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A wide selection of basic gear is more important than cool looking gear

One thing that I just can't stand about WoW is that Blizzard puts virtually all of their artists on creating exotic looking armor and weapons while largely neglecting the basics.

They have a transmog system with hundreds of skins for gear, but you basically don't have a single decent looking pair of basic brown boots for cloth wearers?  What kind of sense does that make?  Very little.

Even worse is stuff like shirts worn under armor.  A lot of armor has neck covering collars on it, but almost no shirts have high collars.  One simple set of shirts with high collars would suddenly look a lot better when worn on giraffe necked blood elves.  It is nuts how much the WoW art team neglects assets that should be a staple in a transmog system.  One chain mail looking shirt that can be work under armor just outright solves the entire plate bikini issue.  If people want to run around with their abdomen exposed, fine, let them.  The player who doesn't want a plate bikini can just throw the chainmail looking shirt on underneath and make it actually look reasonably sensible.  One small handful of art assets can make many other art assets appeal to a much wider range of users.

Don't even get me started on color selection.  If you've got a set of armor, why not just go through ROYGBIV and have a recolor to match any given color scheme someone might be trying to match?

In summary that big bat winged demon helm might looks cool, but a well executed pair of normal looking boots are going to be used thousands of times over for every transmog set that uses the bat helm.  That makes the basic boots a more important asset.  Also if you take an important asset and recolor it, you now have two important art assets.


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    I agree. I like basic looks/gear  that why I never likes WOW to over the top/ cartoony. I like simple design and colours. 
  • Every game has their own style, WoW has existed for a long time so Blizzard wouldn't go about changing stuff after so many years, regarding the gear I think that there is no harm in including both 'cool' looking gear and the basic looking ones, from all the footage that we have seen the outfits seem very 'mild' as in they are not over the top like wow and offer a good amount of realism while retaining the fantasy feel but we also know that there will be some of the more bizzare stuff, in the KS backing you could get  demon and angel racial skins which definately were not 'casual' (though they are racial skins it's safe to assume that there will be costumes with a similar feel). :3
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