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[NA] Ember | PvX | Semi-Hardcore | Content Creation | ACTIVE | 18+ | Alpha 1 Squads and Testing

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[NA] Ember | PvX | Semi-Hardcore | Content Creation | ACTIVE | 18+


Leader: Sinbad    Officers: Hangry

Focus: PVX- Content creation, economy, raiding and dungeons, as well as competitive PVP
Size: Currently we are at 200+ and growing everyday!



Ember is a community of forward thinking like-minded gamers focused on being a top guild in the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation. It’s our goal to offer our community members a place that they can enable themselves to be the best in and out of game. We are a community that does whatever we can to look out for each other, we aim to make Ember not just a guild but a home. We ask in return that you would be active and engaged; we want each of our members to be involved within Ember. 

At Ember it is our aim to dominate our chosen server in all aspects of the game. Ashes of Creation is a well-rounded game where every aspect is going to be as important as the next, we want to be the best at all of it. So whether you’re a crafter, a raider or you love to engage in serious PvP, we have a place for you here. Since our inception it’s been our priority at Ember to offer our members something unique, we don’t want to be just another face in the crowd of guilds. With that in mind we’ve gathered a core of members who have a drive and a passion for content creation.

Whether we’re talking about our dedicated Twitch streamers, or our content production for platforms like YouTube, we plan to separate ourselves from the herd using our creativity and dedication to Ashes of Creation. We are aiming to give our members a platform to utilize their personality and individuality if they choose to. With bi-weekly movie and game nights to give our members a chance to interact with each other we’re constantly looking to evolve our content to make Ember the best choice for anybody seeking a home for Ashes of Creation. We look forward to speaking with anyone that decides to reach out, please, come grow with us! Bring your uniqueness and creativity to a guild that aims to recognize individuality and prevent you from becoming just another name on a guild roster! 


Our guild has also been very involved in the community helping to create content with both Deaths Proxy (Content Creator) and Aggelos (Dungeon Crawler Network).  We were blessed to be represented at Pax in both 2017(West) and 2018(East)! This has allowed us to bring our members first-hand footage and in-depth experience of the game demo showcasing the world of Ashes.  We will continue to bring new content to the Ashes community as we learn more about the game.

The Ember Podcast:
Episode 1: Making MMOs Great Again?
Episode 2: Nodes and Conflict
Episode 3: The Ashen Tapestry
Episode 4: ALPHA ONE 
Episode 5: Player vs Environment

Dungeon Crawler Network episodes we have been featured in include: 

Episode 57: Read, Set, Action!
Episode 53: High Seas
Episode 44: Castle Sieges
Episode 43: Mystery Ashes Theater
Episode 41: Ode to Buckbeak
Episode 36: Trolling With Taunts
Episode 33: Avoiding Cash Shop Pitfalls
Episode 32: Alpha Zero Analysis
Episode 29: City Hall
Episode 28: The Mighty Beard
Episode 24: Takes Skill
Episode 20: Combo System
Episode 19: Making MMO's Great Again
Episode 17: Tavern Games
Episode 15: Forging Alliances
Episode 13: Leader of Men

We are continuing to add to this with content regarding Ashes of Creation along with many other games! You'll soon be able to find us listed on  as well as our other social media accounts.  Visit on YouTube at


  • The future is bright with Ember!
  • Ember is one of the most exciting and friendly guilds to be in. From the first minute i felt welcomed and i had 0 problems with any of its members. As for the competitive aspect of the guild, we have some experienced people that have exceeded in lots of mmos and other games. I believe being a part of Ember isn't like being a part of just an other guild but rather as a gaming family. 
    As we say in Ember: "May our flames be unyielding and our shields never falter."
  • Ember insight:

    I wanted to give some incite for all my prospective guild mates.
    The first thing you will notice when you come to our community is our welcome.
    It isn't your guild standard where everyone just says welcome and leaves you to 
    your own devices. We actively engage you! We want to get to know you because 
    everyone's story is unique. The more spice we can bring into our family the better 
    the flavor of the guild. The next thing you will see is that our leadership took a 
    page out of the AoC developers book... They are leading through transparency. 
    Everything from the our events and when they are held, all the way down to the 
    website content and creation. If there is a guild issue it is brought to the attention 
    of the entire guild so we as a community can come to a mutual understanding. The 
    most important thing you will notice is you have a voice. All of our members are 
    encouraged to speak up.. make your ideas and opinions known. There is no one member who can stand up and say "I am the guild". Just like there is no one member who knows everything, but as a community we are smarter, stronger, and more versatile than we ever were apart. The final thing you will notice is from the members 
    themselves. There are those who strive to be the best PvPers out there. Others that 
    are all about support. Even those that are  genuine craftsmen. You will find that down to a person we all have one goal.... our family.
  • Have you ever been in a guild that you thought to yourself, "What would it be like if the people who were cool left this guild and started a new one? What would it be called?" 


