(( FAN MADE)) Class and Abilities Guide

Hello AoC community. My name is Pepper, Game Designer and Role-play veteran of "Strategy and Tactics Chronicles" . For a few weeks now i have been working on a project creating, customizing and critiquing class features and abilities towards the Ashes of Creations class system. What i have been doing so far is taking abilities either created by myself or another source and compiling them into workable features and abilities to better fit the base and augmentation class system they are having for Ashes of Creation. So far i have come up with a few interesting idea's for BASE class abilities as that is what i am working on at the present time.

Please note that these class features and abilities are indeed fan made and are being made and processed simply to help the Ashes of Creation development team with new and interesting idea's for class features and abilities. This also means that these idea's I am currently working on will possibly never be considered or tested within the game. This is just a warning to any who are looking at this post now and thinking of it as a "LEAKED" abilities guide of some sort. This is not that.

You may find my work here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YFZxK3BCzSy3uU3Dd0RSPypjGvxzdvM4df-YhF9FZoE/edit


I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions of these classes their features and abilities. Also perhaps your own imports of abilities you would like to add towards the list with descriptions damage and CC break downs of each.

I cannot wait to see what we can create together,



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  • Even though if I made a ranger I would want to go for the nature-type backround, I actually prefer Ranger as a class to be completely physical. I find the magical/druid -type ranger to be a bit odd.

    I think one of the key features of Rogue very often is also to find traps. I think the devs said also something about it at some point along with Mages to be able to bring light. I'm not certain about this though.

    Something I like in ESO is that the staff weapon (magic type weapon) can morph your spells into fire, ice or lightning versions depending on the staff type. I think it's a quite small thing to do, but can give your mage type character a lot of identity. I also think the ice-mage is the coolest idea! ;)
  • Remember that each ability potentially needs to be changed slightly with secondary effects, animations, range, positional requirements, etc in order to fit the role of the classes that archetype may take on, for this reason, I think the core abilities may be a bit versatile to fit those varying roles. In fact, the classes an archetype may take on could be drawn out first in order to discern a finalized set of core abilities per archetype. I'm just speculating here, but I feel like to go from predator to beast master, or warrior to monk, which I'm sure many fans are hoping for, among other popular classes, we'll need a versatile set of core abilities, since apparently there isn't going to be new actives, or few if any from what I gather.
  • Interesting document.  You should remove AoC references though, since 98% of the document is NOT AoC and even with the disclaimer at the top, people will still skip it and think this is factual information, while it's completely misinformation.  Since it's more of a generalization of how these bases classes fit into general RPGs, the title and info should be just that... generalized RPG class info, NOT AoC classes.
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    I agree, you shouldn't call this AoC Class system.  Since this may lead others to treat as what to expect. Or put AoC Class system Wish list
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