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Greetings fellow travelers!

I have a sad admission.  I entirely forgot about kickstarting this game until I went and checked my kickstarter account to see what was still pending.  I'm soooo glad I checked!  Didn't realize how big Intrepid Studios was getting and how far along this game was.  

So, anyway, I'm finally getting around to joining all of you here and I look forward to participating in the forums and seeing you all in game.  I'm expecting my 2nd baby boy here in a couple of months, so I'm kind of glad this game isn't launching "too" soon.

If there are any guilds/clans out there looking for an older (I'm 44), experienced gamer that enjoys a pretty even mix of tradeskills/combat/empire building, hit me up as it would be great to join a more intimate community than the general forums.  I'm not hardcore anymore (thanks to the two kids), so looking for something a little more focused on a fun experience than world domination.


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