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Ashes of Creation Roleplay [Unofficial RP Community]



  • Hiya @Halgrave, and thanks for the info! Hopefully, you'll be kind enough to post a reminder about this for us when it happens, cuz ya know, I can be a bit ... scattered, sometimes!
  • Isende said:
    I was hunting around, trying to figure out if there was anyone who'd asked previously -- you know, so I didn't begin another thread on an already-discussed topic -- and I found you guys?
    This is why we need more forum categories. Even if search was fixed, it would still be awesome to be able to go to the RP category and browse the posts.
  • We should have the new url implemented by the end of this weekend.  Apologies for the delay, there has been some trouble with the new url's host.  Stay tuned and thank you for the interest!  For now the site is still located at
  • Euch, random quote box that doesn't exist according to rubbish kindle.

    Looking forward to seeing the new site :smiley:

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    The url has been moved!  Our site can now be found at (if you use www. it will not work)

    For some reason these forums dislike the url, but it is (with the http : // in front of it)
  • Halgrave said:
    We should have the new url implemented by the end of this weekend.  
    Halgrave said:
    The url has been moved!  Our site can now be found at (if you use www. it will not work)

    For some reason these forums dislike the url, but it is (with the http : // in front of it)
    Yay, and thanks, @Halgrave!
  • The link works fine for me.
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    We're still around and always looking forward to more folks getting into the community!
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    We've just implemented a quick application to get folks that aren't bots onto the site, and keep those pesky bots out!  Feel free to join up, and we'll have your application accepted in short order!
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    Still itchy for any lore info.
     You're fantastic for keeping us all together whilst we're waiting @Halgrave, mucho respect :smiley:
  • We have been slowly compiling what little lore info we can get that has been confirmed officially by staff-written works.  Once the team on our site has determined that we have enough lore to start building deeper characters and perhaps a light story arc, I'll be hosting light forum RP story arcs that people will be able to partake in during the build-up to the game.  But as the lore we have gotten is slim so far, we're anticipating a rather long wait.  On our site lies our Discord info, as well, if anyone has topics related to RP that they'd like to discuss in real-time!
  • Hey folks!  In light of the recent addition to the official forums, I'd like to make a friendly little bump to show that we are still around!  If you're looking for a community specifically dedicated toward RP in AoC, feel free to check us out!  Even pop into our Discord once you've joined up if you'd like!
  • Lovely people all of you, can't wait to adventure with some of you. 
  • Hey again folks!  Seems like RP is a hot topic lately!  We at Ashes of Creation Roleplay will be deciding, likely on a much later community vote, which server we will be focusing our efforts on together.  In the case that the Dev statements of a lack of RP Server tags remains true, this will provide RPers with an easier time in locating others.  We strongly advise those RPers to stay tuned or otherwise join up on our site to partake in votes, community events, and story lines once lore and server names come out!
  • We are pleased to announce that support for OCE RPers has been added to our site!  Now the OCE, EU, and NA players in Ashes of Creation Roleplay can have their own places to discuss and gather for RP-related topics.  Thanks for tuning in!
  • Hey folks!  Just a brief bump here to let everyone know we are still around!  If you have something you would like to talk about with fellow RPers, feel free to head on over to our site, get registered, and pop into our discord!  Or you could leave your topic in our forums for long-term discussion.  Either way we would be glad to reply.  Thanks!
  • Joined this community's website and Discord. Looking forward to a flourishing Roleplay Hub for Ashes of Creation!
  • While we continue to wait for more lore to come, and our eventual hosting of a forum-wide community light story arc, feel free to come on by and join in!  We have a forum roleplay section on the site that can allow anyone who wishes to start RP in AoC early, to do so!  Post your rules and sign up information there!  We look forward to seeing the roster of registered RPers grow!
  • Probably going to join the forums soon. I just need to get to know lore better, but I love roleplaying. I Wonder if anyone besides me will roleplay in the game too :p
  • have never done official rp but looking forward to giving it my best! ^^
  • I've already got so many ideas running through my head for the character classes I want to play. I'm hoping the social buildings will provide a lot of opportunities to weave in and out of casual/serious RP. I am all about the immersion and hope to see a lot of people joining in on some really great group/guild/community adventures. I'm curious to see how many servers we'll end up occupying. ^^
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    Hey folks!  We are still around and continuing to prep behind the scenes for eventual lore drops so we can kick off the experience with class.  It may get quiet in the community every so often while we all await more lore and opportunities to RP, but bear with us and we will thrive together.  Thanks for checking us out!
  • Just applied on the site, looking forward to seeing how all this turns out. :smiley:

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    Just applied as well. With any luck we can get the ball rolling.

  • Hi everyone, I am role-playing as a rock.
  • Rodzor said:
    Hi everyone, I am role-playing as a rock.
    Well, you're rocking it.

    ... ^ this is why I stay inside.
  • Haven't poked my head in this thread yet, but hey everyone!  I'm over there as well, doing work behind the scenes as we get more info and all that good stuff.  Feel free to hop on over and check us out!

    So much potential for this game either way though when it comes to RP!  Very excited about that.  Lots of great races to choose from as well, and hopefully we'll be seeing even more of the pre-launch lore!
  • Hey folks, Halgrave here!  We have changed some things around and reorganized our rules a bit better.  The team is constantly plugging away to improve and expand on the core of the community as we go along this pre-launch period.  Feel free to stop in and say hello!
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    Just joined AoCRoleplay a few days ago and I must say it is very hospitable and RP - focused/driven. The admins are very versatile and adept (they can summon an official link, gif, or video of anything you ask concerning AoC at a whim), and this combined with motivation for RP makes this site a light for all RPer's across the platform. With alpha 1 on the horizon, let us all gather our wits and turn AoC into a thriving, living, breathing RP community!
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