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Hand of Unity [HoU] is a community with a history of playing games together going back years, and a long-established leadership. We have taken many guises (such as 'Aurorian Empire', 'Exile' and 'The Magisterium') over the years when we have played different MMOs and games. Now, we’re looking for new members as we prepare for Ashes of Creation and already have over fifty players in the Alpha phases alone. While we wait we will be playing other games such as Overwatch, Light Bearers, Space Engineers, SMITE, TESO and many others.

Leaders: Narys (PvE) and Falmin (PvP)
Officers: Herdo, Raybird, Centego & Snowpaaw
Member Number Target: Soft-cap of 150

Recruitment: OPEN (We are particularly keen to hear from PvP players to bolster our ranks, but do have limited slots remaining for players who enjoy PvE)

Our guild caters to individuals who enjoy PVE content as well as those who enjoy slaying their enemies in PVP combat. We realise that presence in both areas is required in order to succeed, and fully appreciate the talent that grows from them.
We believe in quality over quantity and most of our members play other games outside of MMORPGs with each other, given the strong bonds that have developed over the years.
Our players are from very different backgrounds and cultures, yet we always strive to have an inclusive environment that is fun and lively for all involved.
Given our past success and experience in other MMOs such as Archeage with Castle Ownership and other server firsts, we now want to bring this to Ashes of Creation.
A guild should not be a workplace and although we expect dedication from our members, we seek to reduce barriers as much as possible.

- Server firsts such as breeding and dominance in certain areas such as the arena and node mayor-ship.
- Medium to large scale PVP (Arenas, Open World, Caravans, Castles) and PVE Content (Node Leadership, Crafting, Dungeons & Raiding)
- To provide a stable and sustainable region for all players to enjoy
- To be a major political force on the server we choose to call home
- Securing the best possible information during the testing phases to shape our future strategy

- A long established leadership that has been fine-tuned through several MMOs. Our two leaders have been working together for the past thirty years. They are supported by a Ruling Council to ensure all perspectives are represented
- Professional and supportive officers who are there to keep your best interests at heart alongside that of the guild
- A forward-thinking focus that has meant we’ve already formed alliances with two other guilds.
- A friendly community of over one hundred members who continue to play other games together outside of MMOs including Overwatch, Path of Exile, Sea of Thieves etc. In the past we have played MMOS such as Ultima Online, Age of Conan, World of Warcraft, RIFT, Everquest 2, ArcheAge, Black Desert plus many others
- The chance to have a voice, we encourage our members to attend Council meetings and to input into the future direction of the community
- A dedicated points system to ensure that you are rewarded for the time and effort you put into the guild. When it thrives then so do our members.
- A nurturing and caring community that will help you to develop and reach whatever you aspire to be, whether this is a renowned crafter or slayer of hundreds, we have dedicated trainers and shot-callers available
- A friendly, fun and good community above all, however we still have many server firsts and accomplishments from other MMOs under our belts
- A custom coded guild bot, spreadsheets, databases and all the tools you could ever want
- Bad jokes, banter, poor puns and more

- Individuals who are not just looking for a temporary place to join but a community that they will continue with for years to come
- A thirst to constantly improve your gear, skills and mindset
- Maturity. We like to have fun and laugh but there are times where we require a serious can-do attitude
- Commitment to the game. Whether you like to engage in PVP or PVE, we have a place for you but you must give activities your all
- Initiative; we encourage our members to set up their own events and activities alongside those set by the leadership
- Activity; we expect our members to get involved in the community and immerse themselves in the various things on offer

If you are interested in joining then please visit our website, hop into our Discord or if you just want to find out more then feel free to get in touch with us by PMing @Herdo, @Falmin or I on the forum.



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    Narys said:

    (Irrelevant tosh)

    · Bad jokes, a hobo, poor puns and more

    (More irrelevant tosh)

    F-Yea I'm famous - Hi Mum!
  • Many of us have come from games like Archeage and Eve Online with a heavy PvP focus.

    But we welcome players with a range of different interests. Our goal is to make the most of Ashes of Creation, which looks like being a really fun game with a lot of different parts to it.
  • Fantastic community that provides long lasting friendships with much success at whatever game is thrown at them! There are plenty of knowledgeable skilled players always willing to inform you and help you out! I cant get rid of them its been 5 years already... they are all butt faces but nice butt faces :') 
  • Welcome to the AoC Guild Recruitment Forums! 
    I'm glad our Guild recruitment post was useful in creating yours. We wish you the best of luck in your recruitment drive and hope to see you in game!
  • Shaze said:
    Welcome to the AoC Guild Recruitment Forums! 
    I'm glad our Guild recruitment post was useful in creating yours. We wish you the best of luck in your recruitment drive and hope to see you in game!
    Always good to study the competition, thanks for the warm wishes and hope to see you on the battlefield!
  • Shaze said:
    Welcome to the AoC Guild Recruitment Forums! 
    I'm glad our Guild recruitment post was useful in creating yours. We wish you the best of luck in your recruitment drive and hope to see you in game!
    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm eyeing up that logo for sure. 
  • So proud to be part of this guild :) and can't wait to take on another big MMO with these guys <3 
  • Well we will always welcome people in our group and you will be eligible to poke me as well as @Narys @Falmin and @Herdo tho due to my work i wont be eligible to answer just right away
  • looks good :smile: wish you all the best 
  • Very nice and warming people love to have a laugh I highly recommend 
  • looks good :smile: wish you all the best 
    Thanks! :)
  • We are currently gearing up to play Sea of Thieves and are always looking for more pirates, so feel free to get in touch if you'd like to sail with us!
  • We are always looking for more people, at the moment we cover a lot of games and will focus a lot on this game when it arrives in our hands.
    Join us!
  • Now updated with our Discord info and new features (no more tears formula).
  • New faces popping up in our disco. Don't miss out! I'll even call you names free of charge, if that's your thing.
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    Free burn treatment to anyone who flames @PlasticHoboSalad back and is successful.

    (in a friendly manner of course)
  • Good people. I have not been around much just joined a few days ago but everyone is welcoming and friendly.

    We need Alpha !!
  • We're close to hitting our 70 members mark! Great growth going on here, with a lot of new great people! :sunglasses:

  • Still looking for people to join us. We don't bite...much...unless you ask and then that may be a service offered to you
    At the moment, we are playing a wide selection of games while we wait on AoC, so feel free to hit us up
  • Just another little bump. We're still looking for people to join, feel free to message any of us to find out more or even join the discord for more information
  • So nice to see some old names from Aurorian Empire :heart:
    I hope to meet you guys in game. Greetings from Reborn!
  • Aurorian Empire still alive? :)
    See you in game guys <3
  • Lots of familiar faces from the old days but quite a few new ones as well. We look forward to seeing you in game!
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    We are still alive and in action and ready for all we are an active group looking for fun!
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    Is everyone excited to play?!? I know I am :wink: We are still on the look out for all you awesome gamer's out there... so why not drop by, stay a while, and join us drool over the AoC Live Streams. We'd love to get to know you all <3
  • Boop....
  • NILV said:
    Such a maestro with the word-craft Nilv...we love your short stories...
  • A really friendly, fun and active community!  :D:D:D
  • What age groups do you accept? If any
  • Azrael007 said:
    What age groups do you accept? If any
    Typically we look for candidates who are 18+ but will make an exception if applicants are mature.
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