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  • @AshesofCreation Will we be able to heal summons or beast companions?
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    ❓ What did you think about the Cleric update?

    🧙‍♂️ ✨ Are you enjoying the direction that this archetype is moving in?

    Be sure to give your feedback here, on the official feedback thread!
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    Greetings everyone - thank you so much again for sharing your questions with us, and for tuning in for today's livestream! In case you didn't hear us cover your question on the stream, it may be because we've shared an answer previously - check out more on that below!

    @EnigmaGamer (question 1, 2), @SirVirtuo (question), @Psycho-Phobic (question), @Saltarioz (question), @Shabooey (question 1, 2), @Cornicul (question) - Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please make sure to keep it as direct/succinct as possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    @OlympusBums (question) - You can learn more about what has been said regarding leaderboards and metrics here, on the wiki!

    @unknownwon (question) - One such system could be Bulletin Boards, in which players can post jobs for others! You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @SomeRandomName (question) - Ashes of Creation is a passion project being developed BY MMORPG lovers for MMORPG lovers ;)

    @boshean (question) - The team is hard at work on the Rogue Archetype, and we're excited to show it off as soon as it's ready!

    @Lashing (question) - Currently, we have parlor games planned! You can learn more about those here, on the wiki!

    @Lineager (question), @Ravicus (question) - We look forward to sharing more about the augmentation system as soon as it is ready to be shown and discussed!

    @Daggial (question) - Do you mean as their own building types? Or cosmetic skins?

    @-T0Mb- (question), @Firebrand (question) - We certainly plan on having more races appear on our livestreams as they're ready! :)

    @Raven016 (question) - Steven is in and out of meetings much of the day, in which he must speak a lot! Anytime I talk a lot, especially passionately, I start to get a dry throat, or lose my voice! ;)

    @SonicXplosion (question) - We would like to discuss Nodes in further depth on a future livestream! I believe Steven will touch on this topic in further depth then :)

    @simpetar (question) - Mana is a universal resource/energy in Ashes of Creation that keeps corresponding stats for mana pool, consumption, and regeneration relevant. All archetypes use mana to varying degrees. You can learn more about this here, on the wiki!

    @NyceGaming (question) - Sheds are present on empty freehold plots to provide storage for materials needed to construct freehold buildings. :)

    @SkylarckTheBotanist (question) - The best gathering will be done outside of the freehold. You can learn much about the game and it's many systems here, on the wiki!

    @Klasiko (question) - I think most of your questions will likely be answered on stream! In the meantime, you can read more about what has been said regarding the Cleric here, on the wiki!

    @Roofian (question) - If your question is about goals, there will or may be many goals for players to strive to. Some may want a Freehold, while others may wish to spend their time becoming Mayors, or amazing at Arenas! :)

    @Dragonslyr (question) - Players will be able to change their secondary archetype, or class. Though, this won't be an on-the-fly process. Primary Archetypes are more permanent and chosen at Character Creation :)

    @Hutchy1989 (question) - Public spaces in nodes allow lower-tier animal husbandry and farming activities. You can find the answers to many of your questions, such as this one here, on the wiki! :)

    @rocsek (question) - Yes :) You can find the answers to many of your questions, such as this one here, on the wiki! :)

    @Voeltz (question) - XP will be awarded for participating in objective-based PvP on a diminishing returns basis. You can find the answers to many of your questions, such as this one here, on the wiki! :)

    @George_Black (question) - We're excited to see how players progress through the game during Alpha Two! Feedback provided from testing is extremely valuable, and can potentially result in game changes :)

    @LowQuey (question) - We're excited to show off Secondary Archetypes, or Classes, such as the Necromancer as soon as they're ready! :)

    @NiKr (question) - Currently, we plan on releasing any minimum spec requirement changes for Alpha Two, along with some other key information, as part of a preliminary announcement when the times comes ^_^

    @Sirmaximus (question) - We'd love to have every race available during Alpha Two! As for Classes, we haven't released any information regarding which ones may possibly be available, but we'd love to have all Archetypes available during Alpha Two <3

    @RazThemun (question) - The team is hard at working making content for Alpha Two! We don't have an exact number of how many raids and dungeons will end up being available for testing in Apha Two at this time <3

    @Apollo2888 (question) - Artisan freehold features are also affected by adjacent terrain features. For example: building next to a river provides a nearby source of clean freshwater, and will have a positive effect on crops. You can learn more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Tyrol (question) - It works the other way around! A project a team is working on may be shown on a livestream if it's far enough along to do so. <3

    @Penumbr4 (question) - We look forward to hearing all of the valuable feedback players can provide for any Archetype during Alpha Two! :)

    @Wakaka (question) - When it's ready! <3

    @darkseraph (question) - You can read about everything that has been said regarding legendary items here, on the wiki!

    @BoredSlashCrazy (question) - Yes! You can read and learn much about the games many systems here, on the wiki!

