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Artist looking for author for periodic, AoC-based comic strip

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I'm a fairly competent artist, but not a comic writer. Looking for a partner to help collaborate on some scripts for a periodic comic strip for AoC.

  • Periodic release, maybe 1 page/strip every other month
  • Likely comedy-based, since running themes impractical in periodic distribution
  • Based on available info, likely to have female mage or other commonly streamed character as main focus? (Just need to have references)
  • PG 13 content
  • Availability to discuss/coordinate content on VoIP
  • Hosting for content already arranged, can coordinate on site design, likely to also make Reddit and AoC forums regular distribution point.
  • No plans to monetize

I don't have much experience with comics (again, can't write them), but here's some stuff I've drawn:

Please have writing samples available. One-time collaboration for individual releases fine too.


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    Wow, your stuff looks amazing - I wish that I could commit to writing, I'd love to get involved, but I'd just be far too much of a risk for not being able to be there regularly enough. 

    There are a few members who are active on the forums regularly who have shown an interest in roleplay so who might possibly be interested in this ... I'm thinking most of those name checked in @Rumbleforge 's recent thread on those active in the community and making it great:@nagash @Kratz  @CylverRayne  @Diura @freespiryt @Dygz @Krojak

    I'm not going to name check everyone who has already posted in this forum as I'm guessing they're going to look at it often enough, but I am going to add a few folks here to get them to look in as I think your art is amazing enough for them to possibly be interesting in writing, but who possibly hasn't checked this forum recently...

    @Isende  @Chanelle

    Hope no one minds

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    Our of curiosity, and slightly off topic, but do you do commissioned work?

    I have a friend who does some tabletop RPG self publishing, and has worked with various artists in the past - your style looks great for that field. 
    ( His game website ->  )

    As for your original topic, I must give this some thought!

    (Thanks for drawing my attention here @Megs !)

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    @Megs many thanks for your kind words and for bringing attention to this project.

    I've begun collaborating with someone, and have a good amount of confidence in the first script.  Depending on how quickly I can draw these and if there's a good reception, I might see if we can bump up the release schedule, though I think it's good to pace ourselves.  Still, if someone has an great idea for a one-off script burning in their mind, please do let me know, and I might possibly be able to include it as a spin-off or separate project.

    @Rumbleforge I am certainly happy to discuss commission work; many thanks for your consideration. I try to avoid posting my email address due to spam concerns, but it's right on the sample images if anyone wants to get in touch about about a piece.

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    It looks incredible, it is really good.
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    Awww your art is epic! I'd love to participate but I work full time and also helping someone with something else and I'll also be a wee bard lady dwarf so I don't think I'll be your gal!  However I wish you all the luck in the world and I can't wait to read the comics :D if you need a bard lady dwarf appearance give me a shout  ^^
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    I'm very flattered that @Megs enjoyed my little creative writing enough to put me in this list. I do have a bit of an addiction for this sort of thing, and when I get started, I can't stop. Thank you Megs for this huge compliment.

    However this isn't something I can invest time into. I'm a full time Content Creator on YouTube, so there is little room for anything else in my life at the moment.
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    @Diura Don't we all need a bard lady dwarf in our lives?  I mean, honestly, it sounds like a fantastic character to work with, but I want to avoid retcons and redesigns, so I'd prefer to hold off until each class is revealed before trying to incorporate them. We'll all be awaiting your debut~

    Thanks to all for your kind words, and best of luck in continuing with your own impressive projects.  It's great to have a creative community to participate in, and see all the other amazing embodiments of inspiration.

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    Hot damn, those drawings are straight FIRE!  You have real talent!  :smiley:

    I, appreciate the shout out from @Megs, because I really do love to roleplay.  That said, I'm not an experienced writer, other than the book reports I wrote in school.  

    But, I'm all about people pursuing their passions, so if there's anything I can do to help, please lemme know.  

    I do have a 9-5, so if I don't give an immediate response, that's why.  But, I try to stay as connected as possible, through the forums, reddit, and discord.  :smile:
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    edited June 2017
    The dark and desolate atmosphere is well drawn, I'm really curious with what you'll come up with.

    I'm too much of a dummy to come up with anything complicated but thank you for thinking about me! ♡ @Megs

    Oohhh @Krojak, are you the youtuber by the same name? :o
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