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No factions... who do we fight?



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    Karthos said:
    Bannith said:
    Fight everyone, it'll be one giant fight club, but just remember the first rule of Fight Club.
    Doesn't that mean you already failed?
    /sigh.....  yes, I'm a failure....
    Join the club. We have T-shirts!!!!
    Whoa! T-shirts!  I'm in, where do I sign up!  LOL
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    Sovorack said:
    1. If another player is mining on your spot, and you don't want to look for another spot.. you can kill him and claim your spot.
    2. If another guild is doing content and doesn't want to invite/share loot... you can fight them and claim the loot
    3. If you don't really have anything to do and see other players... you can fight them just for fun/practise
    4. If another player claims to be stronger then you.. you can prove him wrong for the better sake
    5. If another guild is claiming to be more organised and better in PVP... you can prove them wrong, because your guild is #1
    6. If other guilds are working on a node, and it's not the node you want them to work on... you can fight them and demolish the node (will take time tho)
    1:  And gain corruption
    2:  Loot? You mean raw materials?
    3:  And gain corruption if they don't fight back.
    4:  And gain corruption if they don't fight back.
    5:  Optimism is a virtue.
    6:  Depending on the level of the node...maybe...

    Yes. Elves can kill Elves. Empyrean can kill Empyrean. Py'Rai can kill Py'Rai.
    You can attack anyone who is not in your party, raid, guild or alliance.
    You will gain corruption if you kill a non-combatant.
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    Gurudia said:
    Cyreph said:
    Bannith said:

    I found this while looking for swords:

    My vote is for the sword with a gun... but that's just me.

    My money is on God with a Sun.
    So, @Solarion ?
    Why have I been summoned here?

    Oh, I see ...

    A typical life form would perish from radiation before getting even half the distance to me in my original form. And, that's not even mentioning the heat. 

    But, that'd take away the challenge and also there'd be no planet to play on, so I'd rather take a humanoid form and choose a sword with fireballs. If I had to choose from those three, I'd say sword with a gun. Unless the auto aim sucks. In that case, go for gun with a sword and aim yourself while letting the gun whack away at nearby enemies with the sword. Kinda hard to miss with a sword at close range ... at least one would expect.
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    there should be lots of ways without their being any factions, i know in Revelation Online there is factions for only instance fights. But other than that to fight other people or guilds, you just turn on slayer mode.
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