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Official Livestream - January 18th @ 2 PM PST - Q&A thread

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Hey, everyone! 

Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during Thursday's (18th) Twitch stream starting at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC / 8:00 AM AEST (Friday). 

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!

Catch the broadcast here on the Ashes of Creation Twitch Channel
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  • I have a question regarding open world raids. Will the bosses be instance base? If not what mechanics, if any will be put in place to prevent one guild who is fighting the boss and gets him down to 10%. Then another guild comes along kills the guild fighting the boss and takes the boss as well. 

  • Being a guild leader of large competetive guild requires a lot of time and can become a second job. What features are you planning to help leaders organize their groups and what informations about members will leaders have?
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    1. When are we going to see some video footage of a full raid or a siege?!
    2. When will Malgus get a key
    3. How in depth will sieges be when it comes to weapons, will we only see the basics like catapults and that one golem summoner thing steven talked about or will we also see some new "not seen before" siege stuff like a magical unicorn cannon?
    4. After a siege has ended and the attacker one, they are able to siege or loot the freeholds around the defending node! What mechanics will be in play for players to keep the damage to their freeholds to a minimum?
    5. When are we going to be able to upgrade out packs on the website?
    6. If a big publisher would offer steven 300 million for ashes ,would he take the check?
    7. When are we going to see some mount footage?Because comeone everybody wants to ride a unicorn!!
    8. When is node part 3 coming out?
    9. Can there be a title like "Lord of Salt"?
    10. Will rivers have a current that impacts player movement?!

    Seems some people don't read the rules ~ Belle

    I am a bad boy i break the rules ~ Lord of Salt

  • What's the status of Caravan and Sea content?
  • Will we be able to upgrade our packages on the website? (not addons) 
    Will the packages be the same as the original packages?
    Will the Summer backers be able to upgrade their packages too? (again not addons but full packages)
  • Well I was watching a video of free holds and saw a smelter for iron ore with pouring bucket and everything  in a free hold.  Is that functional? Does it have animations when it is making bars of iron.  If yes that would be pretty impressive crafting.  Even just some simple animations would be most welcomed.
  • will the game support 21:9 screen ratio without distortion or black bars?
  • How extensive and/or complex will building a freehold be?
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    Can you confirm that these will be in the game:
    • Tea, Tea stalls
    • Bank robbing
    • mugging / pickpocket
    • onions
    • taxidermy 
  • Will there be some sort of Death penalty for dying in game like losing status point or Iteams?
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    Apologises for these questions just done some research, watched some videos, read some reviews and have not come across these points.  If they are in a video somewhere please link these videos for me.

    1/ Will you provide a auto grouping system for those players that currently want to just challenge higher level dungeon/raid bosses? or to join up with groups of people following the same tasks/quests...

    2/ Will you have a house/player location separate to the world where peoples can go and store their items add furniture etc etc and be peaceful away from the real world of raiding separate to any guild house?

    3/ Will there be future options of players using combos to gain special bonuses in fights if they pull them off.

    4/ Is there an in game voice chat system when you group with random people?

    5/ If you die do you lose all the items you are carrying?

    6/ Is there unlimited storage for items if you do not want to carry lots of items with you.
    or how much can you carry.

    7/ How many features will you be able to change of your character?

    8/ It mentioned the classes of character but will their be lores behind the type of race you want to be? and will this impact stats in game?

    9/ How many modes of PVP do you expect there to be?

    10/ How many servers will you be running for people to join ? and I presume an EU, US, AU servers will be available?

    11/ Any more classes in the pipeline for alpha or even beta?

    12/ If you can build your own guild house? Can you use different materials? 

    13/ Do you need to collect thousands of materials to build your house, town etc?  How does it become fortified? 



    PS - Happy new year all and keep up the good work

  • Will it be possible for players to create their own dungeons ?
  • Hi Team,
    Welcome back and happy new year.
    My question is,  on the last Alhpa zero stream the quick time event bar was not present. Can you share an update on your thinking of this mechanic?  (is it still there,  has it evolved or was it removed)  Thank ypu team... Xxooxx 
  • Reminder of the rules:

    Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

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    If only there was a way for moderators to edit posts and warn repeat offenders. Oh, wait..... ;)
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    Will there be cute Pixie and Fairy pets? (fae themed staffs with lanterns maybe?)
  • This is two part question which hopefully gets answered! 

    Firstly will guilds be able to wear some kind of uniform appearance? Something similar to Log Horizon and the uniform worn by the Round Table representatives.

    If we will be able to create and wear uniforms how much customization will available for it?
  • will web site packs be upgraded able?
  • Could a broad based schedule be posted, and regularily updated, for everyone to follow that shows the rough intended breakdown the design work being undertaken?
  • Will AOC ever introduce a battleground similar and even better then GW2 WvW game mode. 
  • Is Alpha 2 The only persistent test or will the betas also have persistent servers? I understand this will come with regular character wipes and no transfers.
  • Can your character, house, ship and etc... able to equip more than one skins types?
    For example, your character able to equip Fire + Demon skins = Fire/Demon.
  • During your last live stream.. aka "pew-pew fest," I was left with the impression that ranged attacks are highly "perfered" at the moment; is there going to be a "balancing" aspect integrated into the gameplay for those of us that like to melee?
  • Since Cash shop items will not be tradeable to avoid exchanging Cash for Gold(I'm totally behind that), what mechanics will be in place for guild leaders and officers to make events for the members.
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    I'm running 2 1080 TI's and it looks like this game will actually push them, something I'm very excited about! Will this game support SLI'd Graphics cards?
  • If a person upgraded a backer package or bought a package that included perks such as guild cloaks, will you have to be a guild leader in order to share that with your chosen guild? 
  • Is it possible to answer only questions that have not already been answered?

    Wasn't there a wiki for live stream questions? I thought there was one mentioned half a year ago. Maybe someone can post a link. Would be nice.
  • -Will classes (NOT archetypes) could get REALLY specific unique passive skills / unique bonuses from stats and equipment - like monk class get additional AC bonus from wisdom stat + different deffencive and other bonuses from wearing "plain" clothes(inherent only to him)?
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    According to blog entry, "Players will be able to buy food and drink from the tavern, some of which will be supplied by the tavern owner or other patrons that they get their menu from."

    Does this mean that players will have effect on the dishes served in a tavern? For example every tavern will have some basic food, and special dishes with limited quantity will only pop up in case players supply the tavern with certain meat/vegetables/spices/etc?
  • I am interested in a more in depth explanation on breeding mounts and pets as a profession? Everything I have found is basic info  
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