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What is your main reason to play MMOs?

Everyone has their own reasons to play MMOs. Wither you are experience player back from EverQuest or brand new to the whole deal, everyone has their own way to play.


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    Try find some nice ppl in a horde of pricks. You should add this option. :D

    But i think i can vote for Guild/Friends but damn i want more choices. I'm big fan of PvP.
  • I'd prefer an "All of the above" option aside from trolling of course. I really enjoy all aspects of an MMO. If there are friends and guildmates involved I'd be up for anything.  
  • I voted PvP but honestly so much of those options!! I miss SWG soooo much because of the fun I had with my guild and friends doing pretty much everything you listed. Yes even trolling  :p
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    For me, any game I play is for escapism. I can spend hours or days getting lost in a new world that is utterly different from our own and meeting new people who share this view.  I mean the first time you enter a new world and learn its history and how their world works for me is fantastic. 
  • All of the above and much more. 
    The wonderment of all the new worlds is what draws me.  The first time I entered the world of Everquest I was overwhelmed by the world around me.  I could smell and feel the dampness of the rain.   Excitement and fear were around every bend and behind every bush as I wandered and learned about each world.  Sitting atop a mountain or walking through the forests enjoying all the worlds have to offer.  Conquering my fears and the journey through new dungeons are exciting times.  
       The friends I made over the years were an added perk.   
    What's not to keep me coming back?
  • I'm looking forward to exploring, some people might call me a thief but I'd describe myself as a Treasure Hunter.

    I want to find all of the old ruins, so i'll explore all of the crevices

    People are needed aswell, because how else will my legendary exploits be known.
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    The woven inter-complexities of systems, gameplay, and people.. Which is not currently an option in the poll. The only other games genera that comes close are games like Elder Scrolls series and the like.
    After going MMO, other games seem to lack a soul... Not that other games are bad, and or, are unpopular.. but as far as meat and potatoes goes.. and don't get me started on e-sports games.. To each their own though.. It's all good.. MMOs are my preferred genera though..
  • I just like that I can make my avatar be exactly what I want.  The freedom in MMORPG keep me coming back. 
  • I picked PVP, but honestly guild/friends is right up there with it. Can't have meaningful PVP without guilds/friends in my opinion.
  • People come for PvP and PvE, but they stay for the social interactions. Not only guilds and friends, but enemies and rivals to keep you motivated to surpass! The social dynamic makes or breaks an MMORPG for me.
  • I would have loved an all of the above option.  I am a true PVX player.  I have selected crafting because it is the thing I think that will stand out in this game which hasn't stood out since SWG but actually I was torn between that and Guild/friends  which of coarse is the main draw off any MMO.
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    The freedom that this genre offers, simple as that. It's almost like reading a really good book/web novel you completely escape into the world of the game.
  • Wish I could chose more than one... Pvp raiding and crafting/gathering
  • Alternate Reality. :tongue:
  • I like doing all of those things, I guess I could say the main thing is that I like making / building things. And then being able to share them with my friends, albeit to just show them, help them.
    But in reality, what really keeps me is the sense of progression and impact on the world that my friends and I can have.

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    I checked PvE but the game would have to have crafting/housing also.  Guilds would be nice, too.  Love cosmetics, but I'm also not fond of spending money inside of games.
    I'm also a big explorer, and love checking out the world and getting those awed moments.  I noticed exploring wasn't an option.  I love serendipity and those unexpected roleplay encounters with random people.  Roleplay was not an option either.
  • Mount husbandry is my new fav thing. BDO takes it to a really good level I've ever seen. Breeding a T8 horse and turning it to a pengasus/unicorn makes one feel really accomplished (although, I don't like that you have to buy a skill change coupon from their cash shop, and afk training your horse...). I also log onto Wildstar for their amazing housing system. I heard AoC has a little of both. I don't expect AoC to have intricate breeding system/housing system like BDO/Wildstar. But I hope I will be able to spend lots of hours doing those things. Pvp stuffs are bonus (the socialize aspect of a MMO). I will do it if it's there. If not, I'm ok with it either way.

    I picked troll cos you didn't have an option for me, and you didn't have none of the above, or all of the above option.
  • Guild/Friends myself.... 
  • Kratz said:
    I'd prefer an "All of the above" option aside from trolling of course. I really enjoy all aspects of an MMO. If there are friends and guildmates involved I'd be up for anything.  
    This ^^ there is no one answer I enjoy all aspects of MMO's its why MMO's are the only games I play. No other games give me what MMO's can. There really is no one choice, perhaps crafting/gathering.
  • I voted PvE because I love exploration, but also crafting and gathering. Mob hunting and looting follow that with PvP at the end of the list.
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    Good thread, honestly its everything you put above but it always leads to having fun with friends or guild mates if I am so lucky as to find good guild.

    Hopefully I manage to convince my friends to try AOC.
  • Enjoying open world adventures with friends or randoms.
    Darring various places, fighting our way in the depest part of a cave or forest or tower and fighting any hostile players.

    Dedicating a week to craft gear for our group that will carry us for the next 15 levels.

    Learning my class and becoming expert at it

    Joining a guild and establish dominance while helping new members

    War. Siege. 1v1 tournaments.

    I cant wait for AoC and see what the node system will be like and how crazy things can get if a node provokes a nearby danger
  • At the end my goal is to participate in all kind of contents, though my main focus will be pvp
  • this is unfair! all these options are my reasons!D:
  • My reason isn't on the list. Community engagement is the biggest. I like that rather than being a set of instanced matches, like PvP games are, or the same dungeons you just repeat over and over, like Diablo, MMOs have the potential to have your actions have continuous impact on your server's community making all your actions "matter", not just from one match to the next, or one dungeon to the next, but over time as you define your role in a community.
  • You should've added "Story/Lore" as an option.  I play some MMOs because I like the story and atmosphere of the game.  That's a big deal 
  • I say all of the above here. Minus the trolling haha. They all pretty much factor in for my reasons for playing mmos. 
  • If I have to pick one, PvP. However the truth of it is I play in order to PvP with my brother/friends.

    Outside of that, I enjoy the immersive properties of an mmorpg. Outside of true rpgs no other genre really captures it.
  • My main reason to play MMO's "Kill People"
    I need my killing of people in a game, else it just not feel worth playing if its pure PvE

    But i would pick more if i could have 
    Guild/Friends/ (meet new people) always nice
    and Raid's
  • Wow! You just left roleplaying out completely!
    That's impressive!
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