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Sewer Systems



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    Fanzhon said:
    Interesting that reply is only "in some, yes".

    Does this mean that it would be the government's choice to develop sewer systems?

    What benefits are there to developing them, if that's the case? My only guess would be things like hygiene and escape routes...
    I'm betting he means certain architectural designs. Maybe ibly dwarf cities have sewers, Because we all know elves don't poop.
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    Hmm I wonder if a metropolis in general will be this perfect vision of the ultimate in social cohesion or if, as in reality, each metropolis will have its rich and poor quarters... it's mansions and its slums? It's nice neighbourhoods and is wrong sides of the tracks??  :)
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    Perhaps a sewer system will appear within certain or all  nodes as a dungeon.
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