    @Brattak (question) - I'm not sure I understand your question :(

    @Themopolis (question) - There is a page on the wiki which goes over all of the stated repercussions of having your node destroyed! You can read more about Node Destruction here, on the wiki!

    @Parsi11 (question) - We have not announced any plans for a battle pass :)

    @BomVivant (question) - This was a feature during Alpha One, and will likely continue to exist in the game <3

    @Rhyndahll (question), @johndruitt (question) - Please stay tuned for more detailed information about Alpha Two as we progress further in development! :)

    @Celas (question) - It's very possible this feature could be in the game! We have a future Dev Discussion planned in which we're asking the community about accessibility features. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on this!

    @Mico (question) - With Cleric being the primary healing Archetype, players can alter the way they play Cleric with secondary classes and augmentations, along with other things!

    @Xenotex (question) Being that we're still in the alpha testing stages of our game development, we haven't made many balance passes. Those generally come later in development! For now, our team is hard at work on the stages of archetype development that come before final balance and polish!

    @DABZ16 (question) - Are you referring to Relics? If so, they can be acquired by a few different means. All of which are here, on the wiki!

    @mcnasty (question) - I believe this will have been touched on during the livestream! Regardless, Clerics will be able to dish out the damage! Especially so in a way you enjoy, through Classes, Augments, and other means :)

    @Sago65 (question) - Possibly not! Since resources will be different in the Underrealm, including unique species of fish. This will affect professions such as fishing, farming, and animal husbandry. Since players may only have one Freehold, they must choose their Artisan specializations accordingly if they wish to place it in the Underrealm. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @HaruCharm (question) - There may be a variety of different jumping puzzles through Verra!

    @Sorcres (question) Yes! You can find the answer to this question and many more here, on the wiki!

    @Killion (question) - Events that reach a fail condition have negative consequences, such as: Natural disasters. Node attacks from NPC mobs, such as dragons, or hordes of zombies, and certain mobs may target specific buildings for storyline reasons. These attacks may weaken node defenses against any future player attacks against the node. Local events that have not been addressed successfully may start to expand regionally or even globally. You can learn more about this, and many other systems here, on the wiki!

    @Falkath (question) - With some exceptions, mounts are able to be summoned during combat in the open world. The answer to this question and many more can be found here, on the wiki! :)

    @Arunteli (question) - We'd love to have all of the artisan classes available during Alpha Two! We'll have more news to share, such as what will be included in Alpha Two, as we progress further in development! <3

    @raeyik (question) - While individual Archetype rotations, combos, and abilities are very important, they are still just one aspect of creating compelling combat with other players. Class synergies and teamwork during party gameplay is very important to us as well :)

    @Leonerdo5 (question) - There will be incentives and risks for both caravan attackers and defenders. These will be tested and refined during the alpha and beta testing phases. You can learn more about this here, on the wiki!

    @MasterofSincity (question) - Recipes are discovered and can be combined to create unique dishes. Recipes will include Verran and Sanctus ingredients and cuisine as well as familiar dishes and recipes. You can learn more about this here, on the wiki! :)

    @RandyBK (question) - Are we worried we bit off more than we can chew? Nope! :) Are we going to take the time it needs to make sure the Summoner is done right and kicks some butt? You betcha! <3

    @PlasticLemons (question) - There is indeed internal documentation and discussions that have happened for this system! We have not announced any plans to cut it :) I'm sure more information on this system will be revealed as we progress further in development!

    @itwashear (question) - We strongly believe in our NO P2W philosophy! We don't want cosmetic skins to create advantages for players! :)

    @MMOAddict (question) - We will be doing a Nodes showcase at a later date, and we want to make sure that it's just as, if not more awesome than the Freeholds showcase! <3

    @Fantmx (question), @Tyranthraxus (question), @Krakhun (question), @rsblunden (question), @lemulet (question), @Neurotoxin (question), @KingEragon (question), @Drunkninja (question), @Sengarden (question) - Your questions were ones we hoped to have gotten to on stream but didn't quite have the time. We'd love it if you come by next month for the next development update livestream to ask them again! ^_^

    @Norkore (question), @Ace1234 (question), @RowniSciponi (question), @RocketFarmer (question), @Castai (question), @Burny7 (question), @devmage (question), @Dolyem (question), @Thumbs (question), @daveywavey (question), @Dygz (question) - Congratulations! Your questions were answered by Steven and Margaret on the livestream! Be sure to check out the VoD on YouTube in case you missed it live! :)
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    📺 👀 Did you catch our latest livestream of the Highwayman Hills and Cleric Archetype?

    VODS are now available!

    Development Update

    Alpha Two Cleric Archetype Update

    (OP updated as well)
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    boshean wrote: »
    Can we expect Rogue to be at the start of A2, or perhaps see some sort of update for that?

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    Have you planned to put player owned freehold in danger in case of a lost war in the appropriate node ? For exemple retaining your freehold advancement, or part of it, but having to move your freehold elsewhere. Encouraring both an active defense of one node and exploration of new territories in case of defeat.
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