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[EU] Vanquishers of Verra | PvRP | Hardcore

seaberseaber Member
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- High Priestess -

- Server/Region -
Server 1/Europe

- Guild Tag -

- About Us -
Hardcore PvRP guild that focuses on the eradication of the corruption fuelled beasts that plague Verra. The corruption drove us out of our homeland, it mutated the beasts that were too weak to escape and now those beasts have bred and spread and think they are the owners of our land. They are not. They are walking corruption cockroaches. Join us in our fight to cleanse Verra of all corruption. Join the Vanquishers of Verra.
We do NOT accept tulnars, not even as slaves.

- All members must be -
Not a tulnar.
Highly skilled.
LGBTAI friendly; we're only against tulnar.

- Other Guilds -
If you don't surrender when you get in our way, we will destroy you. This is your only warning.
Crying in our dms is mega l0l
Even if you beg us for an alliance your tulnar are kos

Recruitment video


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