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Using your second screen

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So many people have 2 screens attached to the computer. My idea is to use that 2nd screen in AoC.

This could be a Character / Game info screen. This could be tiles/containers showing the map, quest lines, inventory, chat, guild, organization, etc.. This way we do not need to use the shortkeys, but it is there all the time.
For instance when u select the map container, it could enlarge in size, and when u deselect it (or shortkey to deselect) then it returns to it's original small size.

This would be in line with Intrepid's vision for a fully customizable UI.

It would bring some visual advantages for the players.
  • So that the Inventory and such are not an overlay, and we maintain full visual beauty of the game on the main screen.
  • It is more 'open' and 'spacey' where not everything is crammed on 1 screen.
I also would still maintain the possibility to use the first screen. This second screen would be a bonus.
I think this idea has a lot of potential, flexibility and possibilities.

Sorry for those on 1 screen. But this wouldn't provide an unfair advantage I think. Just ease of usability to play the game.

How do you guys feel about this idea? Like or not?




  • I like this idea very much.
  • The more options we have when it comes to the UI the better so I agree it would be a great idea 
  • I also like the idea.

    I think Black Desert has this option in which you can use the game UI outside of the games window. This would be great for above mentioned reasons like the map, character info or even have the chat interface enlarged on a separate screen.
  • Still on a single screen..... but no objections.
  • Still on a single screen..... but no objections.
    Thanks for your reply! I definitely wouldn't want those on a single screen feel unfairly traited.
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    @lexmax @FliP @nagash Thanks for the reply & support of this idea!
  • I usually have a movie/TV show/YouTube/twitch running on my second monitor. Maybe my concentration would improve I'd it was being used for actual game stuff. I like this idea.
  • This is a really good idea. I would definitely use that feature.
  • This sounds amazing. Having my game clutter free on the main monitor and having a hub of things on the other would be so satisfying. 
  • Really does sound good.
  • Good idea.  But my laptop doesn't have 2 screens :wink:
  • T-Elf said:
    Good idea.  But my laptop doesn't have 2 screens :wink:
    If your laptop supports it, you can also hook a monitor up to your laptop. I know a few people who did that.
  • If this does become a thing I would gladly buy a second monitor.
  • Great idea +1
  • this is a awesome idea i really hope intrepid considers doing this =D
  • Its pretty easy to attach a second screen.. I'm into tech but I don't always get some things.. the second screen was nothing more than plug and play.

    I love this idea!
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    I am a HVAC coordinator.
    Basically playing CAD tetris with equipment and services to get everything to fit within a building with no space. Modifying attributes/properties on one screen while modelling in the other is a great quality of life addition. Not that far removed from gameworld and UI.

    Anyway,using two screens really is a godsend when you have the opportunity.
    So those that can should.
    1080p Screens are extremely cheap now days and many graphics cards have dual output.
  • I'm not particularly 'techie' but - compliments of someone who is - I'm viewing via our 40" HD TV. Does that benefit me in any way (of course, even I understand I'm still only using one screen!!!)?
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    I'm not particularly 'techie' but - compliments of someone who is - I'm viewing via our 40" HD TV. Does that benefit me in any way (of course, even I understand I'm still only using one screen!!!)?
    Such a large screen might backfire if the UI does not scale well. You might have different UI elements locked to each corner of the screen and in addition to that they might be very small and hard to notice.


    Sorry, I was referring to 40" 4k TVs, FullHD 40" will be fine.
  • But but but  I need my second screen for Discord!

    But seriously having the chat, map, questlog and some other stuff on a secondary screen would be great. In some games it often feels like all the various windows clutter up the screen and you miss out on seeing the game world.
  • Thanks for all the positive respons & feedback! Let us hope Someone @intrepid notices this and we get a respons on the forum or livestream Q&A!
  • I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't give people with 2 monitors an advantage which it easily could depending on the implementation.

    I personally only have 1 monitor and have never seen the need to have 2 (at least at home, I use 2 at work) Plus I don't have a place for a second one unless I jury-rigged something)

    Of course those new 34" ultrawide curved versions would kind of render 2 monitors useless.
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    @ Ultrawide 34 inch and i still would use 2nd screen :smiley:

    Great idea +1
  • I like this idea but then I'd have to have 4 monitors in one room for two people...for the awesomeness...
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    Having a big screen is always a benefit. As long as your field of view doesn't increase, it shouldn't really be a big issue of having more screen space, as most things relevant in a competitive environment are usually doable with key presses rather than UI interaction
    I fully support this, as using external software for full size minimap is already a thing in some games.
  • I tend to go big screen over two but I think it's a great idea! :)
  • This thread has been an eye opener. For years now I have been running with the apparently incorrect assumption that multi-monitor gaming was very common place.  I use a triple monitor set up 5760x1080 and it is hands the best thing since slice bread. Playing Eve and having all the various windows open on the side monitors frees up the center for a clean view of game play. Arma, the extra field of view adds to immersion and has been a life saver more times than I can count. And the list could go on, Subnautica, The Forest, ARK, Dark and Light, Borderlands, Kenshi, Divinity, and GTA. Not to mention dropping the res to 1920x1080 windowed and grinding while watching a movie etc. I would highly recommend it.

    In 2018-2019 if Ashes doesn't support a multi-monitor resolution I would be very disappointed.
  • I've never done multiple screen setups, but I want it in my next build, so I definitely support this!
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