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  • Will players be Flagged for PVP when engaging with a world boss? And if so do you think that guilds will purposely stay non-combat (Green) to force enemy guilds to corrupt (Red) so they can claim their dropped loot?
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    are there still plans to have racial skins in the future.
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    I was watching the caravan update video, and I was wondering if Caravans could be part of large PVP maps. For example players would have to escort Carvan to workshop delivering the parts for seige weopon to crafted. So both sides racing to get their caravan to Work shop. By the way Carvan up date looked really good.
  • Is there any instanced content planned to be available at the launch of Alpha 2 and if there is, can you elaborate on this( dungeons, arenas etc ) ?
  • How soon can we expect to see a detailed preview of the Rogue/Assassin Class?
  • what does it take to create a guild? Does the guild require anything to maintain it, if so what do you need to do to keep the guild from disbanding, for example not enough members in the guild, an internal guild membership tax or too much/many inactive members including the GM?
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    Hello again, glorious Ashes of Creation community! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a question with us for this month’s stream. Q&A submissions are now closed, and we’ll see you at 11AM Pacific on Wednesday for our livestream!
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    So as I understand world bosses could be activated by a local nodes activity. Then said node will attack and defeat the world boss. Are there any plans to allow a node to defend a world boss? Say a frost dragon sends an area into permanent winter and the local node now wants to sell winter crops year round and use frozen rivers for roads. Stuff like this could really make servers more unique.
  • Betonmi wrote: »
    How soon can we expect to see a detailed preview of the Rogue/Assassin Class?

    This class could be very impactful in OW PvP. Good question!

    Beyond the specific Rogue archetype, I'm wondering what is Intrepid's overall vision for stealth in general?

    Eg: Will groups in enemy territory only be able to hide behind objects or will some degree of stealth be afforded to all characters?
    Perhaps a "stealthed" (whether partial or total) player can be detected via some skills, but not be located spefically? (ie: you know opponemts are around, like "Local" in EVE, but not exactly where - as long as they remain "stealthed")

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    Have you got an updates for us about integrating AI into Ashes of Creation? AI voices to narrate quests, a town cryer for the nodes events, generating guild banners and jolly rogers with a specific Ashes of Creation style. Love the passion Intrepid stills shows us and a huge congrats to Margaret & her husband haha :D

    - Edit - Doh!! Didn't see I missed the cut off time! Ah well, next month haha.
  • Will there be an arena in the game? What if it is possible to watch the matches between other players?

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  • Will there be any single-use "ancient" spell scrolls in the game?
  • oOLu_BuOooOLu_BuOo Member
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    Will every augment type from your secondary class fit on all your abilitys or are some abilitys only gonna be able to be augmented in a certain way ?
    For the empyre !!!
  • ReglonReglon Member
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    Question 1:
    When heavily corrupted players die and lose gear will that gear be dropped, or will it be converted into materials with a percentage of those materials disappearing? The latter would act as an item sink as well as preventing a player from having their friend kill them and trade their gear back to them.

    Question 2:
    Will citizens of a node have either increased damage on world bosses/dungeon bosses inside their node or reduced damage for bosses outside their node? This could help combat zergs from being able to monetize the entire maps resources.
  • Before Steven discussed how the pet system will work a little, with basically a cosmetic pet slot, battle pet slot, and class skill pet. Is this still the intended system? If so, how freely can pets swap between slots?
  • LithxdLithxd Member
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    If there is going to be no addon support, Which I think is a big mistake for an MMORPG, how are you going to appeal to the more hardcore player base and keep a competitive scene (Like WarcraftLogs/FFlogs/ Will there be leaderboard or will the default UI/Nameplates and such be customizable/changeable/moveable? Sometimes little nuisances are very easily correctable with an addon.
  • WasilahWasilah Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Two questions:
    1) While the caravan is running, can people can join/leave throughout the journey? If so is there a penalty for doing that? Like a timer to rejoin the convoy if you drop it or a penalty if you leave the convoy half way through the journey?

