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Ashes of Creation Discord - Guild Leader Request

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edited November 2018 in European Guilds

This form is for Guild Leader(s) to submit their guild information in order to receive the Guild Leader tag available in the Ashes of Creation Discord.

In the comments below, please provide the following information:

  • What is your Discord ID? (Username#1234) 

  • Please provide your Ashes of Creation Recruitment Thread available in the Official Forums.

  • In order to qualify for a Guild Leader role, please have your Guild Tag in your name on Discord. For example: [Guild Name] Username

By not meeting any of these above requirements you will not receive your Guild Tag and will have to submit again.

If I or another Moderator "Like" your post in this thread, then it means that you have the role available in Discord now. 

New Policy as of August 28, 2017:

You will need to have 10 members at minimum with the same [Guild Name] tag in order to receive and keep your Guild Leader tag.



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