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Please please please make sensible armor design! I can’t stand it when you have a character that you wicked like and the armor choices look like disfunctional crap. Examples? Sure! Big shoulder look in WoW, pointy shoulders and big helmets in SWTOR, and I am sure there are others that my mind is just not able to think of at this wee hour. Seriously though there are developers for both of those games I wouldn’t mind paying to see hit square in the junk because of their b.s. non-functional armor designs. Even armor designs for the female characters should be sensible, I mean a two piece bathing suit style plate armor for a warrior type might seem sensible to the fetish fapper but to an actual rpg gamer it fails miserably. 

Just please sensible and realistic armor. 

On another note note will there be a fatigue factor (like Skyrim) where there are penalties to heavy armor like shorter slower sprinting or movement restrictions for the heavier armor? I mean the people using it are getting the benefit of more armor and protection they should get the downside of it too to keep balance. 


  • Realism sounds great and all but remember that this is a fantasy game, obviously things like shoulder plates the size of a chest plate are simply ridiculous but there has to be some 'fantasy' in this stuff.

    On another note the 'pointy' helmets or hoods that you refer to (SWTOR concept) are actually a thing IRL called Capirote it's mainly a Spanish thing but it did/does exist (the spanish inquistion wore them they dont necessarily cover the face all the time)
    Image result for Capirote

    Just on a side note IRL there also were some ridiculous designs on helmets and armor, the high ranking members of the teutonic order wore something like this (not necessarily to battle obviously).
    Image result for Albert von Pranckh
  • Although i like a decent armour design I do also like the Fantasy type more, it would lead more in-depth game play for me seeing my character in fantasy armour where magic is abound.
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    As someone that is very much into historical arms and armour as well as historical fencing I would personally want to stray away from the ridiculous stuff like WoW, Warhammer, and many asian MMO's. I don't want bikini chainmail and boobplate with exposed belly. Or gigantic pauldrons that are bigger than the entire chest of the character magically floating on the shoulders. I'm not saying that I don't like fantasy, but I LOVE fantasy when it is based on "realism", when the things you see are plausible (in the world it is based) and you don't just handwave "it's magic".

    For some fantasy armour based on real armour design, check this out.

  • Kraytborn said:
    I actually rocked this as a Paladin  :D
  • DnD’s Neverwinter has some great armor designs when it comes to plate mail and leather whilst still maintaining that fantasy element. I don’t disagree on maintaining the fantasy but I would like to bring in practicality to it as well. The armor in game of thrones for example, several tinted as armor can be but not a drastic color that would prove impossible on metal, and the helmet designs were symbolic but still functional. I just want to avoid crazy functional armor. Those guys in the green hoods wouldn’t go into battle with those on and if they did they wouldn’t stay on very long. 

    Also a certain degree of realism with penalties for that armor would be nice. To reference the game of thrones Bronn fought a knight who was wearing full armor but because he was dressed down a bit he was faster than this knight. 

    Just hoping they do it right. From what I’ve seen thus far it looks like they are doing great. 
  • I think that as long as there won't be any ridiculously large armor parts and no bikini armor that has who knows how high def, anything goes I wan't to see realism sure but I'm hoping to play a fantasy game with magic afterall.
  • I love huge armors :3 And unique designs.
  • Yeah from what I saw from the A0 they already got down some good designs and I'm sure they will keep on rocking with their fashion choices!
  • What about swimsuits? and casual costumes? I think thatd be fun. Rock some sandals?

  • I dont think they will go for any of those types of things, like swimsuits or casual clothing similar to the ones existing irl.
  • Practical size armor with a bit of ornament styling. A nice faint glow or flame effect. Make the armor feel like it has a touch of life to it when it is a rare and epic piece
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    Kraytborn said:
    I actually rocked this as a Paladin  :D
    Huh, I could’ve sworn that was warrior gear.

    Wait a minute, that just got me thinking: one of the benefits of these “high fantasy” armor styles is how distinct and unique they’re able to become. In WoW, I can tell from a mile away if someone is wearing warrior gear, or druid gear, or warlock gear.

    Each playstyle has such a distinct flavor and theme that permeates every aspect of the game, from lore, to animations, to weapons and armor. It helps the player feel distinct while imparting a sense of identity. 

    I would love to see this in AoC, both with your class and your race. I’m perfectly fine with rare, high level armor being as ridiculous and unique as possible in order to achieve this. It also just allows you to look like a badass. Low level gear should remain somewhat realistic, but this is a high fantasy game. Ancient supernatural relics that more or less grant you super-powers dont need to abide by the laws of practicality.
  • I more like that realistic and humanistic armors, but of course the armors on top of it has beautiful gaming details.
  • If their armor artists are at the same caliber as their environment artists, I don't think we have anything to worry about.  There will be sensible armors, but as with most games, the majority of the playerbase will wear the over-the-top stuff because hey, it's fantasy.
  • I really liked the armour design for Morrowind "not the expansion got eol" of its anything like that, that would be awesome
  • I like simple design and plain colours not flashy or over the time. The art work i have seen so far look  amazing its perfect more like final fantasy not wow ;) lol

  • This Preist set will be in game go to Ashes of Creation Wiki under armour to check it out plus some other images of in game armour are available.tDiXtryjpg
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    While I absolutely support having muted and realistic armor sets in the game, I can't support there being only realistic armors in the game. I've played a large amount of RPG's, and I currently have several realistic armor set appearances in WoW, but I can't stand being forced into one style.

    My biggest gripe with armor in ESO was the fact that amount of plain armor outnumbered the interesting armor by a huge margin when the game first came out. Dyes helped, but even to this day there are very few armors in ESO that I would actually wear and very few of those make me excited to work towards them in the first place.

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  • This Preist set will be in game go to Ashes of Creation Wiki under armour to check it out plus some other images of in game armour are available.
    That's a relief! There's nothing that miffs me more than female armor with excessive skin exposure. Who brings side boob to a knife fight? A dead person, that's who.
  • As a main tank, big shoulder Pauldron's are the most important element to me. The bigger your Shoulder Pauldrons the better the Tank.
  • As a main tank, big shoulder Pauldron's are the most important element to me. The bigger your Shoulder Pauldrons the better the Tank.
    I think shield design, as well as weapons could be more than that as an​ important element.
  • I prefer realistic armor.  While I can appreciate Red Sonja and her chain mail bikini that poor girl would have been dead in her first fight.  I don't mind a bit of flash and style to my armor but I prefer to have it grounded in realism.
  • Stay away from armor sets that break  immersion.
    Like wings and other unnecessary things, like extreme glowing armor sets.

    this kinda stuff is too much...
    There will definately be some sort of wings in the game, at least the angel racial skin is shown to have wings on the back, this is a fantasy game so breaking 'immersion' is not as easy as making some unrealistic stuff, if that was the case they would need to erease any bit of 'unrealistic' stuff in the game like magic, elves etc.
  • Preach!! I agree  

  • This topic has been overdone. Both of your examples, SWTOR and WoW, Both have transmog systems where everybody can find the look they like and switch it up to keep things fresh whenever they want.
  • As long as we don't get horse masks to carry on head...

    Or items like that. I don't know why almost every MMO lately has to ruin a game with this crap.
  • I agree with the op. Ive always hated when i am picking my character and then go to look at all the endgame armors and they all look like shit to the point i roll a different character cus i dont want to look ****
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