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Suggestions to make BR closer to RPG style.

JantroJantro Member
edited September 2019 in General Discussion
I tested BR and found it very simplistic about its interaction with the world. I mean armor pieces/weapons just get scattered around the world and there is no interaction with RPG elements it seems all too automatic. In my opinion, there are some flaws that can be remedied as follows:

Create a city for all players instead a simple queue. This city would be a place where players would create weapons, exchange reagents, and make modifications/drills to go to BR.

The BR could have reagents scattered around the map and the goal of the players would be to collect these items to take to the city and manufacture equipment. There could be chests scattered around the map where the player could store items to prevent them from being carried by other players when killed.

Fabricated gear would allow the player to craft/grind and there could be an item level cap to prevent powercreep, such as 10% more damage and healing against a lower ilvl player. Anyway, something that justifies progression.

PS:With these modifications the game could show that it really intends to develop the MMORPG, as all would be elements that could be easily deployed in the main game and perhaps would please the most enraged MMO players.


  • FuryBladeborneFuryBladeborne Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    While your post is interesting, I am pretty sure that the problem is in requiring work. As Intrepid has explained on their Twitch channel, the BR mode was selected for testing because it doesn't require additional work. They simply allowed players onto a specific area of the MMO map to play on, placed skills that will belong to classes on weapons, and let people fight it out while monitoring for bugs, animations, etc. A key point is that everything in the BR is from the MMO to prevent doing work on the BR.

    While it it hasn't been announced, I would expect that the available abilities will be rotating over time. If I am right, it would not be very pleasant for a player to lose abilities that have been earned as the abilities cycle out.
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