Official Livestream - September 27th at 3pm PDT - Q&A thread

Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the September 27th Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PST/PDT.

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
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  • The Talking FishThe Talking Fish Member alpha-stress-tester
    Can you please provide more details on how fishing will work in Ashes?  Will there be baits, lures, biome species, seasonal species (Winterfin / Summer Bass), time of day catches (Nightfin / Sun Perch) or catch rates, fishing pools(nodes) or open water fishing?
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 27
    Will we be able to give monthly sub time away as gifts from money earned through our AoC referral link?

    This is important for many of our content creators who would like to be able to give this away to our followers/subscribers/friends. 

    PS. Send Nodes Part 3 <3

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  • LyiatLyiat Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 26

    Question 1: Given that Taverns are a confirmed feature, is things such as cooking going to be in the game? Can I become a brewer and open a brewery? Will alcohol have negative effects?

    Question 2: Are we going to be able to use Monster Coins and become Monsters during the Alpha 1 Hoard Event?

  • KalezKalez Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 26

    Question 1: What is the current type of dps role you expect from fighter class? Burst? Sustained dmg?

    Question 2: Personally i hope you dont push the game too far towards a mmo rpg/fps hybrid with headshots etc. can you give any update on headshots?

  • ZonnedZonned Member ✭✭
    When will 3D models for other races be added?
  • GigabearGigabear Member alpha-stress-tester
    Steven, I just have to know. Are we getting growth and shrinking potions for Alchemy? Big if true!
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  • PsyM3XPsyM3X Member
    Class Names:

    Would you please release the thought process you used when coming up with the archetype and class names? (ie: Why Tank as an archetype when many see it as a role)

    There is differing opinions about certain names so far and I believe if everyone had IS thought process as a basis then the community would better be able to come to an agreement. Hopefully.  :|
  • Vorch21Vorch21 Member
    edited September 26
    -Will classes (NOT archetypes) could get REALLY specific unique passive skills, lore, combat mechanics, unique bonuses from stats and equipment (like certain classes in DnD games) ... or they are just morphs sets?
  • CheapCheap Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 26
    Even though you have 64 classes in total, what steps do you have planed to keep people from just choosing the same cookie cutter arch type class combos and skills when taking in account for min/max and theory crafting?

    P.S nodes 3?  >:)
  • DecimusDecimus Member alpha-stress-tester
    How will the Battle Royale game mode seen in Alpha 1 be integrated to the full version of the game?
    Will classes/equipment "disappear" when you enter a BR match and how is tab targeting going to work in that game mode?
  • GreygooseGreygoose Member alpha-stress-tester
    Would you be able to share more about religion and the pantheon and how they both interact with Divine nodes?
  • AmazonMomAmazonMom Member
    I’m super excited about the game, you are doing an amazing job on communicating with the “horde”.

    Q: will you be giving away any more keys for Alpha1?  If so, count me in 😊
  • MalgusMalgus Member alpha-stress-tester
    Hello Intrepid I would like to first congratulate you on hitting the milestone of reaching A1 thank you it is really lovely combat. My question is in regarding to node leadership for economic nodes so far we know it is a bidding war so can you explain how would you stop a guild banding together to send all their cash to certain individuals to take the leadership so it can be bit more fair to smaller gaming communities or if the system is going work a little different.

  • AngelicShiyaAngelicShiya Member alpha-stress-tester
    Will you fix the setting in input so that there are left and right click settings to move and attack instead of being forced to use WASD/ARROWS keys? Also an input setting to change your basic and charged attack to a letter instead of mouse clicks?
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  • MindseyeMindseye Member ✭✭
    edited September 26
    Question 1:  Can you disclose the benefit for citizens of the divine node?

    Question 2:  Can you update us on some of the lore, where possible? For example, say the names of the main deities?

    Bonus Q:  For Crafting, how do you see 1-time use items to fit in to the game design? (examples: ammunition, arrows, caravan disabling traps)
  • JayciiJaycii Member alpha-stress-tester
    This question is mainly from a roleplay standpoint.  How do you plan to handle the "primary" story quests?  Will all players be adventurers/heroes [EQ, EQ2, etc] or will it be more along the lines of a 'single player' story, with a special character [SWTOR, FFXIV].  Using FFXIV as an example, the Main Story Quests revolves around the Warrior of Light which there is only one of.  It gives the roleplay community a hard time when people assume all of their characters are the Warrior of Light and have all of that power, where lore wise, there is only one of that person, and everyone else is "normal".

  • EasyLifeEasyLife Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 26
    Will there be any interactive or 1vX emote's ? 
    Like being able to a dance togethere /Kid hand clap game / Bromance handshake or box / A greeting that only the same race can salut eachothere with. Or a cute way to hug and kiss or carry someone around on a mount for married couples. i used to love this stuff from some older MMO's like PWI. Think of it like requesting someone for a duel trade or invite. When both accept the emote animation will start and lock both players in place untill they move or cancle. It is something different then the normal /wave /angry /laugh emotes everybody knows 

    also will the final game work well togethere and able to make use of GPU Nvidia in SLI ? 
  • UnknownSystemErrorUnknownSystemError Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 26
    Could you clarify a corruption loophole that is discussed endlessly in the pvp threads. Once you flag on someone, will it be possible to use PVE mobs to "finish" them to avoid corruption, or will a high level character that flags on someone be able to avoid corruption by having a lower level character grouped or ungrouped with them do the same by having their "corruption alt" administer the deathblow? Is there a timer once you "force flag" where if that person dies you still take the corruption hit.

  • Santy182Santy182 Member alpha-stress-tester
    Will we be able to remove, dye, or change pieces of the costumes in the cash shop, for example, hide the headpiece from a costume, or dye it a different color?

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  • ShoklenShoklen Member ✭✭✭
    DLSS Support?
    (Deep Learning Super Sampling)
  • CobraKingCobraKing Member ✭✭
    Will you please come to PAX AUS ?
  • DarksaberDarksaber Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited September 26
    In the future, will we be able to rotate the camera around our character so we can view different angles of him? It would be nice to see what people see, especially if the number/variety of armors in the game and the level of detail of each armor is high grade.
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  • AutumnLeafAutumnLeaf Member alpha-stress-tester
    This has been on my mind for some time but are we going to get waist length hair in character creation :3 ? Also how much will spells be able to interact with the environment ? Finally will we have any regions that have a more permanent weather like for example a winter region that stays cold almost all the time with little impact from the seasons ? 
  •[email protected] Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Can you please share some more details around your vision for building?  How customizeable will things be?  I understand you're using a blueprint system but will players be able to generate their own?  Create my own floor plan to have a trophy room next to the kitchen and a large bathroom connected to a master bath?  Or will all the buildings be roughly the same only having different skins?  
  • ValerianValerian Member ✭✭
    Can you gives us more information about nodes part 3?
  • CptBrownBeardCptBrownBeard Member ✭✭✭
    Hello Intrepid,

    As someone who is interested in becoming a shipwright, I am wondering if all the possible skill lines for each profession will be available to begin leveling in or will some be locked due to content? For example, the shipbuilding skill line being unavailable until the naval content drops.

  • DemonneoDemonneo Member
    Will we be able to change our armor to have different skins from different sets? Or we will only be able to use the same complete outfit like everyone else?
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