which oversees branch offices. The Federation aims to have one branch office in every region. This way people to world over can buy and trade with us, as well as join our ranks. The branch office will be over seen by an appointed member of the federation, as decided by council.

    <strong>Branches & Ranks</strong>

    The goal of branch offices is to allow the FoT to have the furthest reaches possible; while keeping service local and accessible to all. Branch offices and their staff fall under the Administratum and answer to the chief administrator. The head of a branch offices will see to day to day operations based on guidelines set down by the council or Chief Administrator.

    The federation uses an established rank system to easily differentiate members based on time served and experience. The first 4 rank levels (O-1 to O-4) will each require 3 months of service to the guild to advance to the next rank. There are exceptions that can be made by the council or branch command at their desecration.

    Command ranks (CR-2 to CR-1) are by appointment of the council only. These ranks represent the most veteran and experienced players the federation has to offer.

    As all ways you can find the latest information here in the <a href="">guild office!</a>
  • Time for some FAQs!

    Q: Is this a NA or EU guild?

    A: We are NA primary but accept any one able to speak or read English.

    Q: How do you plan to cover so many aspects?

    A: (short version) The ToF is less a guild and more of a government, therefor its branches act as mini guilds with in the whole. In this way we can offer something for every one, and keep every one under the same administrative umbrella. This also allows for a smother more unified front.

    Q: How do you plan to supply the crafters?

    A: First and foremost we figure most members will do some gathering weather or not it has any thing to do with their primary reason for playing the game. People both in and out of the guild can sell or donate gathered supplies regardless of amount to the FoT. Lastly there will be planed operations in which members will sign up to a team and go out to large scale gathering wile being provided military escort to ensure safety.

    Much of this will work like EVE online style of gathering operations, should you have played that game. We are of course updating plans and procedures as we learn more.

    Q: How do you plan to make money?

    A: Simply put the whole of the FoT centers around its marketable skilled members. We aim to be the place you come to for just about any skilled tradesmen you can think of. Not just armor and weapons, but potions and healing magic. This includes sward arms and other warfare equipment. We aim to ensure our skilled men and women all ways have a ready outlet to ply their trades, what ever that might be.
  • Weekly update from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal, I would like to thank everyone that has joined our growing group and am looking forward to the adventures that are waiting for us. We are still looking to expanding our Guild and anyone is welcome to join our discord for any information that TCromwell has not already answered.

    Guild Discord:
  • Hello! I am Halgrave, a member of a team working on a community hub of sorts for AoC's RPers, and I found your guild had RP elements. If such is the case we'd like to offer an invitation to join the RP community we have set up. This is not a guild we are running, but an unofficial hub for RPers. The link to our site is below. Thanks for reading!

    <a href=""></a>
  • Hello! I am Halgrave, a member of a team working on a community hub of sorts for AoC's RPers, and I found your guild had RP elements. If such is the case we'd like to offer an invitation to join the RP community we have set up. This is not a guild we are running, but an unofficial hub for RPers. The link to our site is below. Thank you for reading!

    <a href=""></a>
  • We have a new guild logo established!
    <img src="" alt="Guild Logo" />
  • Here again for the Weekly update from your Friendly Neighborhood Seneschal!!

    We have registered our guild on the page (link below). We are still actively recruiting members if you are interested please join our discord. (link above)
  • I know, it is a little early for the Weekly update from your Friendly Neighborhood Seneschal, however, I would like to thank everyone for joining our <a href="" target="_blank">site</a> and helping us in growing our community into something amazing. We have had several new people join our family and we are looking forward to growing even further.

    I would like to welcome our newest set of members to the guild!

    Chelwood Vachery
    The Big Breaker
    Tridon Farstrider

    Thank you all for your support!
  • We will be moving to a new website shortly, so all members be ready to move.
  • New website is mostly up and in use.
  • We would like to announce the appoint of Addie to head of trade!
  • We would like to announce the appoint of Alex to head of craft!
  • Great group of people!
  • Interesting read.
  • Thank you for the kind words! We cant wait to see you in game.
  • Updates to OP about the branch jobs in an overview


    Judicial - Courts, Judges, Councilors, Chancellors, arbiters ect. When a dispute needs to be settled, or a crime punished it is the men and women of the courts that see that is fairly dealt with.

    Guild Asset Management - Land, Money & Resources submitted to guild coffers for guild use will be over seen by the admin, their use and for projects will generally be approved by council vote.

    Diplomatic – All formal diplomatic activities in the FoT start and end with the Diplomatic Corp and its staff.

    IC Guild Development - Laws, Polices, and Regulations will be drafted and maintained by the admin. All of which will be approved by council vote before being put in to an effect.

    OOC administration and development of guild resources – Websites, discords, guild servers all are run and administered by the admin branch.



    Crafting – Any and all crafting is handled with in the indy branch be it sword and shield or potion and roofing. The indy handles all matters of craft.

    Trade / route management – The indy is in charge of overseeing all trading in and out of guild cities and holdings. As well as maintaining routes once established.

    Gathering – Indy is in charge overseeing the supplies it uses and operations to ensure they have those supplies.

    Resource management – See above



    Cops – In guild towns to guard against thieves, and would be criminals.

    PVE – The military keeps the wild in check, to guard against monsters and npcs.

    PVP – They also are employed for keeping the gankers off the traders, gathers, workers ect

    Securing resources / towns / other guild assets and personal.

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    I will be building the most amazing Inn to be a scene for miles around. Is it too soon to broker ale deliveries? ;)
  • It is never to early to talk ale, or coin! :smile:

  • Great guild. so far!
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