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Class Name Suggestions (I hope they are not set in stone)

I have a couple name changes I wouldnt mind seeing. Most of these are ok, but spell x and shadow x and the like do seem too generic (even if they are feasible). There are some that I would move too. Specifically swapping Fighter/Cleric with Cleric/Fighter. This is copied from a Youtube posting I made where a panel was discussing the class list. 

Fighter/Rogue = Barbarian, Fighter/Mage = Demon, Fighter/Cleric = Templar, Fighter/Bard = Berserker or Champion

Tank/Rogue = Dreadknight, Tank/Mage = Golem, Tank/Bard = Herald

Rogue/Mage = Sapper, Rogue/Summoner = Trickster (a better fit than with Bard) Rogue/Cleric = Witch, 

Ranger/Ranger = Sniper, Ranger/Mage = Commando or Emissary Ranger/Cleric = Missionary (stole that one from yall), Ranger/Bard = Wayfarer

Mage/Tank = Lich, Mage/Rogue = Blood mage or Vampire Mage/Ranger = Elementalist or Geomancer, Mage/Mage = Wizard

Summoner/Fighter = Commander or Scion, Summoner/Rogue = Fade or Demonologist (shadowmancer is actually fine, I just think these 2 may be better), Summoner/Mage = Demonologist, Elementalist,  or Scion ( I used all of these before, but they fit well with summoning Demons, Elementals or a cadre of Mages)

Cleric/Fighter = Monk, Cleric/Tank = Bastion (Apostle is ok, but it is very specific to Christians), Cleric/Rogue =Disciple, Zealot, or Vampire (Don't need the added shadow to disciple and also a good spot for a vampire), Cleric/Ranger = Druid (probably the best spot for this), Cleric/Cleric = Saint, Angel, Archon, or High Priest (Archon and High Priest are solid and project a more earthly class, while Saint and Angel could counter the suggested Demon aesthetically), Cleric/Bard = Hierophant or Angel

Bard/Fighter = Claxon, Clarion, or Troubadour, Bard/Rogue = Banshee, Bard/Ranger = Charmer or Augurer, Bard/Summoner = Muse, Bard/Cleric= Hierophant, Vessel, or Soothsayer.

It was surprising to see so many staples of fantasy that got overlooked such as monk, deathknight, druid, and elementalist. I also saw some good opportunities to add in demons, vampires and angels.


  • I like the names they have set and see no need to change it now.
  • They are only set in stone insofar as Steven has stated he took an agonizingly long time to think on them, put them all together into his list, sit on it for a couple months to let it percolate to see if his mind would change, and then finally release it to the masses. The names themselves do nothing for the class combinations. If you want to call yourself a druid, go for it. The secondary class is more of a "flavor" than a true secondary. There are several examples of how they have said it will and will not work. People are building unrealistic expectations in their minds from what they want, and not what has been presented. One of the many examples is say Fighter/Mage. While you may be able to modify your weapon with an elemental effect like fire or ice that adds some damage, you will not be running around casting fireballs or freezing people. There will be 2-3 options per main archetype ability to modify with the secondary. Until they release it and it is further in development, not even they know for sure how the synergy will work out. All we have is the core concept that they plan to go with to theorycraft from now.

    The OPs wish for elemental and celestial racials has already been addressed. Sorry if you came late to the party, but KS and Summer backers depending on package and level already have exclusive angelic/demonic/fire/ice racial skins available. Does this mean that they won't release vampire or werewolf skins later down the line? No, but expect them to be either expensive or extremely hard to obtain in game. People that paid $1k for their KS or Summer package were told these would be exclusive, so don't expect them to be offered down the line.
  • Honestly I can't see some of them working especially the fighter/mage = Demon, I doubt there will be changes if any at all to the current name list for the classes anyway :3
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    My ideas were just based on removing the generic roots from the names. 

    Mage = Spell, Rogue = Night or Shadow, Fighter = Sword, Cleric = High Bard = Tell or Singer. Then mash the 2 together? Fantasy is normally about imagination. And MMOs are heavily dependent on aesthetics. 

    It's not my game. These are just suggestions. But I will say that with so many people that take hours to tweak characters in creators, as well as the amount people that take time to create backstories, having generic names may kill longevity and immersion.
  • I think personally it's fine as it is
  • Name suggestions I have:
    Rogue/Mage = Abyss Walker

    Will think of more, but so far thats really the only one I have right come on?
  • The list has a lot of thought put into it , if something doesn't correlate properly in game I'm sure they will discuss changing it. 
  • Im not into really overpowering surreal names like 'demon' , or death knight. Breaks the immersion for me. 
    Im actually just so thankful these guys have come up with a 64 flavoured class system!  Amazing. But Im with you on the term 'shadow '.
    One class i name i would like to see is the classic Thief and or Burglar on the Rogue line .
  • Mozsta69 said:
    Im not into really overpowering surreal names like 'demon' , or death knight. Breaks the immersion for me. 
    Im actually just so thankful these guys have come up with a 64 flavoured class system!  Amazing. But Im with you on the term 'shadow '.
    One class i name i would like to see is the classic Thief and or Burglar on the Rogue line .

    In the first place Demon is more closely associated with a species not a class name, if both had that name it would be confusing :neutral:

    The only probelm with thief or burglar classes are well, they aren't combat classes by default, they steal not kill so unless they would go around stealing monster organs with super op skills I just can't see them doing anything in a fight unless you want the class name and break the entire immersion of it's meaning :/
  • Demon is the name that people seem to glomb onto, so I will address my thinking. Fighter/Mage. So a fighter that augments sword skills and armor with elemental buffs specifically. A flaming sword and fiery auras and the like. Hence Demon. I figured they may lock elements to certain class combos, like a Mage/Tank as a Lich with Ice. Mage/Ranger as a geomancer and Mage/Cleric or Cleric/Mage with Lightning.
  • The truth is, whatever Steven and co decided, someone will be unhappy with the decision. I'm glad he has the courage of his convictions and has stayed true to what his desires as the creator of Ashes. I hope that remains well past launch.
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