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Hi All!

I'm Kitsyn.  It's nice to meet everyone.  I started playing MMOs when they were text-based, and have played most of the big ones and several small ones since then.  Currently I'm playing WoW (again!) and ESO, and I'm really looking forward to Ashes of Creation.  I like melee and ranged dps.  Tanking is a no go for me because I'm always lost.


  • Hi,

    It is nice to be able to just follow the tank.  :)

    Welcome to the community.  We're excited!

    Lots of MMO veterans here.  I dare say more veterans than novices.  

  • Welcome to the community!  :)
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    edit: i wish i could delete this... :(
  • Welcome!   Happy to have you aboard!
  • Welcome to the community @Kitsyn :) There are plenty of MMO veterans here, so hope we can make you feel at home.
  • A very warm welcome, fellow traveler! I'm sure you will find a lot of tanks willing to protect you, in exchange for some ranged support. They would be mad to refuse such a convenient agreement :)
    Kitsyn said:
    I like melee and ranged dps.  Tanking is a no go for me because I'm always lost.
    How can a Ranger be always lost, I wonder? :grimace:
  • Welcome to the community!  :)
  • Rhoqaro said:

    How can a Ranger be always lost, I wonder? :grimace:
    I thought being lost was part of the very definition of a Ranger.  :D
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    Welcome @Kitsyn! Hope you have a great time in this community and remember......if ever you need help......ask @Lexmax :p
  • Welcome welcome! If you ever require a sexy party, feel free to come by :tongue:
  • Welcome to the community
  • Welcome to Ashes of creation!
  • hello and welcome to ashes Kitsyn
  • *throws a ball of wool to welcome @Kitsyn to the forums*

    Welcome on-board!
    I wasn't sure, but you convinced me, we really need a pictures of my pets thread just for puppies and kittens to inspire Steven for the ks pet....

    Hope you have a wonderful time :)

  • Hi, Kitsyn! We can be navigation buddies - I'm terribly good at getting lost in a two room building, myself. It's a talent I've been growing all my life.
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