The wait

Considering the game won't be out for a while, I was wondering what the majority of you are up to to fill the time? Myself, I play Overwatch sometimes, Stellaris, Playerunknown's battleground.
WoW used to be in there, but, like eight years of it, it's too stale now.

I've recently (Read since yesterday) re-opened my TOR account. Enjoying some RP (fresh) and reliving my beloved Agent story line. This time, I might just slowly finish all story lines. Anyone else playing TOR currently? If so, any thoughts on making a character together? Preferably Progenitor (EU RP-PvE)

Or what other games are you playing to fill time? Any suggestions? 


  • I seem to be switching games every week. Nothing is filling the void for me right now :(
  • Currently i am playing league. It's pre season. To be honest, League never gets boring, and it can  keep you entertained even if Ashes takes a life time to come out. Although, you will have to deal with a lot of frustration :D 

  • I feel you, but I'm a sucker for story, and I have what? Three expansions worth of stories to go through, as well as seven other class stories :D I'll be set for a few months, at least ^^
  • I tried League too, see what all the fuss is about, it's too hardcore for me, I prefer Heroes of the Storm, a bit more chill, no denying xp, no buying items. A lot simpler for my old brain. I tend to play those types of games when I just want to relax a bit, music in the background. Not too much thinking required. (I'm quite low rank, obviously :D )

  • I spend a lot of time on the forums, on discord, and chatting with guildies to pass the time.
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    Well I've been playing Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Elder Scrolls Legends, Shadow of Mordor, F1 2016 and I'd like to try out Wolfenstein.

    Also doing another play-through of Oblivion
  • GW2 is coming with the next extension by tomorrow, maybe I am going back to see if it will amuse me for some weeks.
  • I like live on the forums and discord to occupy me ^^ I also really like our community so it's fun getting to know all the players xD I've also taken on board going to the gym \o/
  • Diura said:
    I like live on the forums and discord to occupy me ^^ I also really like our community so it's fun getting to know all the players xD I've also taken on board going to the gym \o/
    You are officially my Forum/Discord mum \o/ 

  • Some diablo, getting maxxed on RS3, playing some wow, destiny 2 soon to on PC. Just hangin out here and there.
  • I sit in a corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth saying "just a little longer... just a little longer.. "

    i have no idea how I'll make it to launch  :'(
  • I can completely relate to this thread. I feel like it's been like this for the longest time. 
  • Winter 2018 is coming. 
    For seriously, you guys. 
  • Playing EQ2, checking out Ashes related anything, and playing D&D 3 nights a week.
  • Wasting my life in Grind Desert and Warfarm 
  • Playing ESO still going strong since beta, but honestly its my guildies that keep me playing as much as anything.
    I check every day to see what's new with ashes, really look forward to the live stream every couple of weeks, just for any new morsel that comes forth.
  • I have been playing Neocron. Its free and fun to play. Its a futuristic cyberpunk mmorpg. It should entertain you for a while.
  • I'm working overtime, picked up a second job, and saving as much money as I can. When the game comes out, I plan on splurging on a badass pc, lots of pepsi and hotpockets, and also plan on retiring.
  • I just picked up Witcher 2 (never played 3) and yes, I know it's an old game, and yes, I know Kennedy has been assassinated.  But it's got a really, really engaging story and it's scratching an itch for now.......
  • Smite
  • Still playing EQ2 while waiting for AoC
  • Can't wait to see what PAX has in stored.

  • Yea, I am looking forward to Pax too, I am so damn curious about the combat they'll showcase!
  • I'm stuck in Archeage, but playing Yonder and some other offline games to pass the time. can't wait for Ashes. 
  • I have faith that we will all be pleasantly surprised with what is shown at Pax!

  • I occupy myself with Playerunknown's Battleground and League of Legends. Sometimes I dabble a bit in Albion Online or some other MMO, but nothing too serious with an MMO. I hope PUBG can occupy me for the time till Alpha comes around the corner (And I can get a key for Alpha :smiley: )

    Also busy setting up my guild (Site, forum, Discord and Teamspeak) so I'm prepared for recruitment and theory crafting with friends about the game.
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    Im playing some FinalFantasy14, Crowfall (maybe kinda unknown yet tihihi)... I also heard about the expansion of GW2 this month but not sure if I will touch it... after all some lil Games on Steam like Citadel:Forged in Fire. ...I like to look around in the forum alot as well buuuuut I hate to wait! :<

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