Guild Gathering #1 - Recruitment and Retention



  • Hiya everyone! Thank you all for taking the time to share your detailed thoughts here in our very first Guild Gathering - we hope you've enjoyed taking a look at this topic from a guild angle, and we can't wait to bring you more discussions throughout this year! <3

    While I'm putting together a recap on your suggestions for our team now, please feel free to continue sharing your feedback in this thread! :smiley:

  • There should be a cool down associated with joining and leaving Guilds, not necessarily helpful for retention but it dissuades those that are halfhearted.
  • I think the most important thing you can do to facilitate retention in any community is meaningful social engagement. I think Intrepid is modeling this well for us in the way they’re initiating regular 2-way conversations about topics of interest in the game.

    In-game I would love to see:
    -custom ranks and roles
    -Guild tabards/crests/insignias
    -guild-related achievements (completing content w/ a guild, contributing in guild events, etc.)
    -RP tools/events (promotion/initiation ceremonies, chapter meetings, guild lore-keeping, etc.)
    -immersive, player-driven recruitment (no menus or chat spam pls! It would be dope to have “physical” guild invitations that were handed out)
    - in that vein: would be cool to have in-game guild trials rather than the out-of-game process many guilds employ with discord bots or spreadsheets
    -customizable guild perks (if I’m in a small RP guild that is focused on a divine node, it would be cool if any xp earned for a divine node was increased by a certain percentage)
    -buffs or other bonuses for doing stuff with your guild
    -guild businesses or some other pursuit like that where the guild is committed to shared success (raids would be this for PvE guilds I guess, maybe guild leaderboards for a PvP guild, etc.)
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    -> Guild leadership change: Must have, after a while of inactivity, a guild should be able to move out the leader and elect a new one. I've been truly pissed off when I was a member in my early days of mmo, and the leader stopped playing without giving it to somebody else. Otherwise the members, will need to build a new one from scratch. This can be as bad as just stop playing the game.

    I think this is super important given the guild perks and how long I imagine unlocking those will take. Maybe guilds can opt for different systems to handle this scenario like how nodes handle mayoral elections?
  • Well there should be an effort to enhance guild life in generalj to provide an incentive to be in a guild.
    I mentioned WoW garrisons recently in another post but if they were bigger and would of been guild housing instead then think that would of been a smashing success.

    So the original post mention retention. Players would be more inclined to stay in a guild with a guild Castle that had in game representation of their guild history plus maybe a helped build the guild castle. Really guild housing is more important than player housing one is solo content other group housing. Looks like Nodes are kind of fulfilling that role. If you looked Nodes as large guilds then they would have to have guild structure (team oriented functions) in order for them to feel like a place that they belond to.

    As far as guild recruiting this falls into the category of enabling behavior. For example if I was looking to do 40 man raid then their should be a way to let people know that. Thing is lots of games already have such systems in place just not too many people use such systems. Think it is because they are too tedios.
    But if on the other hand you could click a few buttons and see all the guilds that are looking for a hunter for lets say PvP or raiding that would make it very easy for toons to be in the right guild. Kind of like a guild finder.

    Giving the people the ability to customize their profile so when some one looks up their profile they see right wasy that they are looking for 3v3 bracket. Really just a matter of getting the right people together.

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