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Guild Fair on Friday, the 23rd of June

Dear community members,

Thanks to Yaviey, our great community manager, On Friday the 23rd of June (23.6.17) We will be hosting a guild fair.

This is a day about guilds, and the values they each represent. It is no question that guilds and their communities will one day shape the world of Ashes of Creation.
But in order to do that, you'll need to find your community, and they will need to find you.
To help with your endless effort of finding the right people to play with, we will host a day that is all about guilds and we'll reach out to as many guild leaders as possible.

This day will revolve around guilds and for this period of one day, we will allow guild leaders to set "stalls", very much like in a real fair, in terms of Discord voice channels (on the official AoC discord)
these voice channels will be open for you guys to join, and ask about any guild and its values.
On top of that, we will have 3 streams set up, each for NA, EU and OCE/SEA with interviewers to go into the guild channels and interview the different guilds and they are all about, so the shy among you shouldnt worry!

The streams will be held at:
17:00 PT (Pacific Time), 20:00 EST (Eastern Time) for NA
20:00 (UTC+1) for EU
20:00 (UTC+10) for OCE/SEA

During each stream there will be an Alpha key giveaway for a total of 3 keys

The NA stream will be held by no other then our very own @Sarumonin, who held guild fairs in the past.
The OCE/SEA stream will be hosted by @Pelum
The EU stream will be hosted by @BCGiant
If you want to partake in the interviewing \ co-host
please message me on discord @Needletail #1384
All streams will be held on the community AoC stream:

Guild Leaders or Representetives

The Kickstarter and the June backing program have brough many new eyes to Ashes, it is a great opportunity to recruit new members for your community! dont miss this chance!
Any guild leader \ representetive who is interested in participating, please fill this form and send it directly to me on discord @Needletail #1384
<b>Region: </b>(NA, EU, OCE/SEA)<br><b>Guild Name:<br></b><b>Leader Name:<br></b><b>Forum Post/Guild website:</b>

and I will make sure to feature you on the interviewed stream, and set up a voice channel for your guild.
NOTE: Also, if you'd like to not recruit you can only apply for the interview, to repreesent what your guild stands for. remember, beside potential recruits, there will be eyes from other guilds aswell. potential allies\rivals. so its a great political tool aswell.
This is the participation list:

If the event will be sucessful, we'll look into hosting another fair in the future (closer to release)
Lets make this day for the community be remembered
Best regards,

For any questions&requests, please contact me on Discord @Needletail #1384, via Forum private messages or email


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