Throwing in my "Hello"

Hi everyone, I probably won't be very active until the game's official release but I like the looks of the community here and I look forward to being a part of it.

I work full time and have a family, I play xbox one and only have a Google Chromebook. However if this game lives up to its ambitions I will buy a gaming PC just to play it.  I have been waiting for a good open world PvP MMO since Asheron's Call 1.  I think it's important for AC1-type fans to speak up and make themselves heard, so here I am.  The way this game looks, it seems like an even better PvP/social system than AC1, something I actually never considered possible.  Devs, please stay true to your goals.

I'm impressed with the website, the grammar within it, and the personal introductions by the AoC team members.  I may not be paying yet or actively visiting the forums, but I am a fan in waiting. Instead of being silent I felt it was important to step out of the dark and show my support! Keep up the good work.



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