UPDATED DATE: Official Livestream - Thursday, December 6th at 2pm PST - Q&A thread

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Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the Thursday, December 6th Twitch Stream starting at 2 PM PST.

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
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    Can we get clarification on name reservation? Will it be account based or server based? This is a huge deal for any mmo and many people have purchased packages that have this option. Reservation has been said to occur before live launch. If server based how will people know which servers to reserve on at such an early time? Since there has been commenting on cross server arena play, how will conflicts be handled in same name ranking?
  • What does Steven want for Christmas? 
  • Will the weapon skill trees allow for class spells to be used through the weapon? Can I shoot a healing spell with a Bow? #Honzercy!
  • I saw an add embers option in the test, so my question is will all cosmetics in apoc be available through achievements or will there be ones that are only purchaseable with embers?
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    Any plans for aquatic freeholds? 

    Such as a coastal/river freehold that you can use to farm fish or maybe have a dock to launch ships from?
  • How will summons/minions work?
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    When speaking of the holy trinity, will we see other classes besides the cleric filling the role of healer or tank filling the role of main tank? I understand that clerics and tanks will be able to build in such a way that they are dps and not their primary role, but will we see bards healing and fighters tanking or will 2 of the primary classes be reserved as healer/tank and the other 6 dps (and/or support)?
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    How much of an effect will RNG have on PvP? RNG in PvP can be frustrating, especially when you can outplay your opponent but RNG mechanics (e.g. CC resistance chance or hit damage chance) get in the way and you lose because of it. 

    PS. I'm fine with crit chance
  • How exactly is a castle/fortress gonna be besieged and won over (In lineage 2 the leader must cast on a statue for 2 min or so to win it over) . Are there possible traps that defenders can lay to kill/slow enemies around or inside the castle?
  • is this MMO focus more on pve or pvp ?
  • Steven,

    Please stop dodging my question about Caravans.

    Can you please share a little more information about personal caravans.   If you tell us just one thing, can you tell us if they can be spawned anywhere?  Or are there certain spots we have to spawn them at?   (House, Freehold, Node, etc).
  • Will the destructibility of houses always be possible or only during sieges and special events? 
    How can damaged buildings be repaired?
  • Please tell us some information about open world raids. How you plan the respawn? If a casual guild try to kill the boss. They made many wipes and during a regroup a pro guild arrive and kill the boss. When can the casual guild try it again?
  • Are you planning to add more types of weapons ?, such as old firearms, fist weapons, etc.

  • When is AoC: Apocalypse available for all players?
  • About what percentage of total land can actually be useable for Freeholds?
  • What systems, mechanics and/or long term goals are you implementing to ensure player retention?
  • Will we be able to fish using nets for high quantity catches? Or will we be limited by the inefficient fishing pole/rod method like in every other MMO?
  • Can mounts with wings jump from high places and glide down to the ground, also can they pass over water/oceans by hovering just above the surface?
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    Varkun said:
    Can mounts with wings jump from high places and glide down to the ground, also can they pass over water/oceans by hovering just above the surface?
    I never thought about the second part but thats a really good question!

    I might take it a step farther and ask will winged mount skins, liked those obtained thru the shop and alpha/beta packages, only work if you have a winged mount in game, thus not allowing you to have a basic horse and just use a cosmetic to give it wings?

    Post updated, it has come to my attention that my followup question has already been answered.
  • 1.Will it be possible to have npc's to defend your freehold? Can you customize them, like their looks armor weapons skills ect? If you can how many?
    2. Do you plan on having race exclusive weapon types? Like can there be a sword that only a dwarf race crafter can make?
    3. To what extent does the archetype of your class impact your combat? Will it be as minimal as "You will burn your opponents with this skill as well" or "Instead of a brick wall a sphere of stone will appear and will reflect all incoming missiles. 
    4. How are the Summoner archetypes be different from eachother? Will they have bonuses if they summon a companion that favors their archetype (Example: When necros summon a vampire companion it will get extra life leach)
  • How many in Node static housings will be available at Stage 3?
    AKA, how many Mansions per Node?
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    "When can I purchase extra-large tree hoodie without my order being cancelled again?" 


    "How close are we to persistent 24/7 Battle Royal servers?" 


    "Will there be the fantasy mythical Unicorns in game and can they be mounts?"

  • With the news regarding Epic Games new launcher, will Intrepid be considering using the upcoming Epic Games Launcher, Steam Launcher or a combination of both?  
  • What is the estimated payback period on Ashes of Creation? 
  • What aspect of the game has been the most fun to develop?
  • ETA on Nodes pt. 3? Also, what are the Metro bonuses for Divine and Military nodes? Thanks!
  • 1) Are there gonna be open pvp zones on the sea or the whole ocean is one big pvp zone?
    2) Will there be fights over islands, lighthouses, sea resources or something like that?

    Sorry for my potato English :-)
  • Will the breeding of mounts be an intensive activity (e.g. you need to be there constantly) or will it be more casual (e.g. ArcheAge, you left your Yatas for several hours after trimming/feeding/breeding to go and do other activities).
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