Likes and dislikes on new PAX video? Give feedback or thoughts!

Handful of things we know: This footage is pre-alpha, it is not polished, much will change.There was a lot of talk in the discord, so let's discuss some of it here too. Just because it is pre-alpha doesn't mean we can't critique it, we want a great game, feedback should start now.

Few things, Did anyone notice the compass at the bottom left? Or the quest objectives on the right? Or how to the left of the action bar is an up and down arrow, possibly to toggle through action bars? If that is the case, I hope we can have more than just 1 action bar on the screen at the same time.

I personally liked how this close to kickstarter we have something the public, at PAX, can get their hands on. The armour and environments look great, the skills for each class have a purpose and should look and feel better as time progresses. Even if the skills don't look fully complete, as for now they are a placeholder until it gets more polish. We know what the skills are and how they function in game. Good.

The numbers on screen and character faces are very placeholder-y, although the models (all but facial features) are great looking. I don't know how the 'correctly' cast spell will function when play, maybe it'll become muscle memory to activate the ability again, but to me it seems very clunky and random each time you cast an ability. Apparently this lets you gain focus for strong abilities. So are there other ways to gain focus? Maybe a cooldown to fill that focus by giving you a flat amount or possibly for X secs all abilities provide focus? The combat did seem clunky as well and needs more time. With MMO's combat is a major part to the game, having a satisfying combat system and a rewarding one is necessary for a game like this.

I have high hopes for Intrepid and there will be plenty of feedback given during PAX, and especially Alpha 0 on December 15th. By us, the community, providing feedback every step of the way will only help this game. There are very few MMO's coming out that look promising. Don't be shy, provide feedback and a voice. The developers appear to be ones that listen.

Link to video:


  • The alpha 0 is under NDA, so while they might create a locked forum for those with keys to comment and provide feedback, those of us who haven't won a key won't get to chime in till NDAless alpha 1 next year.
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    The video was your standard pre Alpha Dev video.

    Some narrative, over limited game play, demonstrating a very focused aspect of the game. 

    It's really hard to get hyped or even interested by these videos for me because at this stage every game makes these videos and they are identical almost, with the only variables being what game is playing on the screen. So little of the game is seen it's hard to really get more than a small taste.

    A single chocolate chip always tastes like a chocolate chip until you finally get to eat the whole cookie and only then can you decide if you like it.

    But until you get to sink your teeth into the cookie itself, you can only speculate

    As for the content of the video. Hell yeah baby. 

  • - We have a mage !
    - meh :no_mouth:

    ps : i really appreciate the last video (very good for a pre-alpha)
  • @Azalya

    In addition to what you said, I mentioned other things that I didn't like too. Rather than Copying&Paste it ... i'll just link the Thread

    ( Its my First Comment )

  • In addition to what i post in that Thread ( mentioned above ) ...  I actually liked the Phoenix near the HP & MP Bar in previous Alpha Vids ... i kinda want that back  :D
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