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Backer Status

A few things have been worrying me in regards to the whole Kickstarter/Upgrade thing namely:

  • On my Dashboard despite both orders being present one is for some reason highlighted white the other is on a black theme, is this normal or is there some probelm with one of the orders ? (the highlighted one is the Founder package while the Braver of Worlds upgrade is normal on black theme)
  • On my Purchases and Orders in my account I have 3 different 'statuses' for my 3 different purchases - For a cosmetic I bought it says that it is 'Completed' - The Founder package is said to be 'Cancelled' - The Braver of Worlds upgrade is said to be 'Active'. Is this something to be worried about ?
  • Finally on my Kickstarter it still states that I have only bought the Founder Package and the Braver of Worlds upgrade has still not been updated.
I'm not really sure whether I have anything to worry about here or not but I realized that I never received my backer code for my Founder package or for the Braver of Worlds upgrade I did recently, I checked my e-mail and aside from the receipt I received I have not found any backer codes (it is possible that I did receive one for the Founder package and that I have deleted the mail, is there any way to confirm this ? but I have definately not received any codes for the recent upgrade I did).
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    Please place a ticket with CS.
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    I already did that, just wanted to see if anyone else has/had a similar problem or is there nothing to worry about regarding this.
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    Seeing as there is inconsistency and variance in the purchases made, I would say yes that you would need to speak with them to determine.
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