How Will you Approach This Game?

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Hey everyone. So I've just been wondering. Since it seems there will be so many things to do in the game, from massive open world pvp, to trade caravans, to PvE, I'm curious what your ideal approach to this game is. There just seems so much to learn. Learning the game's mechanics in beta aside, how would you play out your character(s)? I personally would first play a bit of every class into the mid levels to see which one I like the most, and to learn every classes skills and mechanics. Once I pick out a favorite, I would use that as my main, and focus on that 1 character. Having experience on all classes, pvp on my main would go much more smoothly, as I would know how to counter the class I'm fighting. I would use my main for end game pvp, money making, learning bosses, and the game in general, and as a backbone to my alts. After my main is fully geared and ready to go, I would slow down on him, and use my main to setup my alts for capping.


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    From the side. Everyone knows if you approach head on you leave yourself open to cleave attacks, or from behind to a tail swipe.
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    I will most likely be doing the same as you.. I have a few classes I have in mind.. When it comes to gaming I am more of a lore / story kind of person, so PvP will be something of a side thing for myself, as well as end game raiding. I'll probably pick a class, figure out which craft I'd like to pick up, master that and learn all I can about the games lore and story.
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    @BeyondKooky ; aaaah yes I remember those hair pulling days,so many questions,so so many..   :smiley:   It's great to see more people arrive every day and get involved with this awesome community.

    Welcome to the AoC famz..   :D
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    Mass slaughter from the start, after that venture into the wild


    [Sieges] [Arenas] [Battlegrounds]

    EU - PVP

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    From the side. Everyone knows if you approach head on you leave yourself open to cleave attacks, or from behind to a tail swipe.
    Lol yu stupid lol 
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    Usually I prefer to stick to a main. I feel like if you play alts, a lot of time gets lost in which you could have gathered experience with your main. I'm fairly certain about what class I want to play so I don't see much of a point in exploring other options that I know from experience I'm bad at.
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    Welcome to the community @BeyondKooky
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    Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forums.
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Welcome to the community where it is a party every day.
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    My main goal would  be a magician, crafter. My dream, an enchantress able to create magical item. Powerfull enough to be able to visit the wild alone with caution, or a good support for other.
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    WELCOME  :)

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    I am going to approach from the side. My laptop will be on the sofa so if I crawl over the arm rest I think that I can get the element of surprise.  Once I am on the sofa I will open the laptop and start playing.

    Seriously though I am just going to roll a toon, pick a server and see what happens. The whole study the game prior to playing kinda kills fun surprises, which is why I never play alpha, betas or watch all the inane streamers. (Over the top inane streamer playing monopoly example "OMG, OMG OMG, I ROLLED A 7 WHOOOOOAAAAA OMG I LANDED ON PARKPLACE. $150??? I OWE $150. OMG I ONLY HAVE $230 LEFT.  HAHAHAHAHA OOOOOOOOOO MAN. OMG THIS GAME. FUCK YOU HERE IS YOUR MONEY. HAHAHAHAHA YOUR TURN ROLL. OMG A 7? WTH HAHAHAAH WHAT KNIDA LUCK IS THAT OMG.......") Yeah.
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    Need to go from the sky, aerial attacks are very effective :3
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    Methodically: 1 solo survival class, 2 experienced principled guild, 3 bring friends, 4 work the groups home node till I can go explore from that solid base. The centralized need to work together to generate future content means that those who chose to level solo at release will seriously handicap their mid to max level play. That the base dynamic will create and solidify our community is a large part of the attraction to AoC.
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    With a beer and a bong. 
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    I will approach the game with caution.. as it could affect my social life. 
    Welcome to the community! 
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