    I can see on the spy side of things, having someone in the caravan calling in where it is and right before the attack on it happens they drop and switch over. Would like there to at least be some kind of dis-incentive to this type of behavior.

    A less deviant version of this would be if your friends are with you on a convoy and 3/4 of the way through they think your good to get the rest of the way or need to log off or whatever reason they need to leave. This kind of thing I wouldn't want a penalty for.

    2) Will there be any bonus' applied to either the reward or the caravan itself if it is run solo vs with a large group of people?

    Kind of would like to see some kind of small bonus applied to a very small group that finishes a caravan run as an incentive. As in if you have less than like 3 people in the caravan some kind of additional bonus is applied at the end of it.
  • EmberstoneEmberstone Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    Since it's possible to deposit your player commodities into someone else's caravan, is the same applicable for their mules?
  • I would love to see any models and example of Water Caravan's.What cannot be transported by ocean caravans...
  • Will we get to see developments on what Naval combat will look like?
  • AloxigozalAloxigozal Member
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    How will be healing oriented in pvp? Will be more focus on soft-heals, preventing dmg and support or will be more like to big-heals, casts and identifying enemies brust windows?

    Thanks in advance, keep up the great work you are doing!
  • How will expansions look after launch given the node systems?
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    Greetings everyone - thank you so much again for sharing your questions with us, and for tuning in for today's livestream! In case you didn't hear us cover your question on the stream, it may be because we've shared an answer previously - check out more on that below!

    @Santanico (question), @Screamheart (question), @InsertDisc (question 1, 2, 3, 4), @TummyFat (question), @raikethor (question 1, 2) - Please only post one question next time as requested, and if you only posted one question, please try to make it more clear and direct if possible - that way it's more likely to be picked!

    @Babayugah (question) - We don't have an updated total to share at this time, but there should be plenty of people to make new friends with while testing Alpha Two :)

    @Lashing (question) - The current plan is for death penalties to change depending on how you're flagged. For a non-combatant, this includes Experience debt (negative experience). Skill and stat dampening. Lower health and mana. Lower gear proficiency. Reduction in loot drop rates from mobs. Durability loss. Combatants suffer death penalties at half the rate of non-combatants. You can read more about this here:

    @Roubi (question) - We'll have an updated list of weapon types to share at a later date <3

    @DarkSiderEzio (question) - Alpha Two will be Q3 this year. We'll have a specific date to share at a later time :)

    @Lyon (question) - You can click or tab your next target while fighting a group of enemies!

    @AimNothyng (question), @Roubi (question), @DarkSiderEzio (question), @SkinnyBruce (question), @s1zzl1n (question), @RazThemun (question), @Arunteli (question) - We'll have more details to share regarding the Alpha Two playtest as we progress further in development :)

    @xillin (question) - It's very possible and even likely that you will see changes, additions, and removals to abilities and Archetype kits while we're in early stages of development <3

    @Gaul_ (question) - This is one way to think of it! The goal is for the game to be feature complete by Beta 1, with things such as music, and Node types being finalized during the Betas :)

    @Vyril (question) - Some Archetype abilities may require the use of specific weapons. An example of this could be the Tank's Shield Assault ability :)

    @ashone (question) - The team is hard at work on the Character Creator :) We'll have more news to share regarding the Character Creator as we progress further in development!

    @Falkath (question) - The team is open to balancing changes and tweaks to Archetypes, Classes, and many other things down the road. The goal is to design the Archetypes and Classes in a way that won't require a total rework :)

    @NyceGaming (question) - The team is hard at work on the Summoner Archetype and is excited to show more as soon as it's ready! For now, you can read about our plans for the Summoner here, on the wiki!

    @Aniion (question) - We have developers from across the industry, with tons of experience playing and building MMORPGs. They all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to learn and build from! :)

    @chibibree (question) - It is likely that the minimum spec requirements for the game will have changed since 2021. We don't have an updated list of minimum or recommended system requirements to share at this time, but we will have that for players once we're closer to Alpha Two <3

    @SonicXplosion (question) - Situations like this will likely be looked at on a case-by-case basis so that we can properly assess the situation and make decisions and actions from there :)

    @G3n_Zer0 (question), @GothGhost (question) - We generally don't want to reveal too much about lore, as to not spoil anything for players :) You can read about some of the game's established lore here and here, on the wiki!