  • The future is bright with Ember!
    HEEEEEY! lol
  • Ember have a supportive, forward thinking, active guild/leadership and are very welcoming.  Come drop by and say Hi :smiley:  

    ~ From the Embers burns a Fire, a force to be reckoned with ~
  • We have a bunch of amazing content creators and will be fully supporting those who desire to make content for Ashes of Creation. Our first official guild podcast will begin being filmed this upcoming Tuesday! And will be released that following Sunday. We will have a regular schedule of podcasts, blog posts and twitch streams for the community to enjoy.  Come be part of something amazing as we build this guild up!  
  • What I love about Ember is how much of a relaxed and fun environment it has. Everyone is friendly, respectful, we all have a desire for ashes, and are all ready to put 100% effort when it releases. 
  • Sinbad is good people! (I'm not in Ember)
  • Sinbad is good people! (I'm not in Ember)
    Ayyy thank you brother! I'm glad we are friends with y'all in Mythic :smile:
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    "Hey all who want to attend we will be live streaming a movie tonight for our guild members and guests of our discord! The show will begin at 8:00pm EST/6:00pm CST/ 5:00pm PST! We will be watching Ready Player One as a guild if you're interested in attending.
  • "Hey all who want to attend we will be live streaming a movie tonight for our guild members and guests of our discord! The show will begin at 8:00pm EST/6:00pm CST/ 5:00pm PST! We will be watching Ready Player One as a guild if you're interested in attending.
    Our movie night is starting! You can watch it with us @
  • Before I found Ember I was lost puppy jumping from discord to discord looking for an AoC family, I one day came across Ember and I was welcomed instantly by 8 people, I really wasn't expecting that I was just going to assume it was like every other place but man was I wrong, the Owner Sinbad was so nice to me and right away gave me their application forum to became a member so I skimmed through it and it was very well put together so I filled it out and next thing I know he wants to have an interview with me! I accepted and then we talked for a while and boom next thing I know I'm apart of this amazing AoC Family within only an hour of joining the discord. These guys are also very organized and they all help out one another not just in game they help with any kind of question that you might have so hey all you lost pups you don't have to be lost anymore join the Ember family! 

    So what I'm trying to say here is this is definitely a good family that I think you should all want to be apart of!
  • We will be having our next guild game night playing some Town of Salem this Sunday at 8pm EST for those who are interested in joining us!
  • Nice Logo!
  • Czar said:
    Nice Logo!
    Thanks Zara same to you!
  • Always a safe place to call home.
  • Could you guys support my flames in Alpha 1? :naughty:
  • zazukeys said:
    Could you guys support my flames in Alpha 1? :naughty:
    As long as you don't get one shot by Admiral Akainu we will do just that! 
  • Come check us out in the newest Dungeon Crawler Network episode! 
  • In the Ashes the Ember will always remain
  • Come watch our very first podcast episode!  You can watch it here Episode 1: Making MMO's Great Again?

    In this episode we cover what makes us excited for Ashes of Creation, what pitfalls Intrepid needs to avoid to be successful, and how in our opinions they can accomplish their goal of 'Making MMO's Great Again!'

    The Ember Podcast is a show all around Ashes of Creation!  You will find theory crafting, in-depth debates, guides and so much more.  Join us on our journey to the launch of the game in late 2019 or early 2020 as we explore the Alpha's and Beta's together.  Click Subscribe and don't forget to hit the bell icon so you know when we have a new episode for you to watch! (We post every Sunday at 5:00pm PST)
  • The leadership is great and is always coming up with new things to do like game nights in order to build up the guild as a close knit family. Regardless of the game you are trying to play there  always is someone there to help you along the way to game and chat with. welcome to EMBER!!!  
  • Come watch a movie with our guild! We will be live streaming John Wick this Sunday at 7:00pm EST. :smile:  You can join our discord and hang out with us in our lobby! Join here:

  • Ember has been the first guild in ages to feel like home! They are a great group of people I have the pleasure of knowing!!!  
  • Ember has been the first guild in ages to feel like home! They are a great group of people I have the pleasure of knowing!!!  
    Love hearing stuff like this! We're glad to have you with us!
  • Our next game night is coming up this Sunday at 8pm EST. Stop by and join us for some Cards Against Humanity. 
  • Ember is awesome! I have been playing ESO for years with guilds that have no passion or dedication to forming strong bonds and friendships. Ember was exactly what I was looking for. I already feel like I know many members better in a month than anybody I have met in other guilds over the last year. If anyone is looking for a place to call home and pursue creating an elite crew for when Ashes of Creation comes out I highly recommend giving Ember a shot. It felt like home within hours and the members and leadership are very welcoming and helpful. See you in Verra! 
  • Such an awesome place to be! Really friendly people! Highly recommend checking Ember out
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