What do you think/wish the Rouge class-upgrades will be like?

As I've understood, those that pick Rouge primary will have the options of becoming a duelist, shadow guardian, assasin, predator, nightspell, shadowlord, cultist and charlatan (do I have this right? These aren't the secondry ones, right?). 

What do you think/want all those classes to do? I think assasin, shadowlord and cultist sound really fun and have no idea whatsoever what a charlatan will do.

What about all of you fellow rouge enthusiast out there?


  • What ever options the Rouge is guaranteed to be reddish. :p 

    The Rogues however are still anyone's guess as they haven't been fleshed out yet.
  • I would guess Rouge/Rouge would double down on stealth and could potentially re-enter it during combat.

    We know the Rogue/Ranger primarily has ranged attacks.
    I would guess the Rogue/Cleric does some self healing or prepahs poisins
    Rouge/Tank is tanky ninja
    Rouge/Fighter is a very dishonorable swordsman

    You get the idea.

    Me, I plan to roll Rouge/Rouge and will be pure PvP, maybe even a bounty hunter if they don't kill their own system before it begins.
  • I want rogue to be able to one shot people regardless of corruption score and the class should only be available to me and no one else :p
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