    @George_Black (question) - While this isn't a planned feature that we've discussed with players, the team is actively working on and iterating the systems while we're in our Alpha stages of development. We look forward to testing out these systems with players, and getting feedback on them, in which suggestions could perhaps be implemented! :)

    @VrDynasty (question), @Aliandria (question) - You can read more about our plans for Classes here, on the wiki!

    @Freemeta (question) - "The risk versus reward relationship, when, say for instance, you've dedicated time towards building a Node and other players have dedicated that equivalent time towards sieging the Node, there's going to be a pitched battle between those players... They spend that time doing this because they care passionately about having access to that content." – Steven Sharif

    @Liniker (question) - We haven't announced any plans to change our intention for time-to-kill :) You can read up on time-to-kill here, on the wiki!

    @Kyskei (question) - Roshen and myself are planning and experimenting with community programs that we believe will not only build strong community relationships between developers and the Ashes of Creation player base, but will continue to become stronger post-launch :)

    @KillJoi (question), @Effluvikoff (question) - We'll have more details to share regarding Augments and Classes as we progress further in development!

    @Serafine (question) - Dyes that can change the appearance of gear will be a feature of Ashes of Creation. You can read more about that and much more here, on the wiki!

    @DougBug27 (question) - The current plan is for 4 divine gateways ;)

    @ODeinsN (question) Steven answered this question back in October. You can see that here :)

    @TrUSivraj (question) - Features like these are ones we'd love to implement into Ashes of Creation, if or when it makes sense to do so during the development timeline!

    @Ravudha (question) - Here is a quote from one of our designers on this: "Choosing a specific path in the skill tree allows the player an opportunity to specialize in a certain area. This encourages player inter-dependency, enhancing the artisan experience" - Kory Rice. You can read more about artisan progression here :)

    @Undead Canuck (question) - As soon as they're ready to be shown! :)

    @Hinotori (question) - There will not be Game master (GM) run events initially, but the systems are in place to add these in the future. You can read more about GMs here, on the wiki!

    @FinisSapientiae (question) - Lore is a very important part of Ashes of Creation. While players will discover many of the stories Verra has to tell, they'll also create their own stories through systems like Story Arcs.

    @Sorcres (question) - Racial quests will indeed be a feature of Ashes of Creation. You can learn more about racial quests here, on the wiki!

    @RowniSciponi (question) - It may depend on the dungeon, amongst other variables. Stay tuned for more specific details as we progress further in development :)

    @JamieKaos (question) - It's important to note that the idea is going to be that, unless a player is in your party, alliance, guild, or raid that you will not have definitive knowledge of their exact hit point values. So when you do something that's sketchy like that, where you want to bring them close to death and let a monster finish him off, you are taking the risk of overhitting and actually gaining the corruption. – Steven Sharif

    @SnowElf (question), @VihaelaSorrows (question) - There will be integrations available for streaming services such as Twitch and a few other services, but it's not something that will be exposed through an API just yet. If you're curious about addons, we do not plan to support them. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Kahvipaussi (question) - Nodes can invest in upgrade paths that give a greater selection of roles and quality (gear level) of NPC mercenaries used for caravan defense. You can read more about mercenary NPCs here, on the wiki!

    @SilverElement (question) - Steven has a long quote answering this, which can be found here, on the wiki!

    @AdAstra224 (question) - Not all creatures are immediately hostile to players. Some creatures may hunt other creatures. "We've talked about this a little bit in the past when talking about taming and/or certain types of like creature gatherable resources there are herds that exist out there. There are big game that exist out there, where they're not going to aggro and attack you per-se. Also lower level monsters and certain type of like social monsters may not attack you off the bat. – Steven Sharif

    @Aliyeh (question) - The team is hard at work on the world of Verra, and will have more to share regarding new zones as we progress further in development!

