Hello all!

Hey guys, I just recently found out about this game and I am hopeful yet cautious at the same time. A part of me wants this game to be the Everquest Next we never got but another part of me has doubts due to the current state of MMOs today. I want to support this game but I feel like there is still hardly information about it to justify purchasing anything at the moment. The last game I put money into funding was EQ Next and look where that went...So I'll be keeping an eye out on this one. I'm hoping for the best of course!

Also, I am curious about how the class system will work. Will there be classes or is it a classless system that lets you do whatever? I personally prefer a class system as it gives everyone a defined role and purpose rather than "I can do anything!". I will be fine with a classless system as long as I can make the character archetype that I want. If I can be a monk that uses unarmed combat, I will be a very happy camper :). Anyways, good luck to everyone at Intrepid Studios!


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