A few questions from a unknowing newbie

Hey there!
First, let me thank you for reading this, and thank you even more for answering some of these questions. 
I love this game so far, looks really epic.
But I have questions I couldn't find answers for. (I read some posts at forum and blog) 

Is there any "buying" price? Or just the sub? How much is going to sub cost? (Im just a student and will be for loong time :D ) Will I be able to play (maybe with limits?) even if not subbed? I'd gladly pay, but Im not sure if I could afford monthly fee, and I like to touch the game before paying for it. But seriously I would like to have the option to play for free a bit when I cant pay.. something like SWTOR or Archeage.. oh well not Archeage, thats just.. uh.. SWTOR lets you play to somewhere near lv 50, but with not-so-restricting restrictions. That sounded better in my head.

Will it be like WoW, or more like Tera? (or something much more different?)

Open world.. so.. there will be dungeons, right? Or world bosses? 
How much of the game will be soloable? For now, it seems to me that group play is better. I like group play, but not always.

My favourite aspect of all, but I have some doubts. Housing in city.. its going to be "I was here first, I have house, rest of you go somewhere else"? (I look at you, Archeage) I do really doubt that there will be place for everyone.. Yeah there are the apartments but... And the.. freehousing? I dont remember. A house somewhere in wilderness sounds friggin good, but I read they could be destroyed. Could they be destroyed by someone else just by random, stolen from, or could you just get killed in your own house? 

Classes & Races
My next fav! So, what I have seen, classes can be build up to suit any playstyle and any situation, but won't be certain combos.. too OP? I look at Archeage again (Thinking about it, Archeage will be every bad comparison) Theres one class that can stunlock you and just beat the hell out of you. 

But what I've learned about races... I love them, more I love the "non-faction" thingy. (So player driven factions? Oh taht would be cool) 

I think I run out of questions, I thank you third time for reading all of this and I look for learning about this game more! :)



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    So first, there is no box cost, just the sub fee. There is not a planned free trial or f2p model. You pay your 15 bucks, if you like it, continue. If not, don't. There will not be a future charge for dlc or updates to game. There is a cosmetic only cash shop that will NEVER host p2w items. Free trials and f2p restricted lead to gold sellers and bots trying to make spam accounts and other nefarious activities because they have no initial cost. Squash enough gold sellers at 15 bucks a pop and they tend to realize it isn't profitable and move on.

    Controls: Has been stated to be around 8-10 active abilities on a toolbar system. Since Tera region-locks I have not had a chance to play that so can't comment on how similar. If you are asking tab targetted vs action controls, then the answer is a mix of both. Players will be able to build their controls to support either a tab targetted like WOW or more action oriented like others, or a mix of both. There is no  plan so far announced for controller support for pads and such.

    World is open world with limited instancing. Dungeons have been said to be a mix of instanced and open. World bosses confirmed. Solo play confirmed. 8 man groups confirmed. 40 man raids confirmed.

    Housing: Please read my response here to someone worried about land grabs. Too long to retype here. https://forums.ashesofcreation.com/discussion/37520/housing#latest

    Classes and Races: Race selection will be important and have meaning from what they plan. They realize that certain combinations will have advantages over others and the plan is rather than try to balance for a 1v1 situation is look at whether an ability or modified ability is game breaking and adjust from there. The don't want to go down the continual nerf/buff/nerf/buff cycle that breaks so many other games. Combat will have stuns/roots and cc breaks. They plan on combat to NOT be, for example stealth backstab/root/backstab/stun and dead. Combat between similarly leveled/geared individuals will not be a gank/murderbox style of play once the game has gone through testing and nears release.
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