    @Top (question) - It's not that Archetypes and Classes are deliberately unbalanced. Instead, they are balanced around the rock/paper/scissors idea. You can read more about balance here, on the wiki! As for who will win each matchup, this will of course depend on many factors, such as player skill, Archetype choice, Class choice, weapon choice, etc.!

    @Otr (question) - We haven't announced a change, however much is subject to change while we're developing the game and testing systems with players!

    @Rhynedahll (question) - Special characters, including apostrophes and hyphens, are currently not allowed in character names. This could change in the future :)

    @Diura (question), @DarkestLink (question) - Guild Halls are a bit different than Freeholds. You can compare them and learn more about Guild Halls here, on the wiki! We'll have more details to share regarding Guild Halls as we progress further in development :)

    @AshRen (question) - You can read more about Combat Pets here, on the wiki! Much of what has been said regarding combat pets is on this page:

    @Grizzlywer (question) - Augments are applied individually to active skills from a character's primary archetype. Each augmentation has a level requirement. Religious Augments are considered top-tier achievements within a religion. Social organization progression is achieved through accomplishing tasks or quests within that social organization.You can read more about Augments here, on the wiki!

    @Tyranthraxus (question) - Augments are applied individually to active skills from a character's primary archetype. Augment effects are intended to be templatable so they can apply to a range of abilities. A character can have one active Augment on an ability at any given time. Augments do not cost skill points. Secondary Class Augments may be applied to any skill, but it is possible that some specific Augments may be locked to specific abilities. The progression system for Augments is very similar to the Class progression system. You can read more about augments here, on the wiki!

    @Billzbub (question) - We'll have more to share regarding the stock exchange as we progress further in development <3

    @Avernus2710 (question) - Combat Pets and Cosmetic Pets are two seperate things. You can read more about Pets here, on the wiki!"]question[/url]) - Combat Pets and Cosmetic Pets are two seperate things. You can read more about Pets here, on the wiki!

    @Elwendryll (question) - Events in progress may disable certain respawn points in proximity to those events, which might cause players to respawn further away.

    @Cascien (question), @Glizzy (question) - A highwayman system tracks a player's performance in caravan PvP. This records successful or failed defenses and attacks and provides rewards that scale up over time based on the player's history. You can read more about this here, on the wiki!

    @Fur (question) - Ashes of Creation utilizes an adaptive artificial intelligence (AI), meaning different encounters with similar mobs and bosses will yield different player experiences. You can read all about our intentions with AI here, on the wiki!

    @Muppetmancer (question) - The current design is that fighting a world boss will not automatically flag participants as combatants.

    @Vhinx (question) - Racial skins are still currently part of the plan :)

    @consultant (question) - Our current plans for PvP Battlegrounds can be found here, on the wiki!

    @Betonmi (question) - The team is hard at work on the Rogue Archetype! We're excited to share more details as soon as it's ready :)

    @Redrekr (question) - We don't want to rule out the possibility of adding new weapon types in the future. Right now, we're focused on implementing weapons for Alpha Two :)

    @imoxator (question) - Some systems such as this one are still being designed and/or iterated upon. We'll have more details to share as we progress further in development :)

    @BurnsJ (question), @Cadac (question), @Slashy (question), @Anverk (question), @Conrad (question), @Talents (question), @Nyronke (question), @Drunkninja (question), @TopWombat (question), @Heryglenn (question), @PlasticLemons (question) - Your questions were ones we hoped to have gotten to on stream but didn't quite have the time. We'd love it if you come by next month for the next development update livestream to ask them again! :)

    @Castai (question), @NiKr (question), @Leonerdo (question), @Azherae (question), @Frost01 (question) - Congratulations! Your questions were answered by Steven and Margaret on the livestream! Be sure to check out the VoD on YouTube in case you missed it live! :)
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    👀 ICYMI, we showcased some intense Caravan PvP in our latest stream!

    ⚔️ Are you team merchant or team bandit?
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