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Official Livestream - August 17th @ 2 PM PST - Q&A thread

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Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the August 17th Twitch stream starting at 2:00 PM PST/PDT.

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
Catch the broadcast here on the Ashes of Creation Twitch Channel
Missed a previous Livestream and you want to catch up? check out the Ashes of Creation Youtube Channel

PS We will also be showing off some action combat in our next Live Stream!!!!!!



  • Hello intrepid 
    I love the amazing work you do <3.
    My question is will there be future road maps for future  patches so we have a rough idea when certain content  comes into the test phases or the live game so we can keep building the hype :).
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    Can we get an update on the integration of discord into the game?  Will that still be happening, or are you going with an in house chat and voice system now?

    It's also been asked how we will handle whispers when users have a surname
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    Can you please provide more details on how fishing will work in Ashes?  Will there be baits, lures, biome species, seasonal species (Winterfin / Summer Bass), time of day catches (Nightfin / Sun Perch) or catch rates, fishing pools(nodes) or open water fishing?
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    How do you plan to provide the mechanical exactness that Tag target allows in PvE while keeping the skill based combat in PvP via action combat without dumbing down either PvE or PvP to accomodate?
  • How excatly will cosmetics work, will they only change appearance or will for example a racial skin change the name of our race etc.
  • Will we ever see anything resembling the majestic Yata from ArcheAge in game?
  • What is the planned raito of land to sea or land to water in general? (Swamps and marshes count as land)
  • Will we be able to customise our summons, e.g. can necromancers give their undead armour and weapons to fit a role better?
  • I don't know if this was already asked or answered (new to the forums and will be my first time watching the live stream). My question is; will guilds provide perks and also will there be a tax mechanic that can be regulated in the guilds? I just feel that if the guild provides perks to it's members the members should be prepared to be taxed (a small percent say 5% on profits) just something I think would be cool though I bet many will disagree. 
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    -Is there any possibility of a name change for tank or at least have it looked at? The tank name comes from military tanks and has become a colloquialism for "taunts and damage takers" in modern mmo's. It seems to be more of a role than a class name. If no, can we change cleric's name to "healer"?

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    Other subscription model games have promised things like no future charge for dlc. Ashes has also done so. Will you commit to no dodgy wordsmithing in the future to try and milk the playerbase for more money by going around the intent of such statements in the future. For example, "We said we would never charge you for dlc and updates, but we consider this an "expansion", so give us $60." One of the things that has been great about development so far is that we have had almost no such instances and it would turn a significant portion of the dedicated base nasty if such were to occur.
  • Hello i have a question:

    "Are players going to have a possibility's as getting marry between them, and what benefits they will have as a couple (talking about buff, atk ,def or etc.) are we able to make a social life in game?"

  • Without going into much detail, how integrated is the anti-cheat/anti-bot functionality at this point? I know it was stated this was being built in from the ground up, would like to know if we should expect having AV/firewall issues during the Alphas or any feedback you guys are looking for on that side.
  • How would you describe Ashes to someone who doesn't play MMOs that would make them want to play it?
    And if they do join will their buying alpha packs etc. count toward the 15% referal system ?
  • CobraKing said:
    How would you describe Ashes to someone who doesn't play MMOs that would make them want to play it?
    And if they do join will their buying alpha packs etc. count toward the 15% referal system ?
    This is two questions but me personally I'm interested in the referral one.

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    Will there be any Player Firsts in Headstart?
  • Statistics. What kind of statistics will there be in game? Will be there be atleast steam-like time play and last logged in? PvP/PK count is a must imo. Everything else would be nice too: total deaths, total mobs killed, total gold earned etc etc.
  • Will the Tanking role lean more towards damage done coverts to threat (WoW) or abilities that have taunt mechanics built into them (ESO)? I personally don't like ESO's tanking because it is almost a guarantee that my party will be attacked on larger group pulls.
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    Will AoC include a replay system? If so, how indepth is it going to be? Example: Being able to replay/rewatch a Castle Siege that you had previously taken part in.
  • Since many of us love the beautiful art and graphics of the game - Will it be possible to have Intrepid Studios build PC's for its players to buy based on the graphics?

    I imagine this won't be sorted out until near the official launch after much of the back-end and front-end testing, but for those hardcore gamers out there, perhaps something along the lines of tiered models:
    Running the game:
    Low settings: $500
    Mid settings: $1000
    High settings: $1500
    Ultra settings: $2000+
    Developer build (what the developers are using): $$

    Obviously these are just random estimates and the actual costs will fluctuate as the market changes for various parts.  And a surcharge for time and effort to setup the hardware, then load the Operating System and the Game.
    Maybe even include a webpage showing the anticipated parts and cost of parts for each tier... maybe become a computer building game company in addition?

    ... or Ashes of Creation stickers to put on our cases.  That works, too.
  • Will there be other ways of getting Alpha 1 access?
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    Can you elaborate on particle effects on weapons to denote their rarity / importance? For instance will there be elemental effects on swords? (Such as fire or frost damage).
  • How will you prevent Alpha 1 players from having too much of an advantage above players who couldn't test the game for about 1 year. It would be nice if AOC wouln't feel like those asian games where people played it on other regions for years and know all the ''tricks''.
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    Does a surface node's zoi also incorporate underground/water as well as surface/land and vice versa?
  • Can you create and customize your own potion like HP, MP, regenerate, or even mix them together that take the affect you want to be?
  • Will there other uses for butter?
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    Question about Tavern Player Agency:
    Can we design (or upload) our own Tavern signs in addition to the Tavern's name and what can we expect with things like racial or regional themed music and food?
  • Besides member slots, what kind of other things can a guild unlock as they advance?
  • -Will classes (NOT archetypes) could get REALLY specific unique passive skills, lore, combat mechanics, unique bonuses from stats and equipment (like certain classes in DnD games)?

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    What is the expected time to kill between evenly geared players. specifically how quickly can the highest burst damage classes kill squishy evenly geared enemies, and how does that compare to tank classes? From my experience, too long and it disadvantages high damage classes, and too short, it will disadvantage tankier classes 
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