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Steven posted some new Concept Art on discord tonight

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Here are the two pictures. Jeff Delierre is amazing! Have fun for those that missed it!

Oh wait Steven said, "dont tell anyone, ill be in trouble :D". So it definitely wasn't Steven.


  • Are the ones above the Tulnar monsters/mobs? If so they're terrifying, a job well done!
  • Don't you think they are having way too much fun while we sit around waiting?!!!!   

    They look wonderful!
  • I have mad respect for Concept Artists. The imagination that runs through those creative minds must be something magical.
  • This looks like what was seen being worked on during the studio tour! Didn't they say it was concept art for Underworld mobs?
  • Very cool.
    They remind me of the Skeksis!
    (Which is okay in my book)

  • The file for that top row was called "mountain_NPC_sketches" or something along those lines. Those could end up being the residents of a mountain or two. 
  • Sweet!
  • Im so hopeful that if the mobs have weapons like that, then the weapon selections for us will creative.
  • I believe that the silhouettes are Tulnar, which just makes me even more hyped to play one.
  • ^_~ I'm smelling raid bosses  for number 10 and 14 
  • So many tails
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    I originally was thinking they were the Tulnar also. Apparently they are not.

    Link >> << Link

  • Nice!   Thanks for the share!
  • neat.
  • Ooooooooo niiiiiiiiiice :0 
    Check out these super cool silhouettes of weapons too :0 What wonderful weapons the Tulnar have :0
  • Weren't those the silhouettes shown on the "studio tour" video as "underrealm race"? Now turn to monsters? :neutral: Guess we'd have to wait to see the race ones then xD
  • Still going to be a dwarf ... just saying /flex
  • I really need to see more of those. It feel very interesting and I love weird creature or character with a tail (do not ask me why I don't know) but I still prefer them cute/pretty aswell, soooo.... need to see what they are coming up with! Regardless I think its very very interesting and I'm very excited about this choice
  • The last one in the top row is clearly a lizard doing push ups on a floating balloon
  • Still going to be a dwarf ... just saying /flex
    Oh, a Dwarf? I could never tell with that nick or avatar xD
  • Also: with weapon silhouettes like these, I REALLY hope they allow any class to wield any weapon type (effectively), otherwise I will be a sad mage looking at all of the awesome weapons being touted by the physical classes   :'(
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