Announcing the composer for Ashes - Bear McCreary

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With an extensive history of composing sound track in films, Intrepid has hired Bear McCreary to compose the soundtrack for Ashes of Creation! Here is his YouTube channel for samples of his work:
Here is a link to his professional website:
A link to his Twitter:
A link to his Facebook:

Bear McCreary is the composer of "The Walking Dead," "Defiance," "Da Vinci's Demons," "Battlestar Galactica," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and lots of other cool stuff! Very exciting to have such a talented artist working on this project.


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  • sunfrogsunfrog Member alpha-0-rank
    The music is being done by Bear Mccreary.
    His bio is on the site and it's pretty impressive. You'll like it.
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  • RofusRofus Member ✭✭✭
    Awesome! Those series have great soundtracks so I guess we can expect to get really nice stuff for AoC too :relaxed:
  • GrisuGrisu Member alpha-0-rank
    Amazing haul, looking forward to see what he can come up with to breath as much life into Verra as possible.
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  • NochtNocht Member ✭✭✭
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    That's awesome. He's really good, I am looking forward to this.. yes..

    and his name is BEAR, can't get much cooler than that.

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  • PurrmaidPurrmaid Member alpha-stress-tester
    Lovely music! I'm looking forward to seeing what he creates of AoC
  • DiuraDiura Moderator alpha-stress-tester
    Can't wait to see what he creates for Ashes ^^ Really lucky to have him creating our music :3 I look forward to running around Verra with the music of  Bear McCreary inspiring my journey :3

  • hakihaki Member ✭✭
    He looks familiar..... then i found where i saw him, its from black sails :)
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  • SeraSera Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Excellent... I love his work 
  • Fantastic news, He's a great composer and done some fantastic work!!!
  • CylverRayneCylverRayne Member alpha-0-rank
    Great composer!  I'm sure he and his music will only help enhance Ashes even more!
  • sunfrogsunfrog Member alpha-0-rank
    tugowar said:

    I'm very excited for Bear McCreary to be composing for AOC!  I've enjoyed your music for a while now.  :)

    Bear, if you ever read this, hope to say hi sometime! 

    You can follow him on Twitter. He tweeted about being the composer so he might tweet more stuff or even say hi to you.
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  • He is the reason I heard about this. (I mightve heard about it a while back)

    Bear rocks. :smiley:
  • YAY
  • SerenaeliaSerenaelia Member alpha-stress-tester
    I know Steven has a charming personality, but to pull that off...amazing. Music is such an important feature, not only in movies, but also in games. It sets the mood and even at times the pace. So looking forward to see what will be created for AOC. Congratulation on lending such a marvelous and talented composer.
  • tugowartugowar Member Phoenix Initiate
    sunfrog said:
    tugowar said:

    I'm very excited for Bear McCreary to be composing for AOC!  I've enjoyed your music for a while now.  :)

    Bear, if you ever read this, hope to say hi sometime! 

    You can follow him on Twitter. He tweeted about being the composer so he might tweet more stuff or even say hi to you.

    That looks like a professionally managed account to me.  :) 
  • RozzieRozzie Member alpha-stress-tester
    He does the music for the show Outlander on starz. I love it the songs. So I cant wait to hear what he does for ashes
  • CadderlyCadderly Member ✭✭
    edited September 2017
    Music is such a vital part of any epic MMO, I still get chills sometimes when I hear a YouTube Everest Everest music I don't even have to be in the room but it takes you back to the places you remember and brings back those vial memories that we all have about are favorite MMO. I am so happy to have such a great composer added to this game make me even that much more excited to see it and hear it! -Comprehensive guide to Ashes of Creation. -Ashes of Creation Guild.

  • MazikarMazikar Member alpha-stress-tester
    Always good to see this caliber of artist joining the team! Music can be just as memorable as a majestic vista and can spark memories long after. I hear sound bytes from EQ all the time, and just recently heard a few midi songs from vanilla and I was rushed with memories long forgotten. I am glad to see that the music should be in good hands!
  • DueyBearDueyBear Member ✭✭
    Good soundtracks are good.  Hopefully he will be able to be on the team for the long run.
  • M0NAC0M0NAC0 Member
  • Ninja ShadowNinja Shadow Member ✭✭✭✭
    Music is very important to me, seeing that Bear is the person that is going to be doing the sound for ashes make me a bit excited... whether or not I enjoyed the things he made music for I have so far enjoyed the music he has composed :)
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  • StormilatorStormilator Member ✭✭
    Finally we know who'll make the music! I'm hoping they continue with the piano being the lead in the music. :smiley:

  • Rune_RelicRune_Relic Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2017
    I was always a flute and tribal drums man myself.
    Nothing else gives me the same vibes, chills and shudders.
    I do like a lot of his work though.
    Talented guy.
  • CambiguousCambiguous Member alpha-stress-tester
    Im just excited for the bagpipes.
  • PossumPossum Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Never heard a McCreary soundtrack that I didn't like.
    Though Black Sails and Battlestar Galactica are my favorites by far. 

    I love his work!  BSG and Defiance were a couple of my favorites.  I'm very excited that he's going to score Ashes.

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  • This is a fantastic choice.  He has done so much great work.  People have mentioned Black Sails and Battlestar Galactica,  He also did a fantastic job in DaVinci's Demons.  Agents of Shield has some great pieces too.  Outlander is also fantastic.  I like so much of his work that it is hard for me to choose a favorite.  I think the DaVinci's demons stuff may be the closest to what we might expect to hear in AoC.
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