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Official Livestream - May 4th @ 3 PM PST - Q&A thread

Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the May 4th Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PST.

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
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  • In one of the interview's during pax east Jeff mentions that we entered the portal to verra from another world called sanctus, is this the confirmed name of the world we fled to after the incident on verra?
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    So in other MMOs when an expansion is released, to incentivize players to play through the quests/content and not fly through it with their raid tier gear, they add a level cap. In my opinion I feel like this makes the previous level caps dungeons/gear/quests kind of none relevant, and most expansions fail to offer the same amount of content at the new level cap as there was in vanilla.

    What are your plans for expansions, when this additional content is released will it come with increases to the level cap, and if so, do you have any plans to make the older content still relevant at the new level?
  • Can you please give us some more background lore if that's possible. If it's not could you give us a rough timescale for when we will get some information about the lore?
  • You've mentioned before that advancements in a node will unlock access to difficult enemies. So let's say we reveal a Dragon's Lair(Dragons are always easy examples), what system are you putting in place to make sure the Dragon actually gets dealt with? In other words, will the Dragon stay in its lair until he is defeated or will it eventually grow tired/bored and wreak havoc upon node/zone? Obviously there will be huge incentives to kill the Dragon, i.e.. loot,quests,node advancement. But I assume that it won't be so easy to take down and people will think twice before trying to start a fight in it's lair even with a group of 40+.

    As always, thanks for taking the community's feedback into consideration!
  • When will "Node Series – Part 3" hit the blog?
  • In what phase of development should we start assuming that what we currently have is what will go live? Let's say you decide to really focus on the combat in the closed alpha. Is there a possibility that an overhaul could take place in the open beta if needed? 
  • Since the node system is one of the four pillars of the game, and most content essentially gated through the node system - will there be any system in place to prevent mega-guilds, such as like the mega corporations/conglomerates in Eve Online, from completely taking over a server and/or being able to do anything they want?
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    If you can answer at this point in time - What is involved in building/leveling up a Freehold?  Will you actually have to 'build' it from raw materials?  Do you have to find/loot/purchase blueprints?  Inquiring minds want to know. ;)
  • When crafting equipment will players be able to choose the appereance, random, set or will it be influenced by materials ? 
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     can you tell us what the support ability's (such as the rangers track) are for the archetypes we haven't seen?
  • Greetings Ashes team,

    1)Today there is magic and health resources for players to manage. Is there a view on adding a third resource like stamina?

    2) In regards to cosmetics is there a roadmap to start releasing race specific cosmetics? Like Vaelunian socks or Kaelar gloves?

    Thanks for all the hard work... PS please come to PAX Australia  I'll buy you all a round of beer! 
  • Will I be able to equip my mount bardings on top of any of my mount Skins, or will it be limited to specific kind of mounts like the skins are limited to a suitable mount.
  • Curious about how long we will be able to upgrade out kickstarter packages for. 
  • Hi I was wondering about the chat system will i be able to talk to my friends across the map or will it be localized?
  • Hi
    Will there be any more angelic/demonic theme cosmetics either in game achievement or on the cash shop as well as any viking theme orc armour?

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    -Will classes (NOT archetypes) could get REALLY specific unique passive skills, combat mechanics, unique bonuses from stats and equipment (like certain classes in DnD games)?
  • how will the Talents work. As in when you level up will you get a point per level to put into a talent tree? I ask because I was a big WOW player and the talent tree they had in Vanilla was by far the best. The customization made it feel unique to every character but now the way they have it getting to choose one talent every 10 levels or so just isn't enough.  So I am just curious as to what the talent trees will look like and/or when you level how you progress your character.
  • These are a series of questions that feed into an overarching question:

    What do you anticipate the experience to be like for classes that wants to level but fulfil roles that don't enable them to level solo effectively (e.g. healers)? Are you considering different styles of quests? Class specific progression experiences? Bonuses for grouped up members? What strategies will you put in place to ensure levelling is an enjoyable experience for all roles?
  • Will there be any form of flight (pegasus or eagle mount for example) or any form of sailing in the game? If so will there be specific regions you can only access by using these? 
  • Can Tulnar mate with the mounts to make new mounts?
  • Will you always need a tank and cleric (healer) in your party to complete group PvE content or will other combinations of base class be able to clear some group content via the use of gear and augment choice?
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    In the live stream you said you can adjust your armors and weapons to whatever you like to fit your style, but can you make your physical weapons into magical damage weapons? For example, if I play a mage that I wanted to use a sword and a bow, can I make it into deal magical damage instead of physical damage like turn it into magical sword or something, also what about the accessories and the other?
  • How defined will the tools be that a guild master/leader has to help organize their guild in game? (IE: Custom ranks, custom rank permissions, taxing of members, etc)
  • Could you tell us more about item enchanting? Which items will we be able to enchant? Will highly enchanted items have visual effects, like glow for example?
  • How do you plan on keeping the game alive "ad infinitum", design-wise (hoping that you won't EVER take the path of other MMOs that chose to just raise level caps)?
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    I have two questions (sorry, I know you said one but they are both on my mind.  I can probably ask the other next time or at PAX this year).  

    The first is that I noticed this is still up:  Is there any plan on making those packages available again for those of us who didn't discover you until PAX?  Or at least some of the items in the packages? 

    Question #2

    With a major appealing point of the game being about exploration and expansion into uncivilized areas, are there plans to make "Seasonal" servers?  For example a server that would reset after a few months or a year.  You could possibly even allow transfers of a seasonal character to a main server after completion and gain in game rewards based on progress.  (Think something similar to seasonal characters on Diablo 3).

  • What will happen to the resources on a mule-type mount if we (or the mount) are killed? Will the PKer be able to loot the mount's inventory?
  • I was told and I dont know if its true, but it was said that Verra will be 480 sqkm. If this is the case.
    Question What is the percentage of land and sea based on those figures.
  • Hi,

    If two guild members are members of different nodes and those nodes go to war with each other, will the guild mates be flagged against each other?

  • Can we see some more female costuming? I can only hope that the female toons will NOT be all scantily clad. If they are can we also get some scantily clad male costuming?????
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