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I am very curious of how they will make there necromancer because every game (or mmo's) that takes on there own version of necromancers so that will also affect on some of the roleplaying. I am curious what your thoughts on the necromancer will be.


  • Super Firebreathing Skeletor Chickens!!!!! (For the Win)
  • TaipheeTaiphee Member
    edited February 25
    Summoner that heals and steals life
  • Necromancer in my eyes is the black plague with legs. lots of aoe debuffs and CC, Dot dps, on the offensive side. Pet based obviously.
    for example:
    : summon one undead priestess that casts a continual aoe dot heal while active.
    : summon one undead Knight that does aoe cleave to does -50% armor rating to targets.

    And on the Support side, Lots of resurrection capabilities for players their pets, and mounts. and life steal dots

    Basically, the Heal class that can stay front line in large scale pvp. Have sufficient mitigation skills through life steal, and Dot or chain heal type abilities, while casting battle Res and mild CC,s To me it should be that heal class that people think twice about before they try and make the focus target.

    Plague touched Death: Enemy that deals final blow to kill necromancer gets 2 min healing received debuff.

    Aoe Res like eso
    self res like wow druid
    stuff like that

    where killing the pet is just as important as killing the player.
  • Spirt of the Shadow world: summon a spirit world replica of the necromancer that absorbs 80% of all necromancers incoming damage while summoned. Spirt has 200% increased damage mitigation from absorbed damage and + 200% damage received from direct single target damage targeting the actual spirit itself.

    Force players to kill the necromancers' pets before they can actually kill the necromancer

    stuff like this instead of the traditional magical shields or mitigations other games use.
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