Why destroy why you can create?

Hi there guys,
I am new to this forum and game but like everyone else here. I love the concept of this game and graphics look amazing. 

I am fairly new to MMO games and been only playing for a year. ( I played Arcane Legends ign: Handsumlegend). I do recommend that game because it's the best game ever. Give it a try and pm me for tips and tricks.

I am exxcited for this and if u have any tips and tricks for forum here let me know down below.

Atm, I did not spend money on this game because I don't know how it works and how u play and if there is subcription or u need to buy the game or free download etc.

Either way, keen to find out so let me know 

I plan to be the Greatest Builder of this game. I will create an entire city one day so i got plans and ambition for this :)


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