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Official Livestream - July 9th @ 3 PM PST - Q&A thread

Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the July 9th Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PST/PDT.

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
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  • will there be ghost towns e.g. when a node is destroyed will its inhabitants become undead?
  • How will you make Instanced raiding competitive,  compared to games like Wow?
  • How will you balance legendary items? I think the community speculated that legendaries would have a limited amount of time they are "alive" for. I personally think that if legendaries are temporary it would lessen the value of them substantially. How do you guys plan to implement them in a way that makes people want to grind for months and months to achieve this legendary item? Having them be breakable seems like a bad idea if they are gone forever...
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    Can we get clarification that citizenship will ONLY be gained through housing? A simple yes or no will settle the debate.
  • How will the freehold blueprints work? Some kind of minecraft building system? Haha
  • I remember seeing a beautifully designed cove with boats in it from one of the videos, and I know Steven said that boats will basically be more like a button-push summons, only able to launch on land (near water, I assume)... will we still have harbors to put our boats in?

    It doesn't make much sense that we can put a fleet of boats in our pockets (not talking the cosmetic skins for the boats) but are limited to the amount of gatherables, unless it becomes a type of figurine.
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    With Kickstarter, we earned Social Organizations such as the Thieve's Guild.

    Are these planned to be NPC manged and players simply do a quest chain or pay a membership to be included or will they be player run, with members being able to elect leaders and direct the Organization as they see fit?
  • At what stage does a node begin to inhibit the development of neighboring nodes, level 3 or 4?  Soon after we all return to Verra and develop all nodes in a specific region to level 3, are there any gaps between their ZOI's, where freeholds cannot be placed? Or when a region's nodes all reach lvl 3, can we place our freeholds everywhere? 
  • Can dead players be made into undead by necromancers ? 
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    Will the ashes of creation tree (the one in your logo that looks like a phoenix) be in the game? if so, what significance will it hold?

    Also can a faster growing nodes ZOI start to take over a smaller nodes ZOI?

    Can u confirm that there will be a large variety of siege weapons to use during a castle or node siege?
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    WIll we see any of you with some kind of "TAN LINE" ? at any time this year
    We seen that you can swim and FAST. 
    Are there going to be diffrent swim speeds for what gear you are useing?
    Like Leather and cloth gear swim faster then Plate and chain gear.
  • Will A1 have set timeslot or will it be open testing!?
  • I have a post siege question, Will we be seeing rubble or will it be all neat and tidy?(Speaking for myself, I'd prefer to see the rubble)

  • Question 2. When a node devolves will we see evidence of it at one time being greater?

  • Can we have more info on headstart and if you will sell them seeing as they are not Kickstarter exclusives 
  • How much of the map can we expect to be classed as hunting grounds? How much of the map will be corruption enabled?
  • Kalez said:
    Can we have more info on headstart and if you will sell them seeing as they are not Kickstarter exclusives 
    I too would like to know if other people will get access to 2 day head start, a lot of guildies weren't able to make the kickstarter and just have store packages but want to be active the day game goes live.
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    When should we expect to see Climbing mechanics ?

  • How diverse and detailed will animations be? From using crafting stations to idle animations I personally hope to see a large quantity and quality of animations in AoC
  • Will all 10 gods be active in the world at the same time?
  • Hello developers
    Only one MMO impressed me I played Metin 2, World of Warcraft but longer I play on Tibia.
    My question is how will looks like system penalties after our or someone else death. If this will somethink like WoW that you respawn in temple without anything to care? It will be boring. Its chance that for player death he will lose equipment (or something from it) like in Escape from Tarkov and Tibia and lose some % his points of experience if yes this one who kill gain some amount of his experience?

    This build nice climate you need to think how kind of equipment you will take with yourself. You need to make plan where you can go. You need to pay attention about other players etc.

    Regards this can be propably game what I can play because nothing interesting exist.
    P.S English is not my strong side.
  • Will an NPC have multiple quests but a player can only have a chance to get 1 from a dialog chain?? example if speaking with "bearded tavern guy" you find out that he has a hidden cellar with treasure in his house by asking about his special room, but if you instead started talking about whats on the menu you only get quest to go slay 10 pigs for meat but never get the choice again to inquire about the "special room".
  • Any chance of a server hosted down under? A grouped South-East Asia/Oceania server won't cut it I feel.
  • We've seen the fire/ice/lighting types of magic in most MMO's, are you gonna include more diverse branches like Dark/Light or Holy/ Water / Earth Magic?
  • What about using warships in sieges of near sea cities?
  • In the character creation of the Tulnar Race will we have the option to create reptilians that are either fully or partially furred, or just scales?
    Winter lizard men would be fun concept; fur over the back, limbs and tail, and scales on the front of the torso and on the underside of the tail.
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    This was something that was asked a while ago, but I don't think I worded it very clearly that time! Is there a plan for there to be a " /me " feature in Ashes?

    Meaning, if a character named Numinae types:
    /me takes out her spell tome.
    Will the chat display:
    Numinae takes out her spell tome.
    This is something really useful to have as a feature in the chat to distinguish between dialogue and a character performing actions, and is a pretty common feature in many MMOs!
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    Can we name our Tavern and hang or upload our own design for the Tavern's sign?
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    What about speed of gaining experience and progressing the character? Possibility to reach the maximum level by hardcore gamers in just a few days destroys the game.
  • When can we get some Orc lore!?  so far ive only seen humans and elves...will all races be in alpha1?
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